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#NewRelease ~ Love’s Whisper by Dorothy Wiley #HistoricalFiction @WileyDorothy

Love’s Whisper
By Dorothy Wiley

A heart-pounding novel of a love that must truly conquer all.
In 1811, strengthened by his own struggles and triumphs, Liam Roberts earned the respect of his commanding officers and his current boss, cattleman Stephen Wyllie. Although Liam considers himself a homebody, he lacks a home. Tired of bunkhouse life, and twenty-five-years-old, he is ready for a home of his own and a family.
Polly Wyllie, Stephen’s nineteen-year-old bookish daughter, has graduated from an academy for young ladies. Liam and Polly’s fourteen-year-old brother, Samuel, are sent to escort her home. But their return to Wyllie Cattle Farm is endangered by a vicious hurricane-spawned thunderstorm that threatens their lives. The storm is only the beginning of the troubles and predicaments Polly and Liam must face while their attraction to each other grows. And when Liam brings a young orphan into their lives, their blossoming relationship grows even more complex. But the worst test Polly must face is one she never expected—shocking news that changes everything.
Danger and beauty, trials and heroism, faith and family, at the heart of the American frontier. A sweet historical romance set against the stunning backdrop of the Kentucky wilderness.
LOVE’S GLORY is the highly-anticipated tenth book in Wiley’s best-selling novels of the American frontier. Presented in the American Wilderness Series and the Wilderness Hearts Series, the highly-rated and award-winning novels in these two series will capture your heart and touch your soul.


The storm outside still raged as Liam watched Polly’s peaceful sleep. But the sudden sound of flowing water inside the cave jolted Liam from his thoughts of Polly. Liam sprang up and went to look. The fire illuminated a stream of water now rushing through the other side of the cave where it was somewhat lower than where they were. The stream swelled and flowed toward the cave opening with a speed that increased even as he watched.
He hurried to the cave opening and peered outside. At least five inches of water surrounded the cave opening and it appeared to be rising fast.
“Wake up!” Liam yelled.
“What is it?” Polly asked, sitting up. “An animal?”
“No! Get dressed!” Liam ordered.
“I’m still sleepy,” Samuel said groggily.
“Wake up! Water’s pouring into the cave. It will soon flood. Get dressed. Quickly!” Liam instructed as he swiftly did the same.
“Liam, how bad is it?” Polly asked as she found her spectacles. He could hear the worry in her voice.
His heart thumped with his own apprehension. He had to get Polly and Samuel to safety. “It’s been raining on and off all night, mostly on and dreadfully heavy at times.” He knew that unfortunate fact because he’d slept little, tending the fire most of the night to be sure it stayed burning and kept the other two warm. Worried now about flash flooding, he said, “We have to get out of here and on the trail again as soon as we can.”
Samuel slowly stood up and looked around for his clothes.
“Samuel, Hurry!” Polly admonished.
“I am,” he said.
“Hurry faster,” Liam admonished in a stern voice and then stuck his pistols in his belt and buttoned his coat. Next, he heaved his saddle over his horse and, after tightening the straps, he wrapped his rifle in doeskin and shoved it into his saddle sheath.
Polly finished throwing on her clothes, not bothering with buttons, and while she hurriedly saddled her mount, Liam saddled Samuel’s horse. The horses hadn’t been fed since early yesterday morning and Liam knew they would grow weak if they didn’t get nourishment soon.
“Thanks,” Samuel said slipping the headstall over his horse’s head. “I’m sorry I was so slow. I was just so sleepy.”
“Liam, the water is coming in faster,” Polly said, with a worried glance at the much larger stream spilling into the cave.
Liam heard deep gurgling and a steady gushing of water coming from somewhere in the darkness at the back of the cave. A flash flood was now pouring through the cave's passages toward them. That meant trouble. The cave could flood in mere moments. No wonder there were no animals living in here.
Polly yelped when waterfalls started shooting out of the ceiling and the sound of rushing water became thunderous as it echoed in the cave. Their situation was fast becoming a watery nightmare.
“Out now!” Liam ordered.

Dorothy Wiley
Amazon bestselling novelist Dorothy Wiley is an award-winning, multi-published author of Historical Romance and Western Frontier Romance. Wiley’s two series, the highly-acclaimed American Wilderness Series and Wilderness Hearts Series, blend thrilling action-packed adventures with the romance of a moving love story to create exceedingly engaging page-turners enjoyed worldwide by her readers. With an average Amazon rating of 4.6 stars and more than a thousand five-star reviews, Wiley is one of the most highly-rated Amazon authors.
Like Wiley’s compelling heroes, who from the onset make it clear they will not fail despite the adversities they face, this author is likewise destined for success. In the last three years, her novels have won numerous awards, notably a RONE Award Finalist; a 2016 Laramie Award Finalist; a Chatelaine Finalist for Romantic Fiction; an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-finalist; a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal; a USA Best Book Awards Finalist; and a Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice. Her books continue to earn five-star ratings from readers and high praise from reviewers, including a Crowned Heart from InD’Tale Magazine.
Wiley’s extraordinary historical romances, inspired by history, teem with action and cliff-edge tension. Her books’ timeless messages of family and loyalty are both raw and honest. In all her novels, the author’s complex characters come alive and are joined by a memorable ensemble of friends and family. As she skillfully unravels a compelling tale, Wiley includes rich historical elements to create a vivid colonial world that celebrates the historical heritage of the frontier.
Wiley attended college at The University of Texas in Austin, Texas. She graduated with honors, receiving a bachelor of journalism, and grew to dearly love both Texas and a 7th-generation Texan, her husband Larry. Her husband’s courageous ancestors, early pioneers of Kentucky and Texas, provided the inspiration for her novels. After a distinguished career in corporate marketing and public relations, Wiley is living her dream—writing novels that touch the hearts of readers.
All of Wiley’s books are available in print and eBooks and most in audiobooks at Amazon US or in the UK at Amazon UK
For further information, please visit her website or Facebook.

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