Sunday 5 June 2016

Facebook Party ~ The Pirates Are Coming! Let's celebrate @SecretRealmBook

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The Pirates are Coming!

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a two day event for the talented author Barbara Devlin! We will be celebrating her two new novels coming out! BOOK ONE: To Catch A Fallen Spy releasing in June and The Black Morass releasing in July! Are you guys ready for one of the biggest events of the year??! I know I am! WE truly hope you can stop by, have some fun, enter a few giveaways, and celebrate with us.

 9th July at 18:00 EST
10th July 22.00 EST

Author Lineup for the 9th July

6-6:20pm EST- Emma Prince, Author
6:20-6:40pm EST- Tammy Andresen
6:40-7pm EST- Author Meara Platt
7-7:20pm EST- Hildie McQueen Author Page
7:20-7:40pm EST- Cynthia Wright
7:40-8pm EST- Regan Walker
8-8:20pm EST- Author Layna Pimentel
8:20-8:40pm EST- Linda Rae Sande - Author
8:40-9pm EST- Violetta Rand Romance
9-9:20pm EST- Amy Jarecki
9:20-9:40pm EST- Katherine Bone's Official Fan Page
9:40-10pm EST- Kathryn Le Veque, Author

Author Lineup for the 10th July

5-5:20pm EST-Cover Model Vikkas Bhardwaj
5:20-5:40pm EST- Eliza Knight
5:40-6pm EST- Victoria Zak Author
6-6:20pm EST- Suzanne Ferrell
6:20-6:40pm EST- Tarah Scott
6:40-7pm EST- Jeanne Adams
7-7:20pm EST- Collette Cameron
7:20-7:40pm EST- Amanda Mariel
7:40-8pm EST- Julie Johnstone
8-8:20pm EST- Christina McKnight
8:20-8:40pm EST- Tina De Salvo
8:40-9pm EST- Barbara Devlin's Nautionniers

Grab some Rum and I'll see you there!!

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Secret Realm Book Reviews & Services

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