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The Potential for Love
by Catherine Kullmann

“There is an essential something that calls us to another, something that we recognise or that resounds within us on the most intimate level.”

“Love, you mean?”

“Rather the possibility or potential for love.” Her father shook his head. “It’s impossible to describe, Arabella, and it may take us some time to recognise it, but we do know when it is not there.”

When Arabella Malvin sees the figure of an officer silhouetted against the sun, for one interminable moment, she thinks he is her brother, against all odds safely returned from Waterloo. But it is Major Thomas Ferraunt, the rector’s son, newly returned from occupied Paris who stands in front of her.

For over six years, Thomas’s thoughts have been of war. Now he must ask himself what his place is in this new world and what he wants from it. More and more, his thoughts turn to Miss Malvin, but would Lord Malvin agree to such a mismatch for his daughter, especially when she is being courted by Lord Henry Danlow?

As Arabella embarks on her fourth season, she finds herself more in demand than ever before. But she is tired of the life of a debutante, waiting in the wings for her real life to begin. She is ready to marry. But which of her suitors has the potential for love and who will agree to the type of marriage she wants?

As she struggles to make her choice, she is faced with danger from an unexpected quarter while Thomas is stunned by a new challenge. Will these events bring them together or drive them apart?


Arabella and Thomas have met in Rotten Row.

When they came abreast of the gentlemen, Thomas wheeled his horse to fall in beside her.

“Good morning, Thomas. He is a handsome fellow. What have you called him?”



He shrugged helplessly. “I don’t know. He looks like a Samson, I suppose. Why do you smile?”

“I was wondering would you name your children the same way. I could see you cradling a new-born infant, muttering names to yourself—Gideon, no; Gerard, no; Jeremiah—not Jeremiah.”

“I have never thought of it,” he said with his lop-sided smile. “But I imagine the child’s mother would have something to say too, don’t you?”

“I’m sure she would,” she answered hastily, dazzled by a new image of herself propped up against her pillows, laughing and shaking her head at his suggestions. That was what she wanted in marriage, she realised suddenly, love and laughter and a bond that was much more than two signatures on the marriage register.

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The Potential for Love

Catherine Kullmann

Catherine Kullmann was born and educated in Dublin. Following a three-year courtship conducted mostly by letter, she moved to Germany where she lived for twenty-five years before returning to Ireland. She has worked in the Irish and New Zealand public services and in the private sector. Widowed, she has three adult sons and two grandchildren.

Catherine has always been interested in the extended Regency period, a time when the foundations of our modern world were laid. She loves writing and is particularly interested in what happens after the first happy end—how life goes on for the protagonists and sometimes catches up with them. Her books are set against a background of the offstage, Napoleonic wars and consider in particular the situation of women trapped in a patriarchal society. She is the author of The Murmur of Masks, Perception & Illusion, A Suggestion of Scandal, The Duke’s Regret, and The Potential for Love.

Catherine also blogs about historical facts and trivia related to this era. You can find out more about her books and read her blog (My Scrap Album).Or connect with Catherine on Facebook. page is

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