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Check out The Sign of the Blood (A Dangerous Emperor, Book #1) by Laurence O'Bryan #HistoricalFiction #AncientRome @LPOBryan

The Sign of the Blood
(A Dangerous Emperor, Book #1)
By Laurence O'Bryan

A compelling tale of power, destiny and desire from an award winning, #1 Amazon bestselling author.
Cool mist settles over the legion sneaking toward the Persian army. Constantine, the son of an emperor, the Roman officer leading this raid, tells his men to halt - something is wrong. Have they been seen in the pre-dawn light? Before long, the battle rages. Eventually he frees a slave named Juliana. She is half Persian and half Roman. As they are pursued to Britannia over land and sea, he learns that she can see the future - his future.
It is 306A.D., long before Constantine the Great converted to Christianity and became the first Christian emperor.
To ensure he survives, he must now eliminate his enemies. But who must die first? The priestess, Sybellina, who joined them in Rome and practices dark and seductive magic? Or the brutal legion commanders who surround his father? Or, as Juliana suspects, are those who want him dead even closer?
An electrifying historical novel about Constantine’s bloody rise to power, the woman who helped him, and the real reason he supported a persecuted Christian minority, a decision which changed the world into the one we know.

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Highly Recommended

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The Sign of the Blood

Laurence O'Bryan

My roots go back to a small estate deep in the Mountains of Mourne near the Silent Valley, in County Down, Northern Ireland.

I went to school in Dublin, drank way too much, studied English and history, then business, then IT at Oxford University.

My research has taken me all over the world, from San Francisco to deep in the Muslim world. There are secrets everywhere. I enjoy writing about them. I hope you enjoy reading about them.

I grew up learning Latin and loving books such as Robert Graves', I, Claudius. I spent over twenty years studying Roman history, reading every book about Constantine the Great I could find, and visiting numerous sites where my Roman series is set, including, Jerusalem, Rome and Istanbul.

My books have:
* Achieved #1 ranking on Amazon,
* Been translated into 10 languages.

Laurence is also the founder of BooksGoSocial.

Connect with Laurence: Amazon Author Page • Twitter • Goodreads.

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