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I know how essential book reviews are to authors. This is why I now offer a book review service.

Why choose The Coffee Pot Book Club?

I have been a professional reader since 2016. In this time I have reviewed books from the big and small publishing houses, as well as books penned by my fellow indie authors. I am also an editorial reviewer for BooksGoSocial. I have been a judge for a prestigious Historical Fiction Book Award for the last three years, and I am also a Top Reviewer on Netgalley. You can find out more about my reviewing history HERE!

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I am happy to review:

Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Historical Non-Fiction
Historical Fantasy

Please note: I do not review BDSM, Erotica, or Horror.

*For Box Sets and Anthologies please drop me an email. I do charge slightly more for an Editorial Review of a Box Set / Anthology.

My Book Review Package includes a guaranteed honest review within *90 days posted on:

  • Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pot — Due to my vast blogging network, I have a potential social media reach of 7 million.

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You will also receive The Coffee Pot Book Club Book Award badge.

Please note: As this is a paid review, I will not post your review on Amazon as per their terms. But you are more than welcome to add my review in the Editorial Reviews section of your Amazon page.

*Due to high demand the current wait for a review is 18 weeks.

All books receive The Coffee Pot Book Club Book Review Badge. 
The books which I deem to be exceptionally well written with be awarded The Coffee Pot Book Club Book Award badge. They will also be entered into:

 The Coffee Pot Book Club
 Book Of The Year Award.

Your book will also be added to:  The Coffee Pot Book Club — Recommend Reads

What do I look for in a book?

• Historical accuracy (Historical Fiction books only)
• A believable fantasy world (Historical Fantasy books only)
• Plot development
• Character development
• Grammar and editing

*Please make sure your book is professionally edited before you purchase the review package.*

If your book fails to meet my very high standards, I will let you know. I will also give you the option not to have your review posted.  I do not offer refunds.

Basic Book Review Package


In a hurry?
Priority Review Package

Get an honest and professional Editorial Review in 14 days


Payment is made via Paypal.

If you would like to purchase a review package, then send me an email with the following information:

• Book Title
• Blurb
• Link to Amazon
• The first chapter
• Word count

If, after reading the first chapter, I am intrigued by your story, I will invoice you for the fee. I will also then ask for either a PDF or Mobi copy of your book. 

For more information, please email me at:


“I cannot speak highly enough of Mary Anne Yarde's Editorial Review Service. As an author herself and long-time professional reviewer, her reviews are thorough and considered. Her detailed review of The Darkest Hour Anthology: TWWII Tales of Resistance was instrumental in helping us reach a wider audiance and I will definately be using her service again.”

Kathryn Gauci, author of The Carpet Weaver of Usak and co-author of The Darkest Hour Antology:WWII Tales of Resistance

“Not only does Ms Yarde deliver beautifully written and insightful reviews, she also shares widely and repeatedly through various social media channels, maximising exposure for the author.”

Anna Belfrage, award-winning author of the 17th-century time-travel series The Graham Saga and the medieval series The King’s Greatest Enemy.

“It was suggested that I use Mary Anne Yarde's reviewing services and this was probably one of the best suggestions I have had from anyone since I wrote my first novel. The service is incredibly easy to use and the cost little in comparison to the wonderful review and the numerous postings on the internet. Her review is self-explanatory and is professionally completed giving her a fair and unbiased view of the novel. I cannot recommend the service any higher and I have already requested a review of part two of The Civilis Saga.”

Peter Baggott, author of The Civilis Saga.

“Putting books forward for review can be nerve wracking but I am so glad I chose The Coffee Pot Book Club; Mary Anne Yarde provides a great service to authors at all stages of their career. When it comes to reviews, she has the ability to really get inside a book and seems to completely understand the authorial intention and shares empathy with the characters. Her reviews are perceptive and tell the potential reader all they need to know without giving the plot away. Highly recommended.

Judith Arnopp, award-winning author of The Beaufort Chronicles.

"I had learnt of Mary Anne Yarde’s Editorial Review Service from a fellow writing friend, who suggested I should submit a request for a review. I am glad I did! Her review was professional and perceptive, and had a clear understanding of the purpose of the story. Ms. Yarde also shares the review on the various social media platforms, which helps to gain exposure for the book and the author.
I highly recommend Mary Anne Yarde’s Editorial Review Service."
Luciana Cavallaro, author of Servant of the Gods series and Accursed Women: a collection of short stories

“I highly recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review Package. Firstly and most importantly, for its extremely insightful review of my novel, which really ‘got’ it and what I was trying to say. Surely, this is every writer’s dream? Also, The Coffee Pot Book Club has a deservedly huge and enthusiastic following, so its reviews are read, shared and discussed widely. There are so many books being published today and I think that The Coffee Pot Book Club is a great way to gain some exposure in a crowded marketplace.”

Louisa Treger, author of The Lodger and The Dragon Lady.

“After reading Mary Anne Yarde’s other reviews, I knew my “baby” would be given careful consideration. But she gave me so much more! As my husband said, he thought she was quoting from my novel when he realized that Mary Anne was giving us background for the story, demonstrating her firm grasp of the period. She recognized exactly what direction I wanted to take my characters in. It’s so gratifying to an author to receive a review that proves the reader gave the book her full attention. And it doesn’t stop there. Not only does she have a loyal and active following for her website, she goes the extra step and distributes her reviews widely among her other social media sites. You can rest assured that thousands will potentially see your review.  I highly recommend Mary Anne Yarde’s Editorial Review package.”

Mercedes Rochelle, author of  A King Under Siege: Book One Of The Plantagenet Legacy.

“Without Mary Anne Yarde, I would have been lost on how to proceed in the world of self-publishing. As I have told many friends, writing is the easy part; marketing, raising your profile and building a readership base feel like dark arts. In the noise and clamour of people who promote themselves as having the answers, there is Mary Anne, a quiet, confident voice of reason. 
If marketing is a guerrilla campaign, you need Mary Anne on your side. It’s not just the quality of the reviews, or the multi-media ideas but those moments where you just need a bit of advice. Quite simply, I wouldn’t attempt to launch a book without involving her. The only mystery is how she finds the time to do it all?”

Dominic Fielder, award-winning author of The King’s Germans.

I'm very happy that I went to the Coffee Pot Book Club with my latest novel.

"The review was comprehensive with great insights into my story without spoilers. I'm also very happy to be able to use this editorial review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you. This was well worth the nail-biting wait for the review.

Jana Petken, multi award-winning Historical Fiction Author.


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