Tuesday 23 March 2021

Welcome to Day #6 of the blog tour for The Dark Shadows of Kaysersberg By Michael Stolle #HistoricFiction #BlogTour @MichaelStolle16


February 16th- April 20th 2021
Publication Date: 27th December 2020

Publisher: Independently Published

Page Length: 223 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction / Romance / Adventure
Amazon UK • Amazon US

It’s 1646 and infant King Louis XIV reigns over France; wily Cardinal Mazarin holds the reins of power - but he needs money, desperately.

Armand de Saint Paul, the younger son of a great and rich noble house, is leading a carefree life in Paris, dedicating his time to such pleasures as gambling, hunting and amorous pursuits.

Unexpectedly, Armand has to defend the honour of his house in a duel that transpires to be a deadly trap, set up by a mighty foe of the house of Saint Paul.

Will Armand be able to escape the deadly net of intrigue that soon threatens to destroy him?

How can a young man deal with love, when it’s no longer a game, but a dream beyond reach?

The leading question is: What is going on behind the façade that is Castle Kaysersberg,

where nothing is as it seems to be … until the day when the dark shadows come alive?
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