Monday 14 October 2019

Check out K. J. Backer's fabulous new book — Nav’Aria: The Pyre of Tarsin #NewRelease #HistoricalFantasy @KJBacker

The Pyre of Tarsin
(Nav’Aria, Book #2)
By K. J. Backer

A torrent of emotions course through Darion in this suspenseful sequel. How will he survive this grief? How could he leave without saying goodbye? And how can he make sure Narco suffers the same way he’s made others suffer?
Returning to Nav’Aria has led to nothing but trouble… and more questions.
Narco’s toxic hold has only strengthened. His forces—Rav’Arian and Troll—are amassing as the final fight draws near. The Kingdom’s fate looks bleak, and yet, the true Marked King and unicorns of Kaulter are resolved. They will no longer succumb to Narco’s evil. They will stand, and they will fight.
The answers to Narco’s enigmatic powers lurk in the most unlikely of places as Darion will soon discover across the Shazla Desert, along with his companions Triumph, Edmond, and Soren.
The only question is, will he be able to find the answers which lead to Narco’s destruction before all hope is lost?

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Nav’Aria: The Pyre of Tarsin

The Marked Heir
(Nav'Aria, Book #1)
By K. J. Backer


Labels and questions swirl in Darion’s troubled mind. Why did his birthparents abandon him? Why is he haunted by visions of mythical beasts, a captive, and her torturer? And why is his birthmark glowing?

Discovering his true-identity may cost Darion everything, as he is suddenly confronted with a war-ravaged Realm and the answers he has always sought. Rav’Arians wreak havoc at the command of a sadistic usurper who led a grisly coup against the Marked Royals. Unicorn, Centaur, Nymph, and man have joined forces to face the oncoming threat of evil, yet their forces are slipping, and hope seems lost.

Three generations interwoven throughout Nav’Arian history will reach as far as rural Oregon, to see the Kingdom unified once more.

The only question is, will the return of the Marked Heir help or hinder in the fight for Nav’Aria?

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Nav'Aria: The Marked Heir

K.J. Backer

K. J. Backer (b. 1986), originally from Corbett, Oregon, is an American writer, wife, mother, history teacher, singer, and world traveler who currently resides in Billings, Montana.

She credits her close family bonds, wild imagination, and love of books to her humble, rural upbringing. Backer has always been interested in other cultures and dreamed, from an early age, of traveling the world. Her numerous journeys as an adult have greatly impacted her life and development, and have left an indelible mark, too, in her writing.

Backer's ever-evolving writing and teaching focuses both on World History themes and positively impacting lives of today's youth, interests strengthened during her years teaching high school History classes. The strong sense of people and their place evidenced in her writing comes from past and present journeys. The fragrant Douglas firs of her Oregon home, the ornate castles she strolled through in Europe, the Plains peoples' resilience, the hospitable communities in Ethiopia, and the law-making endeavors witnessed in the U.S. Capitol all get new life in her Nav'Aria series. Her most sacred journey yet, motherhood through adoption, provides her best material. Affirming that hope is eternally fruitful, her years spent awaiting parenthood inspired her most productive and meaningful work.

In her down time, Backer writes columns for Simply Family magazine, teaches high school and adult History classes, sings in her community, reads a freakish amount of Fantasy, and spends way too much time talking about (or to!) her adorable Pomeranians and handsome new tortoise. Follow Backer at to learn more about this exciting fantasy series!

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