Tuesday 17 December 2019

Check out Angelina Kalahari's fabulous #NewRelease — Breathing for Confidence: Your Voice, Your Superpower #Singing #performers @angelinakalhari

Breathing for Confidence:
Your Voice, Your Superpower
By Angelina Kalahari

Start breathing optimally today for better health, great voice production and amazing confidence.
With over 35 years teaching, singing, acting, and directing experience and having been recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to music, Angelina Kalahari is proud to present the first book in her fabulous new series — Your Voice, Your Superpower.
In Angelina's vast experience, she has found that stories are the best ways to learn and more importantly remember what we have learned. Angelina has chosen to use the story of an imaginary voice student, Jake Tyler, to illustrate how important breathing is to improve your health, voice production and self-esteem.
So, what are you waiting for? Let Angelina show you how to breathe optimally in a way that supports not only your voice for speaking or singing but also your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Praise for Angelina Kalahari

“How to breathe? Simple. But many of us performers do it incorrectly. Understanding the body structure and how you see yourself in the mirror. Angelina often made me look myself in the eye in a mirror and sing. I found this hard but that was a lack of confidence and self-esteem all of which Angelina nurtured gradually. Feeling where the sound resonates in the body, the ability to use the pelvic muscles, and using the rib cage to sustain power.”
“The techniques I learned have improved my voice drastically! When I first began singing with Angelina, I had no breath control or support. I soon realised that these skills were vital, and I have really enjoyed hearing my voice evolve as I learned new and more advanced techniques. Every week when I leave Angelina's house, I feel like my voice has improved, but it is great to reminisce on how I sang in 2012 to how I sing now!”
“The most important thing I’ve learned is how to make use of the body as an instrument and allow sound to flow freely from within.”


This book is about how to breathe optimally in a way that supports not only your voice for speaking or singing but also your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
In this first book in my series about voice, I will show you how to breathe optimally daily. Once you become accustomed to the new sensation of breathing in your body, it will become automatic, just as it does for singers and actors who train their breathing to support their art fully.
We all know our voice is our most important communications tool. It is often our initial contact with someone over the phone and makes a strong first impression when meeting someone. Breathing is the foundation of good, strong voice production and all the benefits that go with it - confidence, stress relief, better sleep, mental clarity, to name but a few.
Starting the series with a book on breathing is, therefore, the obvious route to understanding and developing optimal breathing for further voice work and health.

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Breathing for Confidence:
Your Voice, Your Superpower
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Angelina Kalahari

Angelina Kalahari has worked for over thirty-five years as a professional actress, stage director and operatic soprano, performing around the world. She appeared on many diverse platforms, such as opening the busking scheme on London Underground to a recital at the Royal Opera House and everything in between.
She holds degrees in drama and opera and in 2005 she received recognition for her contribution to the music, culture and economy of the UK from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.
Angelina has always regarded herself as a storyteller, either through music or through acting and directing. She honed her storytelling skills from a young age, writing and telling stories to her siblings at bedtime. It became a habit through the years and a solace while travelling for singing.
Born in Namibia, and having lived all over the world, she currently lives in London, UK, with her husband, her fur cat daughter, a rapidly diminishing population of house spiders and a smallish herd of dust bunnies.
She writes non-fiction books on the voice, her specialism and obsession for over thirty-five years, contemporary romance to explore love, women's fiction to understand love and middle-grade novels to give love. What more is there than love?
Connect with Angelina: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestLinkedinGoodreadsAmazon Author Page.

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