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#HistoricalFiction author, Elizabeth Collums, is talking about the inspiration behind her fabulous book — Passengers #Giveaway @hfvbt

Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours Presents…
By Elizabeth Collums

During the Great Irish Famine the Ewing family made their way from their rural cottage to the village of Highland Way. Annie, the oldest daughter was left to care for her mother and younger sister after her father left to find work in Dublin.
A mysterious letter arrives from America forcing Annie, Lily, and Katy into a harrowing journey. The hand written note not only will expose deep secrets, it will also challenge the strength and fortitude of the Ewing women, leading each member into their own soul searching voyage.
Follow this extraordinary passage that begins in Ireland and leads each woman to uncover their own courage and truths in this new world.

An author’s inspiration…

There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of threads of experiences that drew me to put pen to paper just to, if nothing else, leave some sort of tangible legacy for my children and grandchildren.  There have been moments of feeling so paralyzed with fear of failure that I stayed stuck long beyond a reasonable time of prayer and deliberation.  And there have been times when I blew through things based on pure emotion and suffered greatly for my impatience.  And I wanted them to know, not in an autobiographical sense, but more in my mind's eye of what works and what doesn't work life lessons, no matter what decade you might find yourself in.  For,  I believe, time and the calendar doesn't change what's right or wrong.
But, there's also something for me, about writing, that frees my soul.  I've written countless letters and never mailed, but felt lighter just by doing so. And this book allowed me to do just that.
The emotionally detached mother that I waited decades to "appreciate her now with me" finally drifted into the world called dementia.  All the years of hope and prayer had now been sealed shut.  She would never give me what I desperately longed and waited for.  Honestly, I felt that she was, in a way, hopelessly disappointed in the way her life turned out and I bore the brunt of constantly trying to fix it.  Al least now, I was just another stranger that she was glad to see. 
But, I could write a different story with a different ending; one full of those that came before me.  My grandparents and great grandparents who truly had challenges and took so many risks for a better life and for that I will always be grateful.  For my ancestors really did come from Ireland during the Great Famine and made their home in Canton, Mississippi. And I have so many wonderful memories of my visits with them.
So on New Year’s Day, how appropriate, January, 2016, I got up off the couch, picked up a pen and began this heartfelt journey of freeing my soul, but this time I mailed it.


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Elizabeth Collums

Ann C. Purvis, chose to publish her first novel under her birth name, Elizabeth Collums; this is her true roots and where she has drawn from many of the experiences she wrote about. She lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana and enjoys DIY projects. She has two daughters, a stepdaughter, son-in-law, two amazing granddaughters, and her dog Daisy.

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