Monday 23 April 2018

Book Spotlight ~ Pantheon by Christopher Lee #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Mythology @ChristLeeEich

By Christopher Lee

A dark epic space fantasy casting the gods, goddesses, and heroes of ancient mythology. The Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and Celtic Pantheons square off in a battle royale for the Celestial Throne as mankind's mightiest heroes defend against the coming tide of blood and darkness. History really does repeat itself. Relive the ancient myths and legends of human history in a futuristic setting beyond anything you've read before.

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Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the author of the Hallowed Veil Series, an epic fantasy series that spans the breadth of human history. Christopher is an avid history buff, mythologist, bardic poet, and keeper of the old ways. Though Nemeton is his first published release, Christopher is hard at work bringing the subsequent chapters of the Hallowed Veil Series to life.

Christopher loves to hear from readers, you an find him: Website Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

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