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Join me in Conversation with #Historical Romance author, Sara Bennett #interview #amwriting @SaraBennett16

Join me in Conversation with 

Historical Romance author,
Sara Bennett

MA: Please give a warm Coffee Pot welcome to Historical Romance author, Sara Bennett. Hi, Sarah. Welcome to the blog.

SB: Thank you for inviting me to Coffee Pot Book Club. I am an Australian who lives in the state of Victoria, and I write under a number of pennames in a number of genres. It can get a bit confusing! Today I’m here wearing my historical romance writer Sara Bennett hat.
I started writing for the US publisher Avon in 2002 and by the time that career ended in 2014 I had written 15 books for them. They ranged from Medieval, Scottish, to the Victorian era.
Since then I’ve continued to write for traditional publishers and also to self publish. Last year I wrote four novellas in a Regency series called Mockingbird Square.

MA: Can you share with us the inspiration behind your fabulous Pendleton Manor trilogy?

SB: My most recent book is also a Regency romance, called Meant To Be. This is the first book in my Pendleton Manor trilogy. I still have a lot of Sara Bennett fans, and it seemed like a good idea to give them something new. Maybe something a little different too, because I need to entertain myself when I write.

MA: It sounds like a wonderful series, and I LOVE your covers! What kind of challenges did you face writing a series set in the Regency era?

SB:  The challenges of writing in the Regency era are more about the fact that it is such a popular area of romance rather than researching the people and the period. Because of that popularity my challenge was to make my stories different.

MA: There are many fabulous  Regency Romances out there. Can you share with us three things that set your books apart?

SB: Harry Baillieu, the hero in my book, doesn’t always behave in a way that traditional Regency fans would consider heroic. Although he loves Sophy with all his heart, he is a product of his upbringing—a domineering and sometimes brutal father—and his position in society. It takes him a while to become the hero he wants to be.

My books tend toward darker themes, so don’t expect light hearted fun. Sophy’s father goes to prison when Harry’s father tries to separate his son from the girl he loves. Sophy discovers Harry is engaged to another woman. Harry has to give up everything to win her back.

Reviewers have called Meant To Be an emotional rollercoaster and I think that’s true. If you want a story that really tugs at the heartstrings then this book is for you.

MA: Last questions… Can you share with us what you are currently working on?

SB: I am hoping to have Against All Reason, the second book in the Pendleton Manor trilogy, ready to publish in 2020. This is Harry’s brother Adam’s story, the black sheep of the Baillieu family.

MA: Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us. If you would like to find out more about Sara, you can find her: WebsiteFacebookTwitter.

Scroll down to find out more about Sarah’s fabulous trilogy.

Meant To Be
By Sara Bennett

Sophy and Harry were meant to be … until fate stepped in.
 Harry Baillieu is the heir to Pendleton Manor and his father has plans for him to wed a wealthy and titled woman. That’s not Sophy Harcourt, but Harry doesn’t care. He has known and loved her most of his life and intends to marry her. When things go wrong, and Sophy and her family are forced to leave Pendleton, Harry believes she has betrayed him. Determined to move on, he chooses a new wife. He tells himself that Lady Evelyn Rowe is perfect in every way, and they announce their engagement at a grand ball in Mayfair.
But on that very night, Sophy returns. 
Sophy has been in love with Harry all her life. She knows they are going to marry and live happily ever after, because Harry tells her so. When scandal forces her to leave Pendleton, Sophy goes to live with her disreputable grandmother in London. She waits for Harry, thinking he will come after her, but he doesn’t. Three years later she learns that Harry is to be a guest at a ball in Mayfair, and she tells herself he only has to see her to fall in love with her all over again.
But Harry is getting engaged to another woman.

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Meant To Be

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