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Paper Treasures
By Lilly Horigan

Paige McKinnon has finally graduated high school and is ready to embark on the journey she has been planning for years. Alone, she makes her way to Las Vegas where she hopes to locate her mentally ill and homeless mother. A young woman of faith, Paige uses only the prompting of God's Spirit and advice of her aunt to find a place to stay, work, and search for her mother's whereabouts--but will she find love there as well?

"Living in Washington since birth meant there would be some major adjustments to the Las Vegas climate, but she was eager to get started on her new life, a life on her own to answer questions she had waited years to ask."

Paige McKinnon may only be eighteen-years-old, but she had waited her entire life to take this journey. Paige was determined to find her mother — the woman who had lost custody of Paige when she was still a baby. No one liked to talk about Paige's mother. All Paige knew was that her mother, Alex, had severe mental health problems, and she was more than likely living on the streets of Las Vegas.

Seth Redding had not meant to stare when he saw Paige sipping coffee in his favourite cafe, but he felt drawn to her. Finding out that she was to live in the apartment above his mother's shop came as a surprise, but it was a surprise that was very welcomed.

With a new apartment and a new job, Paige begins the next to impossible search for her mother. However, this search is fraught with difficulties, and if it were not for the help of her new friends and Seth, Paige doubted she would have the courage to continue.

From the end of a long journey to the promise of new beginnings, Paper Treasures by Lilly Horigan is a heart-warming and tender Christian romance.

With a sweeping narrative and a visceral understanding of her audience, Horigan has penned a book which is as rich in the romance as it is in story. This book had all the feels — a fabulous plot, a tender love story, and characters that were richly drawn and believable. Paper Treasures is an exemplary example of the Christian romance genre.

Paige is a remarkable heroine who is compelled to find her mother. Paige knows the risks before she embarks on this courageous journey of discovery. Alex is mentally unstable, and Paige has no idea how she will react when she learns that the child that was taken from her, for a good reason, is the adult standing in front of her. At times this journey of discovery left me in tears. I felt for Paige, I really did. Paige feels like there is this void in her life, and she wants to see her mother, even if her mother will want nothing to do with her. Paige is the kind of heroine that a reader can really get behind. 

What is there not to like about Seth? Seth is an incredibly caring man who will do anything for anybody. His faith is what holds him steady and grounded, and his feelings for Paige are genuine and sincere. Seth is not the kind of man who breaks hearts — he wants to heal them. I loved Horigan's portrayal of Seth. I thought he was everything a compassionate hero should be.

A character that I simply adored is Seth's mother, Trudy. Trudy's excitement about opening her new shop is infectious. Every time this character made an appearance, I ended up smiling. Trudy's beautiful and loving heart is matched only by her generous nature. This is the kind of woman a son would be proud to call his mother. I thought Horigan's depiction of Trudy was absolutely fabulous.

I have to mention the characterisation of Alex — Paige's mother. Horigan has depicted a very troubled mind in Alex. Through this character, Horigan has demonstrated the terrible effects mental health has, not only on the individual but also the impact of such an illness on family and friends as well. Alex is an emotional time-bomb waiting to go off. She is lost in a world of her own and often strikes out with violence — both in words and actions. Horigan also demonstrates the lack of resources that the authorities face when dealing with such individuals. Alex's depiction was very sobering, but at the same time superbly drawn.

If you are looking for your next Christian Romance, that is impossible to put down, then Paper Treasures by Lilly Horigan is the novel for you. This is the kind of book that I would happily read over and over again.

I Highly Recommend.

Review by Mary Anne Yarde.
The Coffee Pot Book Club.

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