Instagram Packages for your book

Instagram Package

Available to all genres.

Promote your book in front of the #Bookstagram community to gain recognition and get your book noticed.

The Instagram Promotional Package includes:

• 1 day of promotion
• 1 personalised Instagram artwork
Total cost £5.00

You will receive one post, whereby we will gain as much exposure as possible for your book within the #Bookstagram community.

Head over to our Instagram profile page and check out all the books we have helped to successfully market - click HERE!


• Yarde Reviews & Book Promotions do not guarantee sales during an Instagram Package. The focus of the promotion is for you to gain exposure.

• An Instagram Package must be booked at least one week in advance. We only run one event per day. Book early for the best choice of promotional dates.


Once payment is remitted, no cash refunds will be made as we begin organising your promotion immediately.

If you want to learn more, or book an Instagram Package, GET IN TOUCH!

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