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#BookReview — CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse:The Civilis Saga Part #3 by Peter Baggott #HistoricalFiction #AncientRome

CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse:
The Civilis Saga Part #3
By Peter Baggott


Champion of Teutoburger Wald he craves a son in a barren marriage and seeking a resolution he approaches Witold. She guarantees him a son. But after the death of his wife, he seeks retribution against Roman sympathizers. Witold warns him against harming a fellow seer or he will face dire consequences. Twice he will escape the same Roman, but on the third occasion, there will only be one winner.

“Twice you will meet the same Roman, and he will escape, but when he comes looking for the final Eagle, my Eagle, you and your son will help defend it.”

To lose an Eagle is shameful. But, to lose three Eagles is nothing short of a disgrace.

It was only a matter of time before the Romans returned to this land and sought retribution for those who had been slaughtered and to reclaim the Eagles that had been taken.

Agi of the Chauci had fought alongside Arminius and had witnessed the taking of the Eagles from the hands of the hated Romans, but it was not that which had taken him into the forest to seek the wisdom of the seer, Witold. He wanted to know if he would ever have a son, an heir. The seer’s answer is enough to satisfy Agi, but the warning that comes with it is not so easy to comprehend. Witold warns him of another — a woman just like her, a seer. The destiny of his son will depend on how he treats this woman.

On hearing the news of the lost Eagles at The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, Caesar Augustus cried,“Give me back my legions.” However, such was the shame of the loss that any survivors were banned from returning to Rome. The disgrace would be theirs to carry forever, and that disgrace would also be passed down to their sons. However, the sons of the lost legions come together under the watchful eye of Artorius Civilis. With his help, they would right the wrong, and win back the Eagles their fathers had lost.

CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse: The Civilis Saga Part #3, by Peter Baggott, is the powerful tale about the unforgettable Civilis family as they desperately try to navigate a world that is corrupt, treasonous, and dangerous, in order to bring honesty, loyalty and peace for their kinsman and the Empire.

CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse is one of those books where the pages practically turned themselves. I did initially wonder why Baggott dedicated over half of this novel to what is essentially a prequel, but, when I reached Part 2 of CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse, I began to understand why he chose to do this. I think the backstory gives this series, and indeed this book, a very firm foundation. The characterisation was superb, and the narrative was an absolute triumph. Baggott presents his readers with highly appealing protagonists and spine-chillingly malicious antagonists.

Baggott does not shy away from what can make for uncomfortable reading. Within these pages, we watch the making of a monster. The young Victus shows all the signs of what he is to become. He is manipulative, very charismatic and even charming when he wants to be. However, there is a very dark side to him. The first to suffer his abuse is a dog, and then the level of violence escalates as he turns this viciousness towards women. There are multiple violations of women in this story, as well as murders, but Baggott is careful to strike a balance between how he wants the characterisation of Victus to be perceived and the audience his book is aimed at. 

Baggott is a master at conveying the time this book is set in. I have said it before, and I will say it again, his attention to historical detail and historical fact has to be commended. This book is luxuriantly detailed, and the historical characters have been richly brought back to life. Baggott is a born Historical Fiction writer. He nails the historical backdrop every time. Superb.

Due to the intensity of the story and the large cast of characters, I don’t think CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse: The Civilis Saga Part #3 is a standalone read. However, this series is so good that you would be doing yourself a disservice by not starting with Book 1.

The Civilis Saga is escapist Historical Fiction at its very best. 
I Highly Recommend.

Review by Mary Anne Yarde
The Coffee Pot Book Club.

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CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse:

Peter Baggott

Peter Baggott is a debut author with a deep interest in Roman history. He has served in three uniformed employments and is very familiar with Roman tactics which are still used in everyday life: shield tactics and skills – testudo being much used in the Police and Prison Service. Peter chose for his writing this historical genre because of his innate interest in the subject and having been born in the Roman city of Lindvm, modern day Lincoln. In his teens, on a daily basis, while delivering newspapers, Peter traversed the exposed Roman remains from The Steep to the Newport Arch, the only full Roman archway in Great Britain. While working in a local hotel close to the ruins he utilised this knowledge to become a self-appointed guide to visitors from far and wide and has continued to keep up to date with local finds. There are many stories surrounding the infamous Legio IX Hispana, who were based in Lindvm, their disappearance has inspired his continuing interest in all things Roman. ​ Peter has also visited numerous Roman sites, both in the UK and in Europe and has used original Roman historical sources of Tacitus, Suetonius and Dio, Google Maps for distancing and location, Wikipedia and several archaeological online sources. Thus, he tries to keep abreast with new finds upgrading his work accordingly.

Connect with Peter: Website • Twitter.

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