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Join #thriller author, Jim Adameit, as he explores the inspiration behind his fabulous book — The Definition of Experience @JimAdameit

An Author’s Inspiration
By Jim Adameit

What follows, entitled ‘IMAGINE’, is the introduction of my novel.  Not a prologue per se, but important words to set the stage for what story follows. As the saying goes, ‘art imitates life’. Not a truer word spoken in my case. And yes, as is the nature of my own experience, it was indeed a lot of ‘stuff that happened to me, that I wished happened to somebody else’. But that kind of experience DID give me lots to write about. I pray that this introduction provides enough interest for readers to want to find out what comes next. Yes indeed, art DOES imitate life. I hope you read these words and imagine how you’d feel if in the same situation.


Imagine you’ve worked in a particular industry for over three decades… over THIRTY years… An especially tough industry. Very competitive, very demanding - and upon occasion just plain abusive - but you came to be an expert in this business.

You also became well respected through the years.  You’ve done everything fair and square to advance your career along the way. You’ve never compromised your integrity, or sacrificed anyone else’s career or reputation to advance your own.  No one got thrown under the bus by you - or because of you.  Sure, you may not have climbed the proverbial corporate ladder like you hoped you might have, but you played by the rules, and you could sleep reasonably well at night knowing you were moral and ethical.  You’ve worked full time positions in this industry while earning college degrees in the evenings. You’ve been a good husband and father through the years, but you put your personal life and family on hold when each company asked you to travel out of town, out of state, or out of the country for business… You put your blood, sweat and tears into your work, always keeping the company’s interests and your job’s responsibilities front and center.  

And then one day, out of nowhere, you get cut from a company in this industry, through no fault of your own. Not only did you lose your job, but you lost out on the huge six-figure profit-sharing bonus you were all but promised when you joined the company - when you were heavily recruited to join, that is.  Bait and switch. You were a pawn, unwitting and unknowing. Of course you didn’t realize it at the time, but you did shortly thereafter. You were used and taken advantage of. Others furthered their careers on YOUR back.  Not only did you lose your job, but your career took a direct hit. Perception can be reality to some, and the perception was that you became damaged goods. You weren’t, but that’s what the water-cooler talk said.  Business market perception can be cruel like that.  

How would you feel?  Really, how WOULD you feel? That life’s not fair?  It isn’t. That you were used by someone else to further THEIR career? You were. Would you run off with your tail between your legs, and try to carve out some end-of-life career as best you could?  Maybe. Imagine you’re over fifty, no – imagine you’re over sixty years old – and you suddenly realize you have many more years behind you, than in front of you. Just imagine it, the sobering thought that it is. Let that thought wash over you and soak in for a few seconds. You see, when you’re young, you don’t think about your mortality much, if at all. Then one day it happens. You begin to notice your joints start to hurt. Your eyes get tired more often. Each day your body and your brain aches from the intense and tiring workload and travel, as it takes its toll on each of us.  But you know you still need to work.

You still have some years left before you can retire – whatever that may mean.  Would you be upset?  Hell yes.  Would you be angry?  There’d be something wrong with you if you weren’t.  Would you want to get even?  Sure.   NO SERIOUSLY, would you REALLY want to get even?   Maybe. 

What if you found out that not only were you let go unjustly – for no good reason - but that the company was doing something immoral, unethical and most of all, illegal. How would you feel THEN?  Would THAT push you to do something? That’s the question now, isn’t it?  When does a person reach that breaking point, where they’re driven to take action of good over evil?  It’s not a rhetorical question. Imagine it…

Seriously, what would you do?  If that question challenges you to consider how YOU would feel, then read on… Read this story and see if you’d do the same thing that Dan Gamble did. Maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe you lack the balls, self-pride and gumption to be anything else but a victim. Or maybe not?  As the saying sort of goes, evil exists in the world when good men do nothing.  Maybe you’d embrace the prospects of getting even, and relish the thought of taking down an evil company, just about more than anything else you can think of.

You might NOT be driven to take action and do what Dan did.

But then again, maybe you would?

The Definition of Experience
 (Dan Gamble, Book 1)
By Jim Adameit

One Man’s Stand Against the Corporate Machine

An edgy, racy, action-packed business / financial / technology thriller, about the global industry that manufactures and brings us all our smart phones, laptop computers, cloud servers – and virtually any other electronic products you can think of.

Think this is boring stuff?

In a US$500 billion global market – with careers and that much money at stake?

Think again…

A primer on an industry that most people don’t know exists…
A cautionary tale for those people who do…


Denise was, indeed, paid well as a recruiter for Stygian. She made at least twice the money that any other senior recruiter was being paid in the US, her pay-check automatically deposited in her account every two weeks without fail. And with quarterly profit sharing bonuses sent to her on top of that.

And she certainly didn’t want that to stop, so she put up with the pressure from Bud and Archie and made sure she had her cigarettes and kaopectate always nearby on her desk. She was also glad she had a bathroom close by in her home office, in case she had any intestinal outbursts which cigs or gut meds couldn’t halt.

Denise pulled open her bottom left desk drawer and pulled out the bottle of Seagram’s Seven with her left hand. What remained of it, anyway; three quarters of it already consumed during the week.

She reached her right hand over it to grab her coffee cup, an inch of dark brew still inside, now cold. She poured a couple of inches of amber whiskey over the coffee, not caring that she was mixing them together.

They all go to the same place, she thought, as she took a few long gulps and emptied her cup.

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Jim Adameit

Jim Adameit is the author of ‘The Definition of Experience’, his debut thriller novel in this series. Jim is a 30+ year seasoned veteran of the Contract Manufacturing / Electronic Manufacturing Services industry, in which he’s held various senior level global positions, including sales & marketing, contract administration, and project management.

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