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Coliseum Arcanist
(Frith Chronicles Book 3)
By Shami Stovall

Adventure. Competition. A duel to the death.

While on a journey to the famous city of Thronehold, Volke Savan learns of the Sovereign Dragon Tournament. The massive celebration involves hundreds of arcanists competing for fame and glory, and Volke is determined to win.

Dark forces dwell in the city, however, and rumors of the legendary world serpent spread amongst the shadows. Whoever bonds with a god-like mystical creature will gain magic beyond compare, and the queen’s guards suspect cutthroats will use the chaos of the tournament to hide their plotting.

Unsure of who to trust, Volke investigates the terrible rumors while advancing in the ranks of the tournament. Unfortunately, the true villain may be closer than he realizes…


The moment day broke and light poured onto Ellios, the white marble shone as though the whole city had been carved from a full moon. Even the walls, which stood fifteen feet high, were ivory beyond compare. I stared with wide eyes the entire walk up to the city gates, enamored by the pristine beauty.

We were ushered through without hassle and then greeted by a city with grid-like streets and organized buildings. The stones of the sidewalks had been arranged in squares—large stones around the outside, smaller stones on the inside—all with precision, as though thought had gone into the placement of even the smallest pebble.

Growing on the mountainsides in both directions were massive forests of evergrow trees. Their canopies laced together to create a thick roof of green leaves, and it was almost difficult to see their twisted trunks. Once I did, however, I understood why they were so valuable.

Each tree appeared to have been cut down several times. Remnants of the old trunk created the foundation for the new tree—it grew in all directions from the stump of the previous tree that had been cut. As long as the roots stayed intact, it seemed as though the tree would grow forever, hence its name.

A river ran at the far end of town, and I could already tell by the industrial smoke that was where they kept their furnaces.

While the caravan stopped at the largest inn in the city, Zaxis, Hexa, Adelgis, and I waited on the street corner, observing the sights. Although Fain had asked to accompany me, I hadn’t seen him since last night. He would work on his own time, I supposed.

“Minerva owls dwell in the forest,” Adelgis said, pointing to the sides of the mountain. “My father helps with the bonding ceremonies every five years when the owlets are ready to leave the nest.”

“So they’re owl mystical creatures?” Hexa asked.

“That’s right. They’re quite intelligent. Their trial of worth involves puzzles. My father once helped with crafting them. Now my mother helps.”

“Oh, you have a mother?”

Adelgis faced Hexa, his brow furrowed. “Of course. What kind of question is that?”

She snickered, amused by her own sarcastic joke. It took Adelgis several painful seconds before he put it all together.

“Ha ha. Very funny.”

Zelfree emerged from the posh inn, his dark outfit a harsh contrast to the white and bright green of the city. He flipped up the collar of his coat, like the radiance of our surroundings was one of his hidden weaknesses. Traces sat perched on his shoulder, her long cat tail swishing back and forth as Zelfree hurried across the street and headed straight for us.

“We aren’t staying here long,” he said as he stepped up onto the sidewalk. “Adelgis, you’re coming with me. We’re going to visit your father.”

“Right now?” Adelgis fidgeted with the edges of his sleeves. “He’ll be busy.”

“I don’t care.”

“He’s never in a good mood when people interrupt him, though. Maybe we should visit him on the way back. With plenty of warning ahead of time.”

The desperation in Adelgis’s voice worried me. Zaxis and Hexa even exchanged questioning glances, like they had heard it, too.

“I need to speak with him,” Zelfree said. “And this is important. Whatever he’s doing can wait.”

“Can Volke come?”

The question surprised me, but I had to admit, I wanted to go. Adelgis spoke of his father nonstop, and it made me curious.

Zelfree shrugged. “Sure. He can come.”

“And Zaxis?” Adelgis added.

That addition shocked me. Zaxis perked up and jumped at the opportunity to include himself. We were the only two other apprentices who knew Adelgis’s secret, so it made sense, but the hurt look on Hexa’s face made me feel guilty.

“Fine,” Zelfree stated. “We just need to settle this quickly.”

Traces pointed with the tip of her tail. “That way, my arcanist. I can already sense those weird creatures he likes to collect.”

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Shami Stovall

Shami Stovall is a multi-award-winning author of fantasy and science fiction, with several best-selling novels under her belt. Before that, she taught history and criminal law at the college level, and loved every second. When she’s not reading fascinating articles and books about ancient China or the Byzantine Empire, Stovall can be found playing way too many video games, especially RPGs and tactics simulators.

If you want to contact Shami, you can do so at the following locations: WebsiteTwitterFacebook.

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