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#BookReivew ~ The Death Of The Miller's Son: Marcus I #historicalfantasy @AnnaGabbyMGD

The Death Of The Miller’s Son: Marcus I

By M.G.D.

Marcus, a young slave, saves a king and embarks on a new life.


What did I think of the book?

"I want you to kill the King..."

Taken as a slave at the tender age of five, Marcus — the Miller's son — knows more than most eight-year-olds about cruelty and death. As a slave, he has no choice but to do as he is told. But Marcus is no murderer, and although he has heard terrible things about King Halcome, he will not kill him.

With an astonishing act of bravery, Marcus defies his master, and in doing so, he changes his destiny forever...

Oh, Boy!! What a journey author M.G.D has just taken me on! The Death Of The Miller's Son: Marcus I by M.G.D is an action-packed adventure about warring factions in a fictional historical kingdom. On one side there is the evil and power obsessed Prescott, and on the other, there is King Halcome. Our young hero, Marcus, finds himself stuck in the middle.

This book has a very slow and somewhat confusing start, but you really need to stick with it because once Marcus saves the King, the storytelling is sublime. I had a job to put this book down. It was a very compelling read. I grew to care very much about the characters, especially for Jonathan and Eron, I thought M.G.D did an amazing job of portraying these two in particular. I grew very fond of Marcus, as he struggled to understand what was happening to him. He knows how to be a slave, but he doesn't know how to be a child, or a son for that matter. This pulled at my heartstrings. Beautiful, beautiful, storytelling.

M.G.D. certainly knows how to build up tension in her story — who is friend and who is foe?  There is betrayal and courageous acts of loyalty. It is also a story of discovery  —what makes Marcus, the Miller's son, so special?

I really enjoyed this book and it is a story that I will come back to.

I Highly Recommend.

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About the author

M.G.D the author of Recipe For A Ghost, Hallowed Springs, and others, now brings readers to the world of Marcus. Born in Southern Indiana. A coffee drinker by day and an author by night. M.G.D lives for family, little pug dogs, and a desire to enwrap the reader in worlds of epic wonder. Launching a career in writing in 2014, M.G.D strives for literary excellence in the school of outstanding authors, such as C. S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien.



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