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Check out J.P Reedman's fabulous new book — Secret Marriages: Edward IV, Eleanor & Elizabeth #NewRelease #Biography #Medieval @StoneLord1

Secret Marriages: Edward IV, Eleanor & Elizabeth
By J.P. Reedman

Eleanor Talbot, newly widowed after the Battle of Blore Heath, meets Edward, Earl of March.

It is a time of trials when the Lancastrians and Yorkists fight for supremacy...and the throne of England.

The Talbots are staunch Lancastrians; Edward is the Son of York.
The Battles of Mortimer's Cross and the bloodbath of Towton lead to Edward taking the crown.

A secret marriage is hatched between the young King and Eleanor, but the “secret queen” is never announced to the Council.

King Edward’s womanising reaches new heights as, within a short time, his eye falls on another widowed beauty, Elizabeth Woodville, whom he also marries in a private, hidden ceremony.

Mortified by all that has happened, Eleanor seeks atonement in religion,...but will her past catch her up?

Will the secret remain secret?

A story of love and lust spanning two families, the Talbots and the Woodvilles, and two women both similar and yet very different. One who became Queen of England, and one who might have been.


The burst of light faded as the figure took a tentative step in her direction and closed the door. Now she saw that the intruder was her chaplain, Father Gray. His face was white, his hands knotted in his cassock. “Lady Eleanor?”

“Father Gray, what is it?” A needle of fear was darting in her breast, making her breaths shallow and ragged. Yet she must not be foolish and allow herself panic. It could be anything. A fire, a flood, a lost child in the village…

“A man has come to the gate…”

“Did you let him in? Who is he?”

“He has ridden from a place called Blore Heath…”

“I do not know it.” Frowning, she shook her head.

Father Gray took a deep breath. “A battle was fought there two days ago, my Lady. The man, a servant of Lord Sudeley, has ridden like the wind. With news.” He stared down at the tiles, hands working nervously.

“What is this news?” Eleanor’s voice emerged a harsh whisper. The blood beat in her head, a steady drum.

“The Earl of Salisbury won a great victory over Lord Audley. Audley is dead. Lord Dudley is captured. Many knights were slain, others gravely injured…”

“And Thomas, what of Thomas. Is he injured?” Eleanor grasped at any hope.

Father Gray’s mouth worked but no words would emerge. He shook his head ever so slightly and crossed himself with a shaking hand.

Eleanor whirled away from the priest, grief and shock overwhelming her. She fell in a faint before the altar, with the bright angels weighing souls upon the Scales of Justice rising above her, the golden beams shooting through their locks colouring the pallor of her stricken face.

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J.P. Reedman

Born on the West Coast of  Canada, J.P. Reedman now lived in the shadow of Stonehenge. A writers since the age of 5, when she wrote her first story about Cleopatra, she now write historical fiction and historical fantasy, with a little bit of general fantasy thrown into the mix. Favourite periods are medieval England, particularly the Wars of the Roses era, and prehistoric Britain. J.P.  also writes about figures associated with her hometown of Amesbury, such as Queen Eleanor of Provence and Eleanor of Brittany, both of whom were buried there (and are now lost!) A novella about a third royal lady, Mary Plantagenet, (The Princess Nun) is due out later in the Spring, and looking further ahead, Avous Me Lie, the prequel to the popular I, Richard Plantagenet series which tells the life story of Richard III from his first person perspective.

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