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Will the Church’s most valuable artworks fall prey to this massive conspiracy?

The Vivaldi Cipher
(Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers Book 1) 
By Gary McAvoy

Publication Date: 16th August 2021
Publisher: Literati Editions
Page Length: 300 Pages
Genre: Historical Thriller

During the election of a new Pope in the mid-18th century, famed violinist Antonio Vivaldi learns of a ring of art forgers who are replacing the Vatican’s priceless treasures with expertly-painted fakes. Desperate, the composer hides a message in a special melody, hoping someone, someday, will take down the culprits . . .

Nearly three hundred years later, the confession of a dying Mafia Don alerts a Venetian priest to a wealth of forged paintings in the Vatican Museum, and the key to their identities lies hidden in a puzzling piece of music. Father Michael Dominic, prefect of the Secret Archives, investigates, and is mystified when he finds a cipher in an old composition from Vivaldi. Desperate to stop this centuries-long conspiracy, he calls on fellow sleuth Hana Sinclair and Dr. Livia Gallo, a music cryptologist, to help him crack the code and learn the truth.

But the Camorra, a centuries-old Italian Mafia clan, won’t stand by while some interfering priest ruins their most lucrative operation. Along with a French commando and two valiant Swiss Guards, Dominic explores the dark canals and grand palazzos of Venice to uncover the evidence he needs to stop the sinister plot. Can he unearth it in time, or will the Church’s most valuable artworks fall prey to this massive conspiracy?

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Gary McAvoy

A native Californian transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, Gary McAvoy began writing early in life, first for a small-town newspaper and regional Southern California magazines, then in corporate communications for his own high-tech businesses and client projects, and on to published nonfiction books. Nurturing a lifelong passion of collecting handwritten history, in 1997 Gary founded, an online gallery of authentic signed letters, documents, manuscripts, books, photographs, and other memorabilia of historical or cultural significance. Those who share this passion know that few things compare to holding history in one's hands—a letter penned by Abraham Lincoln, for example, or one by Truman Capote discussing work on his book "In Cold Blood"—much of which informs Gary's own writing projects.

It was this last acquisition, in fact, that sparked the adventures leading up to Gary's book, "And Every Word Is True," a fresh look at the investigation of the infamous 1959 Clutter family murders in Kansas, heinous crimes chillingly portrayed in Capote's landmark nonfiction novel.

Gary's debut series “The Magdalene Chronicles,” features gripping, intelligent thrillers set in the Vatican and wherever its influence reaches. Both that and his current ongoing series, "Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers," feature Father Michael Dominic, a Jesuit paleographer—a specialist in ancient writing systems and deciphering historical manuscripts. Gary has long been fascinated with the Vatican and its legendary Secret Archive, and his books are filled with historical facts and locations woven throughout engaging storylines with international intrigue.

From 1999 to 2005 Gary worked closely with primatologist and animal ethicist Dr. Jane Goodall, serving as Seattle Base Camp Chair for the Jane Goodall Institute, managing Northwest fundraising efforts in support of the Institute’s global initiatives. In 2003 Gary convinced Jane she should speak to global food issues, and in 2005 they co-authored "Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating" (Warner Books) with Gail Hudson.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. I am going to grab myself a copy.


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