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Could he be the one true love she's been searching for all her life? Can he sacrifice happiness in the name of duty?


Set Free by a Fairytale Love
By Aurora Hanson

Publication Date: 29th August 2023 
Page Length: 496 Pages
Genre: Western Historical Romance

Helen Acosta’s whole life has been mapped out for her. Her parents have decided it all; she’ll make an excellent marriage and settle down to raise children. Determined to carve out her own destiny, Helen leaves home with no intention of ever coming back. While stranded in a strange town by a snowstorm, she meets an intriguing traveler who hides a dark secret…

Could he be the one true love she's been searching for all her life?

Fletcher Grant is an ambitious sheriff’s deputy, determined to prove himself. To do that, he’ll need to go undercover and catch one of the most dangerous criminals in the West. However, fate has it that he meets Helen, a beautiful woman whose beauty immediately captivates him. Yet no matter how close the two become, revealing his real identity to Helen could end up being fatal for both of them.

Can he sacrifice happiness in the name of duty?

Fletcher and Helen become closer than they ever imagined. When vicious criminals target the young couple, they start to realize that love sometimes comes with a heavy price. In the midst of this ordeal, can they be each other's rock? Will they make it out safe and with their hearts intact?

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Set Free by a Fairytale Love
Aurora Hanson

Aurora Hanson hails from the rugged plains of North Dakota, where the windswept prairies and tales of the Wild West became ingrained in her very being. Today, she hangs her hat in San Antonio, where the spirit of the Old West still whispers through the mesquite and cacti.

From her teenage years, Aurora's pen galloped across the pages of countless notebooks, but it was only recently that she summoned the courage to unleash her tales upon the world. Her stories are etched with the essence of traditional Western sagas, drawing inspiration from the hard-earned wisdom and unwavering spirit of the Frontier Era.

Aurora is happily hitched to her very own cowboy, who moseys alongside her through life's adventures. They've raised two fine young'uns who've inherited their mother's love for the untamed wilderness.

When Aurora's not spinning yarns, you'll find her astride a trusty steed, riding alongside her rugged husband, with the spirit of the West as their guide.

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