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Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours Presents…

Shakespeare’s Witch
By Samantha Grosser

Love, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Madness.

A fortune told …

When Sarah Stone foresees Will Shakespeare’s latest play has opened doors to evil, she begs the playwright to abandon it. But Will refuses, aware the play is one of his best. And so rehearsals for Macbeth begin.

Forbidden desires …

After her vision, Sarah fears for her life – she has never known the shewstone to lie, and she turns to her brother Tom for comfort. A strange darkness seems to haunt the playhouse, and when Tom sets out to seduce John Upton, the boy actor who plays Lady Macbeth, the boy sees the hand of witchcraft in his own forbidden desires for men. Then Sarah weaves a spell to win the love of the new lead actor, and John, terrified for the safety of his soul, begins to make his accusations.

The Spirits have spoken …

As rehearsals continue, Sarah and Tom must struggle to convince John he is mistaken and that his sins are his own – their lives and the fortune of the play are at stake. But the Spirits have spoken – will the fate that Sarah foresaw come to pass or is their destiny their own to decide?

Set against the first production of Macbeth in 1606, Shakespeare’s Witch is a seductive tale of the origins of the curse of the Scottish Play.


Inside the theatre, Will touched his torch to the others in their sconces, and the shadows bobbed and danced as the small party made their way across the broad yard and up onto the stage.

Here?Will asked Sarah’s mother.

Elizabeth nodded. It was a good place to scryquiet and dark and open to the sky.

Sarah stepped away from the others to the edge of the stage and looked out into the empty darkness, allowing the activity behind her to ebb into the background of her thoughts. Above her the painted heavens marked the positions of the stars in hues of gold and blue, and beyond the roof that covered the stage, the night sky hovered velvet black, pinpricked with the first real stars of silver. Even in the shadows she knew every detail of the playhouse – the wide yard before the apron and the three tiers of wooden galleries that circled it, the sweep of the stage to the tiring house behind with its three floors of dressing rooms and storerooms, and at the top, the wardrobe where she worked with her brother to sew the actors’ costumes.

She was aware of it all, a place of magic even in the silent evening dark, and she allowed her breathing to soften, opening herself up to the promise of the night. Then, when she sensed that the others were ready behind her, she turned around to face them. A single candle flickered lightly on the small table they had placed centre stage, and the shewstone lay on a linen cloth before it, its surface smooth and dark and inviting. Her brother gestured to the stool he had set before it, and though she was aware of the eyes of the others watching her as she took her seat, she took time to make herself comfortable, straightening her skirts, tucking back stray hair from her face. Her own gaze never left the surface of the stone. When, finally, she was settled, her mother and brother took their places just behind her and placed a hand on her shoulders: she could feel the strength of their connection as the shewstone beckoned, insistent, demanding her attention. The candle flitted and danced at the edges of her vision, and the blackness of the stone seemed to deepen. Behind it, across the table, she saw Will take his seat, nervous hands smoothing back the thinning hair and a sheen of sweat across the unnatural pallor of his forehead. She had never known him so unnerved.

His gaze travelled to her mother. Sarah will scry?’ he asked.

She has a greater gift than I,’ Elizabeth answered.

He gave a quick nod and Sarah lifted a small smile of reassurance towards him. But as the shewstone began to shimmer its offer of foreknowledge, the weight of the hands on her shoulders began to seem a heavier burden. With a sudden rush of apprehension, she wished he hadn’t asked for this; she sensed already she would see only pain, and sometimes it was better not to know.

What would you like to ask of the spirits?she said. Her voice sounded strong and even, no trace of the tremor of her fear.

I want to know,he replied, and his voice was equally calm, ‘if the play I am writing now will have good fortune.

The name of the play?



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Samantha Grosser
Historical fiction author Samantha Grosser originally hails from England, but now lives on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney with her husband, son and a very small dog called Livvy.
Combining a lifelong love of history with a compulsion to write that dates from childhood, Samantha is now bringing her passion for telling compelling stories to the world.
Samantha has an Honours Degree in English Literature and taught English for many years in Asia and Australia. She is the author of wartime dramas Another Time and Place and The Officer’s Affair, and The King James Men, set during the turbulent early years of 17th Century.
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