Thursday 14 April 2016

Book Spotlight - Mistress of the Temple @YvonneHarlech

It is with great pleasure that I welcome historical fiction author Yvonne Harlech on to the blog today to talk about her latest book.

1290 BC in the Egyptian city of Abydos, where the young priestess Bentreshy is renowned for her spiritual powers. But when she begins a love affair with King Sety I, her holy life is thrown into turmoil. By defying temple protocol the pair pit themselves against the omnipotent priesthood – but King Sety believes they are the incarnation of Isis and Osiris, the divine couple who first ruled Egypt.

3200 years later, Dorothy Eady is born into an Edwardian family in London. She begins to remember a past life, when she lived in a beautiful temple as a follower of Isis. Only Dr Budge, a Keeper at the British Museum, believes her story and helps her unravel the past. Dorothy realises she must return to Abydos, where the truth lies hidden in the mysterious temple, revealing a past life that mirrors her own existence, where ancient secrets are about to change her destiny. 


Where can I buy Mistress of the Temple? 

About the author
Yvonne Harlech was born in Edinburgh where she developed a taste for legends and all things mystical. When her mother accepted a teaching job in Canada, her life took an unexpected turn. Grappling with a new country, Harlech’s growing consciousness was echoed in the wild landscape, the immigrant’s sense of exile and search for a personal voice. She went on to study English Literature at Concordia University and now lives in Cheshire with her husband. Harlech has written two historical novels, Mistress of the Temple and Harp of Joy, set in ancient Egypt. The books explore ancient Egypt’s mystical dimension, its dramatic myths and history. The author is now writing about Romano-Britain, where a new mythology emerges, and the birth of a new kingdom.
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