MockupShots - Promotional Images For Your Book

Perfect for Promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Email Newsletters, GoodReads, Print Materials...

In less than 10 seconds, MockupShots puts your book into over 600 amazing settings, including holiday themed images. Whether you are looking for that perfect device to display your product or the perfect model to display your book, MockupShots have them all on transparent backgrounds ready and waiting to make your page pop.

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Highlight Your Series
If you have more than one book it can be really difficult to pick which one you want to share with the world. With our book series mockups you don't have to pick. Now you can highlight a trilogy or your previous books with one beautiful image. 

Not only will MockupShots allow you to create hundreds of epic photos of your books, it will give you suggestions for social media posts and even allow you to crop, edit and add text right from inside our interface.

Hundreds of royalty-free images of your book all created within seconds and only costing pennies a piece may sound too good to be true, but it's not. In fact, MockupShots have a three point guarantee:
1) 30 day money-back guarantee
2) Create unlimited mockups for multiple books or clients
3) Only pay ONCE and get lifetime access

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*Yarde Reviews & Book Promotion is an advertising affiliate with MockupShots. A small fee is earned when purchases are made using the above link.

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