Thursday 11 August 2016

July news from author Mary Anne Yarde

I hope you have had a great month. The weather here in England has been pretty dismal, rain, rain and more rain. We have had about two days of sunshine here in the South of England, but then it started raining again, but we still bravely march on in our summer clothes. Ever hopeful of some sunshine!

July has been a crazy month for me. I have been very busy with rewrites for The Du Lac Devil. This is one of my favourite parts of the writing journey. The story is down, and now it needs that final polish before it heads off to the editors. I printed out the manuscript in whole yesterday, and I stood back for a moment and sighed, I am not sure whether it was with satisfaction or relief!!

The designer for the cover of The Du Lac Devil has my synopsis, and I can not wait to see how he has interpreted my story for the cover. If you are an author, and you are looking for a designer to design your book cover then I Highly Recommend Peter from Bespoke Book Covers; he is wonderful to work with and goes out of his way to be helpful.

I also have exciting news about my blog, Myths, Legends, Books and Coffee Pots. The blog has had its 100,000-page visit. I am so humbled by how many people take time out of their day to come over and check out my little blog. Thank you.

I will keep you posted on progress with The Du Lac Devil. Merton du Lac has certainly kept me on my toes while I wrote this story - I wanted him to do one thing, but he had other plans! It seems I have lost control over my protagonist. I can’t say I am surprised; Merton was always one for breaking the rules!

Speak soon.
Lots of love
Mary xx

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