Wednesday 26 August 2020

Welcome to Day #3 of the blog tour for The Smallest Crack by Roberta Kagan #HistoricalFiction #WWII @RobertaKagan @gwendalyn_books


The Smallest Crack

Book One of the Holocaust Story Series

By Roberta Kagan

1933 Berlin, Germany.


The son of a rebbe, Eli Kaetzel, and his beautiful but timid wife, Rebecca, find themselves in danger as Hitler rises to power. Eli knows that their only chance for survival may lie in the hands of Gretchen, a spirited Aryan girl. However, the forbidden and dangerous friendship between Eli and Gretchen has been a secret until now. Because, for Eli, if it is discovered that he has been keeping company with a woman other than his wife it will bring shame to him and his family. For Gretchen her friendship with a Jew is forbidden by law and could cost her, her life.

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