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In this brilliant standalone crime novel set in 1930s Munich, Detective Sebastian Wolff must walk a tight line between doing his job and falling foul of the Nazi party he despises.


Munich Wolf
By Rory Clements

Publication Date: 18th January 2024
Publisher: Zaffre
Page Length: 438 Pages
Genre: Historical Thriller

MUNICH, 1935

The Bavarian capital is a magnet for young, aristocratic Britons who come to learn German, swim in the lakes and drink beer in the cellars.

What they don't see - or choose to ignore - is the brutal underbelly of the Nazi movement which considers Munich its spiritual home.

When a high-born English girl is murdered, Detective Sebastian Wolff is ordered to solve the crime. Wolff is already walking a tight line between doing his job and falling foul of the political party he abhors. Now Hitler is taking a personal interest in the case.

Followed by the secret police and threatened by his own son, a fervent member of the Hitler Youth, the stakes have never been higher. And when Wolff begins to suspect that the killer might be linked to the highest reaches of the Nazi hierarchy, he fears his task is simply impossible - and that he might become the next victim.

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Munich Wolf

Rory Clements

I HAVE a passion for thrillers. I love reading about men and women facing the ultimate test under fire - and I love writing about them. It must be in my blood. 

Born in Dover, Kent, and raised in various outposts of the world while my father served in the Royal Navy, I grew up hungry to become a writer.

I worked for many years as a national newspaper journalist. But I always dreamed of switching to novel-writing - and on moving to Norfolk in 2007 I found the perfect spot to achieve my ambition. There is no great rush here. You have time and space to think, to chat and to imagine.

So why thrillers? Well, it might have something to do with my family history.

My generation of the Clements clan is the first since the Crimean War not to have seen active service in a branch of the military, and I feel extremely fortunate that this is so. While my father, grandfather and great-grandfather survived fierce and deadly fighting in three major wars, I fear I would not have measured up. Psychoanalysts might wonder whether I am trying to make up for this by weaving stories around those with more courage than myself - and they might have a point.

Either way, I believe my history has given me a keen understanding of valour and the stoicism of those in peril - whether from enemy agents, at sea, in the air, or in the battlefield.

These are the essential qualities of my protagonist Tom Wilde, a Cambridge history professor. He may spend much of his life with his nose buried in dusty archives or in the lecture hall, but when he is called on to act, he does so without question.

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  1. I haven't heard of Munich Wolf, it sounds really intriguing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have never heard of this author. I will look forward to reading Munich Wolf.

  3. I love a good historical thiller.

  4. I don't think much of the cover but the book sounds interesting.

  5. My friend was talking about this book and I keep meaning to get it. I will order it now while it is still in my mind. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. I don't usually read historical fiction set in this era, but this book certainly sounds very interesting.

  7. I read this book when it came out in January.

  8. This is a book that I need to read, it sounds great.


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