Tuesday 19 July 2016

#bookreview The Girl from Berlin – War Criminal’s Widow @EllieMidwood

The Girl from Berlin

War Criminal’s Widow

By Ellie Midwood

As soon as Annalise, a counterintelligence agent working for the American OSS office, thinks that all the dangers are finally behind, swept away by the protective hand of her high-ranking lover – the Chief of the RSHA Ernst Kaltenbrunner – she has to face an even bigger challenge. With both fronts approaching her quickly collapsing Germany, she has to make a fateful decision: to run from the allied prosecution together with the father of her unborn baby, the man, who the allies consider one of the major war criminals and who they can’t wait to bring to justice; or to stay with her husband Heinrich and accept a generous offer from the OSS – a new and free life in the United States…

What did I think of the book?

I haven't been this excited about a series for an age. The Girl from Berlin series is a riveting page-turner that I adored.

Annalise is not only a member of the Nazi party, but she is also a Jew and a counterintelligence agent working for the American OSS office - she is married to a fellow OSS agent. She is also working for the Chief of the RSHA, Ernst Kaltenbrunner. And just to add yet another spanner to the works, she falls in love with her boss and he with her.

Book 2 ended on such a cliffhanger that I immediately purchased book 3 to find out what was going to happen next. Book 3 takes you to the end of the war and then beyond. I would advise you to have a box of Kleenex on hand when you read this book. I spent half of the time sobbing my heart out as Annalise's story unfolded. The story of Annalise and her war criminal will stay with me for a long time.
I am a big fan of Ellie Midwood. Purchasing a new book by this author is like Christmas morning, I can not wait to open the book and get started. I know Midwood is going to throw me into a fascinating and dangerous world with characters that I shouldn't always care about, but strangely I do. Midwood's book are so refreshing. I can not recommend them enough.

From the moment I read the opening paragraph of Book 1 of The Girl from Berlin, I was hooked. Midwood recounts Nazi Germany in a way that I haven't come across before. She digs deep into the moral and social dilemmas of the time, and although her main characters are fictional, she does talk of historical figures who names will be forever remembered in history because of their capacity to forgo all humanity in the name of their party.

Midwood does not shy away from the dark days of the Nazi regime, but what she does point out, through her fiction, is that things were not always what they seemed. And she seems to ask her readers a tough question - What lengths would you go to in order to keep your loved ones safe?

I loved, loved, loved, this series and now I am feeling slightly bereft that it is over.

I Highly Recommend.

Where can I purchase this series?

About the author

Ellie Midwood is a best-selling historical fiction writer. She's a health obsessed yoga enthusiast, a neat freak, an adventurer, Nazi Germany history expert, polyglot, philosopher, a proud Jew and a doggie mama. 

Ellie lives in New York with her fiancé and their Chihuahua named Shark Bait.

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