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(Book Three Of The Tudor Trilogy)


Tony Riches

Bosworth 1485: After victory against King Richard III, Henry Tudor becomes King of England. Rebels and pretenders plot to seize his throne. The barons resent his plans to curb their power and he wonders who he can trust. He hopes to unite Lancaster and York through marriage to the beautiful Elizabeth of York. With help from his mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, he learns to keep a fragile peace. He chooses a Spanish Princess, Catherine of Aragon, as a wife for his son Prince Arthur. His daughters will marry the King of Scotland and the son of the Emperor of Rome. It seems his prayers are answered, then disaster strikes and Henry must ensure the future of the Tudors.

What did I think of the Book?

King Richard III is dead. Long live the King...

Henry Tudor has a secret. He never wanted to be king. But now, thanks to his family's ambition, and victory at Bosworth, Henry finds himself King of England.

Henry wants to bring peace to this war-torn country. The only way to do this is to unite the House of Lancaster with the House of York and thus put an end to this madness. Henry's marriage to Edward IV's daughter, Elizabeth, would unite the land. But this is a time of great uncertainty as well as unrest. Henry soon comes to realize that it is not just his throne that is threatened by the whispers of York rebellion, but his young family as well.

Henry (Book Three Of The Tudor Trilogy), opens at the close of the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and ends with Henry's death in 1509. I have read several interpretations of Henry's life before, but Henry (Book Three Of The Tudor Trilogy) keeps very close to the history. It doesn't sensationalist Henry, for better or worse, as others authors have done. I really like the way Tony Riches has portrayed King Henry. He is a very well-rounded character and totally believable. Bravo, Mr Riches.

I thought Henry's relationship with Elizabeth was beautifully portrayed. Mr. Riches shows that what started out as a political alliance soon grew into a love match. Henry clearly adored her and his children, and this came across in the telling.

I loved the portrayal of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby. She's depicted as Henry's rock, the one he could turn to, especially after his Uncle Jasper's death. I was pleased to see that Mr. Riches didn't follow the modern trend of portraying Margaret as this power-crazed mad woman. Yes, she was certainly fundamental in her son taking the throne of England, but once Henry was crowned, Margaret became a valued member of the court and Henry's inner circle. Margaret always seemed to know what needed to be done. But as efficient as she was, Mr. Riches also portrayed Margaret as a loving grandmother, and she seemed to care very deeply for her daughter-in-law.

I think The Tudor Trilogy series is fabulous and you don't need to read them in order if you don't want to. It is a must read for readers who love the Tudor era.

 I Highly Recommend.

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About the author 
Tony Riches is a full time author of best-selling historical fiction. He lives in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and is a specialist in the fifteenth century, with a particular interest in the Wars of the Roses and the lives of the early Tudors. For more information about Tony’s other books please visit his website and his popular blog, The Writing Desk and find him on Facebook and Twitter @tonyriches.

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