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She has everything at stake. He has nothing left to lose.

A Devil of a Time
By Gretchen Jeannette

Publication Date: 6th December 2021
Publisher: Independently Published
Page Length: 345 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance

Tidewater Virginia, 1781

She has everything at stake . . . Ravaged by the evils of war, Clarice Wade struggles to heal and rebuild her life in an emerging nation. Her husband Andrew, maimed in battle in both body and soul, fails to support her efforts to save his ancestral estate, Farview. Unable to cope with his demons, he finds comfort at the bottom of a bottle. The couple’s future seems bleak until they hire Andrew's wartime friend and former soldier, Niall McLane, to help manage their failing tobacco plantation. With a hopefulness not felt in years, Clarice forms a bond with Niall that could change everything for the better.

He has nothing left to lose . . . Niall McLane might think he has endured the worst that could happen to any man, but as the war for independence draws to a close, he finds his troubles have only just begun. A survivor of wilderness warfare in Kentucky, Niall hopes to leave his past behind, but his reputation as a merciless soldier haunts him at every turn. When a gruesome murder occurs at Farview, bearing all the hallmarks of Niall’s formidable skills, the local sheriff and townspeople deem him the prime suspect. Only Clarice and Andrew Wade stand by him. But the murders continue, each more grotesque than the last, leaving him no choice but to hunt down a killer whose next victim might be the woman Niall loves.

From the mysterious forests of Kentucky to a war-torn Virginia plantation, A Devil of a Time weaves a tale of courage, betrayal, and forbidden love, of a driven man grappling with a demon from his past, and the remarkable woman destined to change all their lives forever.

MATURE CONTENT: This novel borders on American Gothic, with dark themes, a strong romantic element, and integral violence that some readers might find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

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Gretchen Jeannette

Gretchen Jeannette was born in 1955 in Wilmington, Delaware. She lives and works in Chester County, Pennsylvania, an area rich in Revolutionary War and Colonial American history. Her enduring interest in 18th Century America began at a young age, inspired by the novels of Dale Van Every and Allan Eckert, whose timeless tales of adventure and romance capture the essence of early American lore. Eager to read more such stories, to her disappointment she had trouble finding them on bookshelves, so she decided to write one of her own. Thus began a journey fueled by her passion for breathing life into history through believable characters, authentic historical details, and plots woven with adventure, romance and suspense.

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