Tuesday 27 October 2020

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Publication Date: 31 March 2020

Publisher: Willow Books

Print Length: 414 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Historical Romance/Regency Romance/Historical Women’s Fiction


For over six years, Thomas Ferraunt’s thoughts have been of war. Newly returned to England from occupied Paris, he must ask himself what his place is in this new world and what he wants from it. More and more, his thoughts turn to Arabella Malvin, but would Lord Malvin agree to such a mismatch for his daughter, especially when she is being courted by Lord Henry Danlow?

About to embark on her fourth Season, Arabella is tired of the life of a debutante, waiting in the wings for her real life to begin. She is ready to marry. But which of her suitors has the potential for love and who will agree to the type of marriage she wants?

As she struggles to make her choice, she is faced with danger from an unexpected quarter while Thomas is stunned by a new challenge. Will these events bring them together or drive them apart?

We are celebrating the release of the special hardback edition of The Potential for Love during this tour. With a beautiful dust jacket over an elegant laminated cover, it will enhance any library and is the perfect gift for lovers of historical women’s fiction and historical romance.

Check out this fabulous review by A Darn Good Read:

“The Potential for Love is a delightful traditional Regency romance. It is filled with all those wonderful details that allow readers to totally immerse themselves in the era. Catherine Kullman cleverly creates the world that Thomas and Arabella inhabit, right down to the dishes served and the fashions worn, to the more serious aspects of the aftermath of Waterloo and, of course, those strict societal rules that governed the behaviour of the Ton and caused such a dilemma for both Thomas and Arabella… This is the first novel I've read by Catherine Kullman. I was thoroughly entertained and captivated by the story that unfolded and will definitely seek out more of her books.” A Darn Good Read.

Read the review in full HERE!

We are also stopping over on Emma Lombard's Official blog where The Potential for Love is in the Spotlight:

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