Working with Yarde Book Reviews & Book Promotion has been an excellent experience from start to finish. 

Their team is not only friendly but also incredibly professional, ensuring they fulfill every promise and go above and beyond expectations. 

They've provided exceptional promotion for my book, exceeding my expectations and helping to reach a wider audience. 

I highly recommend their services to any author looking to effectively promote their work.

Rowena Kinread, Historical Fiction Author

I had a pleasant experience working with The Coffee Pot Book Club. The blog tour felt quite well organized, and Ellie made the process easy with clear and frequent communication. I ended up with some new Twitter friends I wouldn't have found otherwise, and the blogs have given my book extra google search results. Thank you for setting it all up, TCPBC!

Roske, Historical Fantasy Author

The Coffee Pot Book Club provided a superb book tour experience. I was totally impressed by their professional and highly organized approach and feel that The Admiral’s Wife reached a wide range of new readers through the tour. Congratulations to Mary Anne and Ellie for designing and managing this service. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

M.K. Tod, Historical Fiction Author

As a newcomer author, it is difficult to decide what type of publicity channel to use. My experience with the Coffee Pot has been absolutely fabulous. No questions were too stupid as not to be answered  understandably. From the beginning Mary Anne Yarde explained everything in a very helpful manner. The Coffee Pot delivered not only what they promised but even more. I recommend them strongly and will certainly use their services again.

Rowena Kinread, Historical Fiction Author

I am deeply impressed by the book promotions offered through The Coffee Pot Book Club. It was such a pleasure to meet Mary Anne Yarde and Ellie Yarde via email conversations. My experience was terrific from the moment we connected and I especially admired the highly capable execution of logistics. Every detail of my book's blog tour and related social media outreach was beautifully organised and executed. This fabulous team does not miss a beat in connecting with authors and in getting out news through a committed networking community. I greatly appreciated the many dedicated bloggers who generously stepped forward to participate in my book tour. Kudos to all involved. 

I rank promotional services by The Coffee Pot Book Club as "outstanding" and I look forward to an opportunity to reconnect.

Nadine Kampen, author of The Brantford Wagers

My first blog tour with the Coffee Pot Book Club has just come to an end and I will definitely be booking another one in the future! Having no idea what to expect, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Mary Anne and Ellie were professional and organised from the start, providing clear instructions for what was needed of me, and seamlessly organising everything else. The tour included interviews, book excerpts, guest posts and features across a variety of blogs – a perfect mix to gain exposure. The Coffee Pot Book Club was a pleasure to work with and I can recommend their services to all authors of historical fiction.

Juliane Weber, author of Under the Emerald Sky 

There's one thing more difficult than publishing a book--and that's marketing a book. Many authors think the process of writing, querying and publishing is the journey, but in fact, all of that is shipbuilding. The real journey starts on release day. And like all journeys, rarely can they succeed as a solo venture. The Coffee Pot Book Club provides a fantastic combination of value and service that brings wind to the sails. I used them for a blog tour and Instagram package and I've already booked them again. Mary Anne and Ellie are two people every historical fiction author needs on their journey.

Rob Samborn, author of The Prisoner of Paradise, Painter of the Damned and the Painted Souls series.

As an indie author, I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’d rather be writing than marketing! This sentiment is what led me to Mary Anne Yarde and The Coffee Pot Book Club, and her sterling reputation had me signing on. That reputation is well deserved!  Mary Anne made my recent blog tour for “The Heart of a Hussar” seamless and easy, from my initial inquiry all the way through the final wrap-up. I appreciate how professional and organized The Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour was, how much attention the book received, and the high quality of the tour stops. On top of it all, Mary Anne was so responsive and an absolute delight to work with. Every step was clearly laid out, and things happened like clockwork. I couldn’t have asked for a more flawlessly executed tour, and I’ll definitely be back!

Griffin Brady, Historical Fiction Author

Promoting my novel, Lies That Blind, through The Coffee Pot Book Club was always a no-brainer for me.  After all, they specialise in historical fiction and have been operating successful blog tours since 2015. Authors are always advised to have a strong social media presence - but how easy is that for most of us who are not well known and want to spend our time writing books rather than tweeting or creating Instagram posts?

So, my thinking was: Instead of trying to reach tens of thousands of individual readers, why not connect with a handful of influential bloggers whose followers already have an interest in historical fiction and might be receptive to the story of a naive 18th century would-be journalist who discovers the truth of the saying: Beware of what you wish for -- and risks his life and liberty in the process? Online influencers who, between them, have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of possible readers? 

My eighteen tour hosts not only graciously agreed to help spread the word of Lies That Blind to their audiences but stimulated me by asking really interesting interview questions, and inviting me to craft short posts about my book. Opportunities like this are crucial for writers--not just in trying to sell more copies, but in becoming more succinct and compelling communicators.

Mary Anne and Ellie are superb partners, producing high-quality promotional materials that you can share across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. If I ever write more historical fiction, I'll be sure to use them again and highly recommend them to you!

E.S.Alexander, author of Lies That Blind published by Penguin Random House SEA, October 2021.

Having just completed a blog tour for my historical novel “A Woman of Noble Wit’ I can’t praise the Coffee Pot Book Club highly enough. As a first time author getting noticed and securing reviews seemed a really daunting challenge. But Mary Anne led me through every stage, explaining clearly what I needed to do and answering all my questions. Everything was brilliantly co-ordinated and it was such thrill to receive the daily schedule with all the links. The well-placed tour stops and impressive social media reach brought my book to many more potential readers than I could possibly have done myself. All the hosts and reviewers were professional and supportive and the reviews have exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend the Coffee Pot Book Club to any historical fiction author looking to promote their book.   

Rosemary Griggs, Historical Fiction author

The Coffee Pot Book Club tour for my debut historical novel was a wonderful experience. From the day I signed up until the last day of the tour, everything was well organized. Any questions I had were answered promptly -- although I didn't have many questions because everything was explained so well to begin with! I was thrilled with the number of tour stops my novel received, as well as the number and quality of the reviews. Highly recommend!

Kinley Bryan, author of Sisters of the Sweetwater Fury

From the moment I first emailed The Coffee Pot Book Club, everything about working with Mary Anne and Ellie has been a dream. I have severe health issues and was really anxious about doing a blog tour for the first time. Mary Anne and Ellie instantly put me at ease with their calm, professional and welcoming manner. They walked me through the process every step of the way, metaphorically holding my hand, but never once making me feel silly for my naivety and nerves. Nothing was too much trouble for them, even when it looked as if I might have to postpone my release date, which thankfully didn't happen. The actual blog tour itself was a huge success, thanks to Mary Anne, Ellie and all the incredible hosts who took part. A hugely positive experience, one I wouldn't hesitate to repeat or recommend. Thank you.

Jeanna Louise Skinner, Time Travel Romance author

I hired Coffee Pot Book Club to run a blog tour for me because I was getting married, and I knew I wouldn't be around much to do anything for at least a few months. They did a great, professional job running a blog tour for me and keeping it all tidy and organized even with minimal participation from me. I'm super grateful for their help, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for media-related services.

Kellyn Roth, Historical Fiction author

The Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour was a wonderful experience that went well beyond my expectations. For first-time indie and small press authors, it's a challenge to be seen and reviewed. It was such a lift to get the daily list of blogs, social media links, and a beautiful graphic. I highly recommend Mary Anne and Ellie Yarde's excellent services. Their well-planned tour stops placed my historical romance Where Your Treasure Is before many, many more readers than I ever could have as a debut novelist. Thank you to all my hosts and The Coffee Pot Book Club.

MC Bunn, Historical Fiction author

The Coffee Pot Book Club ran a blog tour for the audiobook of my
first novel, Widdershins. I was enormously impressed by how professional and organised Mary Anne and Ellie were. The tour was set up efficiently and ran smoothly, with daily updates providing links, making it easy to find the social media coverage. The bloggers were friendly and supportive, and as well as hosting stops on the tour, they also retweeted each other’s posts to amplify coverage. Thanks very much to Mary Anne, Ellie and all the bloggers who hosted stops on the tour.

Helen Steadman, Historical Fiction author.

I cannot recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club highly enough. Mary Anne and Ellie did a fantastic job running the blog tour of After Gairech. They conducted the tour with verve and professionalism. I was frankly astounded by the amount of interest the tour generated.

Micheál Cladáin, Historical Fiction author.

From my first communication with The Coffee Pot Book Club to the blog tour they ran for my book, they have been consummate professionals. An absolute pleasure to work with and their end product, the blog tour, was indeed impressive. Beyond my expectations. Highly recommend!

Paulette Mahurin, Historical Fiction author.

Well what a fabulous whirlwind these past two weeks have been! I was so impressed with your professionalism and your extensive social media reach. The blog tour unfolded seamlessly, the marketing images you chose were absolutely gorgeous, and the hosts all did an excellent job presenting my book to the world. I truly feel my book got the special boost it needed to make a splash during launch week, and I will definitely be hiring you again for marketing help in the future.

Amy Maroney, best-selling author of Historical Fiction

As a self-published author it is often difficult and confusing to find quality marketing tools for my book - but the Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour offers one of the best, in my opinion. The stops along their blog tour were all very appropriate to my target audience and their widespread coverage on multiple social media sites was impressive. I believe that I got more than my “money’s worth” out of this blog tour.

Steve M. Gnatz, Historical Fiction Author

Working with The Coffee Pot Book Club was a completely enjoyable experience for this reluctant marketer! In these uncertain times, having a place to go for help with interviews, blogging, and excerpt-sharing was invaluable for me, and I wholeheartedly recommend Mary Anne Yarde for her knowledge, her assistance, and her unfailing support in getting the word out about my new novel. If you're a writer of historical fiction, and you need some help with marketing, The Coffee Pot Book Club is the way to go!

Sarah Kennedy, Historical Fiction Author

I have just completed a blog tour with the Coffee Pot Book Club for my novel Discovery and I am genuinely delighted with the experience. At every point I have found working with Mary Anne and Ellie excellent. They demonstrated their expertise in the choice of hosts for my guest blogs and excerpts and by this I have connected with wonderful bloggers from across the world.

Previous to my blog tour I submitted Discovery for an Editorial Review with some trepidation. I need not have worried for Cathie Dunn’s review was thorough and insightful, giving the prospective reader enough of the novel’s essence without revealing too much of the plot.

I highly recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club to any author wishing to raise the profile of their book. The service provided is professional and welcoming, delivering what is advertised, and any queries are answered speedily and efficiently. I look forward to working with The Coffee Pot Book Club again.

Barbara Greig, Historical Fiction Author

If you are a self published author of historical fiction it is well worth your while to join Mary Anne Yarde's Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour.

I was very pleased with the professionalism of the reviewers and was doubly pleased that their reviews of my book were beyond what I expected. The criticism was honest and much appreciated. I can't thank them all enough for taking the time to read and review my work. Their comments will be most helpful for continuing my next book. Mary Anne's coordination and role in this is beyond reproach. You will not be disappointed. This is an investment well worth the cost for any and all historical fiction writers.

Dane Pizzuti Krogman, Historical Fiction Author

I have had an extremely productive experience with Mary Anne and Ellie of The Coffee Pot Book Club. They are very, very savvy booksellers and have delivered tremendous value in my Book Blog Tour.

It is rare to find vendors who are this smart, well prepared, professional, and prompt. Mary Anne and Ellie have been very effective in getting the word out to the blogging community about my book. They clearly have both experience and reach in the trade.  

I cannot recommend Coffee Pot highly enough. I am already looking for new ways to work with them!!

Tom Durwood, Empire Studies Press

I was thrilled with my blog tour facilitated by The Coffee Pot Book Club. Each morning, Ellie provided me with all of the links to the reviews and showcases, making it very easy to follow up on all of the many social media sites where the book was promoted. The reviewers and hosting bloggers were of the highest quality, and Ellie was quick to communicate about the information she required. Once the excerpts, guest posts, and book information were in her hands, she took the reins. I will be recommending The Coffee Pot Book Club and Blog Tours to fellow historical novelists, and I look forward to working with Ellie and Mary Anne again.

Glen Craney, Historical Fiction Author

I loved working with Mary Anne and Ellie Yarde on my Dawn 
Empress virtual book tour. They were professional, responsive, and made things soooo easy. Leading up to the tour, they provided me with all the information I needed to complete my guest posts and interviews. Each day of the tour, they sent an email with all the links for social media so I could comment, like and boost. And the graphics were drop-dead gorgeous! I would highly recommend any author considering a blog tour give The Coffee Pot Book Club a try. They’re a joy to work with.

Faith L. Justice, Historical Fiction Author

For any author who wishes to promote their writing - and who does not? - look no further.  

The Coffee Pot Book Club under the guiding hand of Mary Anne Yarde is the answer to all our prayers. A wide variety of packages is on offer to answer all our needs, all arranged and presented with thorough care and friendly professionalism by a team of expert bloggers and reviewers.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Anne O’Brien, Sunday Times Bestselling author of Historical Fiction.

As a first time blog tour goer, I didn't know what to expect but now that my tour is done, all I can say is WOW!! Mary Anne and Ellie run a tight ship. Their communication is second to none and the bloggers they have in their network are exceptional. They delivered on every promise and it was a thrill to see the book buzz and reviews for my debut historical women's fiction, Discerning Grace, grow over the two weeks. If you are still sitting on the fence about deciding whether to do a virtual tour for your book, hop off right now and dive into a Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour. 

5 gold stars and a standing ovation!

Emma Lombard, Historical Fiction Author

My experience with the Coffee Pot Book Club was wonderful all around. Mary Anne and her staff connected me with readers and bloggers that were truly interested in my genre, and her organization and enthusiasm resulted in a pleasant and successful tour. I received some wonderful reviews, and the exposure was consistent and well-covered. My only complaint was that I enjoyed the experience so much, I hated to see it end. I will definitely be using the Coffee Pot Book Club again.

Andrea Matthews, Historical Fiction Author

The whole tour has been a blast from start to finish. I've been fortunate
enough to see my latest historical fiction novel, 'Jude & Bliss' included on ten fantastic blog sites, all hosted by some very dedicated people. The book has certainly achieved some great exposure which it would not have done otherwise. I can't thank you enough and I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking to get their book(s) noticed. I will miss the weekly postings.

Mal Foster, Historical Fiction Author

The Coffee Pot Club Book Tour exceeded my expectations! The tour was well-organized with reliable follow-through on each blog stop, dependable hosts, and excellent social media networking. Mary Anne and Ellie were great to work with and made the entire publicity campaign easy. I highly recommend this service.

Cynthia Ripley Miller, author of A Sword Among Ravens and the Long-hair Saga series.

Having a blog tour organised by Mary Anne Yarde was suggested to
me by a fellow historical fiction author, and I shall ever be grateful to her for that recommendation. I was thrilled with the blog tour organised by The Coffee Pot Book Club. It made my novel visible on a variety of different platforms, and it was highly professional in the way that it was conducted. I was also kept fully informed at every stage. The bloggers involved were of a very high standard. Their reviews, which were extremely well written, were detailed in a way that showed a close reading of the book, without ever once giving away a spoiler. I shall definitely be booking another such blog tour with Mary Anne Yarde.

Liz Harris, award-winning Historical Fiction author

Incredible buzz. Extremely professional. It felt as though I was part of a three-week exhilarating book launch party. I loved every moment. Very highly recommended! Sales from the tour really kick-started my second book. As much as any book launch.

Vivienne Brereton, Historical Fiction author

It was such a pleasure working with Mary Anne.  Even though we are
in separate continents, it felt like she was right there with me before and during the entire book tour process.  Her organization skills, professionalism, and attention to detail made me feel confident that my book launch was in good hands.  The tour provided me with the book posts and reviews necessary to ensure reader interest.  I'm grateful for the experience with Coffee Pot Book Club and would highly recommend it to any authors in search of increasing their readership.

Donna Scott, author of Shame the Devil and The London Monster

It was with delight that I embarked on a short tour with the Coffee Pot Book Club on behalf of author Richard Tearle, who was unfortunately poorly in hospital. The tour was very successful, visiting a variety of excellent and professionally run blogs.

Helen Hollick, author

The blog tour for my book, She Sees Ghosts just ended and I already
miss it.

The Coffee Pot Book Club arranged a spectacular tour. Each day I received an update, making it very easy for me to follow along and engage with blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts. My tour raised the profile and visibility for my new book, and the book blast helped me maximize the reach for my book when it was FREE on Kindle. The content that The Coffee Pot Book Club created to market my book was stunning, engaging, and I couldn’t get enough of looking at it. I was tremendously impressed by their efficiency and professionalism.

I’m looking forward to learning about the other services available at The Coffee Pot Book Club, and in the meantime, I can’t wait for my next book to go on tour too. 

I heartily recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club.

David Fitz-Gerald, Bestselling author of Historical Fiction

The first time I signed up for Mary Anne Yarde’s Book Tour, I wanted to promote a book release, get some reviews from bloggers, and show off the new novel. I must admit, I hoped someone would help me advertise and do some promotional work for me. Mary Anne Yarde did exactly that. Through friendly correspondence, she promptly answered questions I had and offered advice.

Since then, I have returned to her services several times. When I schedule a book tour or other promotions with her, I completely trust her to follow through in a professional and creative manner. The book gets the much-wanted exposure, and I am happy. Working with Mary Anne Yarde leaves me feeling inspired and taken care of. She also writes honest, deep, and wonderful reviews. I highly recommend her services!

Heidi Eljarbo, award winning Historical Fiction author

Thank you to Coffee Pot Book Club for a fantastic blog tour! Mary
Anne delivered even more than expected and gave us an enhanced reach across all social media platforms. Mary Anne's professionalism ensured that the blog tour went smoothly, and the quality of the materials were outstanding. I look forward to working with the Coffee Pot Book Club with my next release.

Cryssa Bazos, award winning Historical Fiction author

I turned to Mary Anne's blog tour program after another tour operator failed to follow through on a scheduled tour.  Mary Anne could hardly have been more different!  Her communication and management of the tour were outstanding, and the amount of exposure that I received for the money could not have been better.  For a first-time indie fiction author like me, finding potential readers can be a challenge, no matter how good your book is. Mary Anne got me enough reviews and sales to get me over the initial hump, and she also helped me to get started on Twitter and connected me with another great PR program at BooksGoSocial.  As someone who didn't do a lot of social media before this tour, I finished my two-week tour with a valuable set of tools and contacts that will serve me well in the weeks, months, and years ahead.  I couldn't recommend Mary Anne more highly!

Christopher Stanley, Religious Historian and first-time Historical Fiction author

Working with Mary Anne is an absolute pleasure. Quite simply hers 
was the best-organised blog tour I have ever done. Everything worked like clockwork. The level of communication was stunning. The participant bloggers were of a high quality and all delivered exactly what was promised and on the appointed day – something that has never happened with any of the previous blog tours I’ve done. I have no hesitation in recommending the Coffee Pot Book Club and have already done so to author friends writing historical fiction. Five stars!

Clare Flynn, Historical Fiction author

Working with The Coffee Pot Book Club makes running a blog tour almost effortless. The blog hosts do an amazing job of engaging with authors, ensuring your book is seen by a huge number of people. It is fantastic value for money, and as someone who's always been careful to ensure every penny spent on promotion is worth it, I think it's incredibly cost-efficient. This was my second blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club and it certainly won't be my last. Thank you.

M J Porter, Historical Fiction author

I can’t recommend the Coffee Pot Book Club Blog Tour highly
enough. It has brought me closer to more potential bloggers, reviewers and readers than I thought possible and I would urge all fellow writers to follow my example and sign up with the ever-friendly and ever-helpful Mary Anne Yarde and make the most of the service she is offering.

Len Maynard, Historical Fiction author

I was so impressed with the level of efficiency and value for money received during my tour. I will definitely employ The Coffee Pot's Service again for my next book! Mary Anne kept me informed all the way of what was happening and the bloggers she found for me were excellent and supportive!

Paula Lofting, Historical Fiction author

I was very impressed with the blog tour and promotion Mary Anne
gave my latest book!  This was my first tour and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but she quickly took charge of everything, gave me full daily updates, and connected me with a whole new audience I never could have reached on my own.  I received four new reviews which were all posted on Amazon or Amazon.UK, wrote a few guest posts, and showed a more personal side of myself through an author interview.  Each stop along the way opened me up to new readers and that is always an important goal for any author.  Mary Anne was very professional in every aspect of the tour and I will definitely use her services again for my next book!

Thomas Berry, author of the award-winning trilogy Gifts of the Gods  

“From the moment I signed up for one of The Coffee Pot Book Club’s tours, I knew I was in excellent hands. A professional approach to everything from banner through bloggers to timing and—most importantly—a major social media exposure, resulted in a very successful event. Thank you!”

Anna Belfrage, multi award-winning author.

My blog tour from Coffee Pot Book Club was nothing short of 
wonderful. As a debut author, it was important for me to find the right service to promote my book, and Mary Anne at CPBC did a professional, fantastic job. My book was seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, as well as CPBC's own Facebook and website pages. These impressions were vital to getting my book "out there" and in securing readers and reviews. CPBC's network is vast. If you're serious about book publicity, look no further.

Tonya Mitchell, Historical Fiction author

As a new writer it can be quite hard to raise your profile and get visibility for your novel, especially if you are published by an indie publisher without a large marketing budget. Mary Anne’s blog tours were recommended to me by another writer and I approached her for advice as to what was the best way to promote my book. She helped me choose the right blog tour package for me, and immediately set about organising the tour, keeping me updated with great communication (even whilst I was on holiday!) The blog tour was a great success, gaining me many new social media followers, some unsolicited 5 star reviews and propelling my novel into the bestseller charts in European History and Historical Fiction categories on Amazon. The results far exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more delighted to recommend the Coffee Pot Book Club blog tours.

Hana Cole, best-selling author of The Devil’s Crossing

Working with Mary Anne Yarde is such a pleasure. She is so wonderful and professional to work with. Her blog tour brought exposure to my novel. Her and all of the bloggers did such a beautiful job displaying my book. I am so grateful to have chose to work with Mary Anne Yarde and The Coffee Pot Book Club, it really translated to a huge bump in sales! I would definitely recommend working with her!

Roberta Kagan, USA Today best-selling author.

“I was sceptical about the value of blog tours until I was persuaded to use the services of Mary Anne Yarde. Now, I am a convert and would recommend her tours to all publishers and authors seeking to promote their books through social media. Her assistance and responsiveness throughout the process could not be faulted, while her loyal circle of bloggers and followers ensured an exposure that far exceeded my expectations.”

Paul Walker, bestselling author of Historical Fiction.

“I've used a wide range of author services, and was pleased to see a
significant boost to my book sales after signing up with The Coffee Pot Book Club. I recommend the book tour services, and the Editorial Review Package as an effective way to raise awareness of your books and reach a wider readership

Tony Riches, Author of the best-selling Tudor trilogy.

"All authors need reviews to spread the word. All authors need reviews that are professionally written with honesty, insight, and empathy. I cannot recommend Mary Anne Yarde's highly enough. Talented as a writer and blogger in her own right, she has gained a much deserved reputation for expert reviewing and promoting her reviews. Mary Anne's Editorial Review Package should be snapped up."

Anne O’Brien, Sunday Times Bestselling author of Historical Fiction.

“If you’re looking for editorial reviews for your novel, I would highly
recommend Mary Anne Yarde’s services. She writes brilliant reviews, which are honest, reflect her personal view of the story, and are very detailed, which is always important to me as an author. I appreciated that while mentioning the plot she never gave away any spoilers yet at the same time highlighted the points which a potential reader would find compelling. Her analysis of the plot and the characters is spot-on and accurate and I really enjoyed the way she combined her personal feelings with literary analysis. I am one happy customer and I will definitely be back when my newest novel is out. Highly recommended!” 

Ellie Midwood, USA Today bestselling and award-winning historical fiction author.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Mary Anne Yarde's Editorial Review Service. As an author herself and long-time professional reviewer, her reviews are thorough and considered. Her detailed review of The Darkest Hour Anthology: TWWII Tales of Resistance was instrumental in helping us reach a wider audience and I will definitely be using her service again.”

Kathryn Gauci, author of The Carpet Weaver of Usak and co-author of The Darkest Hour Antology: WWII Tales of Resistance

“Not only does Ms Yarde deliver beautifully written and insightful
reviews, she also shares widely and repeatedly through various social media channels, maximising exposure for the author.”

Anna Belfrage, award-winning author of the 17th-century time-travel series The Graham Saga and the medieval series The King’s Greatest Enemy.

“It was suggested that I use Mary Anne Yarde's reviewing services and this was probably one of the best suggestions I have had from anyone since I wrote my first novel. The service is incredibly easy to use and the cost little in comparison to the wonderful review and the numerous postings on the internet. Her review is self-explanatory and is professionally completed giving her a fair and unbiased view of the novel. I cannot recommend the service any higher and I have already requested a review of part two of The Civilis Saga."

Peter Baggott, author of The Civilis Saga.

“Putting books forward for review can be nerve wracking but I am so 
glad I chose The Coffee Pot Book Club; Mary Anne Yarde provides a great service to authors at all stages of their career. When it comes to reviews, she has the ability to really get inside a book and seems to completely understand the authorial intention and shares empathy with the characters. Her reviews are perceptive and tell the potential reader all they need to know without giving the plot away. Highly recommended.

Judith Arnopp, award-winning author of The Beaufort Chronicles.

"I had learnt of Mary Anne Yarde’s Editorial Review Service from a fellow writing friend, who suggested I should submit a request for a review. I am glad I did! Her review was professional and perceptive, and had a clear understanding of the purpose of the story. Ms. Yarde also shares the review on the various social media platforms, which helps to gain exposure for the book and the author.

I highly recommend Mary Anne Yarde’s Editorial Review Service."

Luciana Cavallaro, author of Servant of the Gods series and Accursed Women: a collection of short stories

“I highly recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review 
Package. Firstly and most importantly, for its extremely insightful review of my novel, which really ‘got’ it and what I was trying to say. Surely, this is every writer’s dream? Also, The Coffee Pot Book Club has a deservedly huge and enthusiastic following, so its reviews are read, shared and discussed widely. There are so many books being published today and I think that The Coffee Pot Book Club is a great way to gain some exposure in a crowded marketplace.”

Louisa Treger, author of The Lodger and The Dragon Lady.

“After reading Mary Anne Yarde’s other reviews, I knew my “baby” would be given careful consideration. But she gave me so much more! As my husband said, he thought she was quoting from my novel when he realized that Mary Anne was giving us background for the story, demonstrating her firm grasp of the period. She recognized exactly what direction I wanted to take my characters in. It’s so gratifying to an author to receive a review that proves the reader gave the book her full attention. And it doesn’t stop there. Not only does she have a loyal and active following for her website, she goes the extra step and distributes her reviews widely among her other social media sites. You can rest assured that thousands will potentially see your review.  I highly recommend Mary Anne Yarde’s Editorial Review package.”

Mercedes Rochelle, author of  A King Under Siege: Book One Of The Plantagenet Legacy.

“Without Mary Anne Yarde, I would have been lost on how to proceed
in the world of self-publishing. As I have told many friends, writing is the easy part; marketing, raising your profile and building a readership base feel like dark arts. In the noise and clamour of people who promote themselves as having the answers, there is Mary Anne, a quiet, confident voice of reason. 

If marketing is a guerrilla campaign, you need Mary Anne on your side. It’s not just the quality of the reviews, or the multi-media ideas but those moments where you just need a bit of advice. Quite simply, I wouldn’t attempt to launch a book without involving her. The only mystery is how she finds the time to do it all?”

Dominic Fielder, award-winning author of The King’s Germans.

“I'm very happy that I went to the Coffee Pot Book Club with my latest novel.

The review was comprehensive with great insights into my story without spoilers. I'm also very happy to be able to use this editorial review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you. This was well worth the nail-biting wait for the review.

Jana Petken, multi award-winning Historical Fiction Author.

"An author friend recommended I submit The Proposition to Mary Anne for review.  I am so glad she did.  Mary Anne's professional, honest and very thorough review got right to the heart of the story and its characters.  I've forwarded it to my publisher and of course my social media accounts.  I highly recommend this service to all authors."    

Jan Selbourne, author of The Proposition.

"Reviews are as essential to authors as are a great story and a great cover. It's that extra shout out necessary and, if it's coming from someone who obviously knows their business, all the better. These types of endorsements ring loud and clear for as long as the book is on the market. And with the kind of following that she has, it's clear that readers trust her.

I discovered Mary Anne over various social media pages and took a look at what she does. I am duly impressed by her insight, thoughtfulness and professionalism. When I received notification of her review, it brought me such relief and such delight: Mary Anne not only "got it", really understood what I was going after as an author and storyteller, she also knew the subject well enough that she was able to add enough background to further tantalise readers with story."

"I highly recommend", as Mary Anne might say. :-)"

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger, author of The Reschen Valley series.

“I should like to say how much I appreciated your review of my first book, Blood and Destiny, not only because I value your opinion and, of course, your very generous comments, but also because you seemed to grasp so many key aspects of the story. In particular, you took the trouble to look beyond the inevitable (and I hope very exciting) battles and recognised that it was actually a story about a young boy facing up to all the turmoil and changes forced upon him.  I’m grateful that you took the time to look at my work so thoroughly and in such detail. Thank you.”

Chris Bishop, author of The Shadow of the Raven series

“The moment I set eyes on Mary Anne’s website, I thought, oh this seems a very friendly place. It was easy to navigate, full of useful advice, and a pleasure to read. I immediately decided to submit my novel for an Editorial Book Review, especially after reading the other glowing testimonials.

Marketing is a daunting prospect at the best of times but for me it was as if I’d swum across the Narrow Sea featured in my book, and there was Mary Anne cheering me on from the far shore, going way beyond the call of duty, coaxing, encouraging, nurturing. She is extremely generous with her time, her understanding and most of all her insightful review. All in all, a writer’s dream.”

Vivienne Brereton, author of A Phoenix Rising (The House of the Red Duke, #1).

“Getting an editorial review by someone as qualified and professional 
as Mary Anne Yarde has been the best thing I could do as a brand new author. She provides an honest - and most thorough - review and wow, does she have a network! It’s the most bang for your buck ever! I’m new to this process and feel like association with Myths, Legends, Books, and Coffee Pots has opened up a whole new world! Thank you!”

Patricia Brandon, author of The Center of Gravity.

"What can I say that other authors haven’t already said? I went looking for book reviewers, particularly those who focus on historical fiction, and am absolutely thrilled I found Mary Anne Yarde’s Editorial Review Service! Mary Anne knows her history and creates reviews that not only reveal just enough of a novel to whet a reader’s appetite, but also display an astonishing understanding of the characters, their situations, and their dilemmas. And don't get me started on her reach! I’m currently working on my next hist fic novel and will absolutely be using Ms. Yarde again. Highly highly recommended."

Kelly Evans, author of The Confessor's Wife.

“Mary Anne Yarde is a major influencer in the historical fiction
blogosphere. Her beautifully written and insightful reviews of my book series captured the heart of my stories better than just about any other reviewer I have encountered. I feel fortunate that Mary Anne's Myths, Legends, Books, and Coffee Pots blog is so highly-regarded and popular with readers of historical fiction, because my books have gotten terrific exposure there. In addition, Mary Anne is a skilled and savvy user of social media and has gotten my books and reviews in front of vast audiences on Twitter and other platforms. I will definitely rely on Mary Anne to help me spread the word about my next historical fiction series, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

Amy Maroney, author of The Miramonde Series.

“It is often hard for new authors to gather timely reviews that generate quality promotional material so I was very impressed when I saw what Ms. Yarde had to offer.  Not only did she turn around a very nice editorial review quickly but she showed a depth and level of understanding that is hard to find these days.  Ms Yarde also pointed me towards great marketing tools and social media partners who helped me take my book to the next level.  I am now using her editorial review process on my second book and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a quality, in-depth review!”

Thomas J. Berry, award-winning author of the Gifts of the Gods series.

“Since publishing my book in March, 2019, I’ve received a whirlwind of advice, suggestions, and testimonials. Frankly, as a new indie, it’s difficult to know where to place your trust and feel confident in whom to put your trust, when it comes to marketing and getting reviews.

Mary Anne Yarde’s services are reasonably priced and since I’d been on her blog, I felt it would be wise to begin getting some sort of editorial reviews for my work. Hers was the first I solicited. I’m SO glad that I did.

Her words have given me a much bigger punch when it comes to marketing on Twitter and Facebook. Ms. Yarde is professional, pleasant, and prompt with her services. It’s obvious that she takes her work seriously and places a great deal of emphasis on excellence in a book’s appearance both inside AND out.

I look forward to using her review services again and blogging as her guest in the future!”

Brook Allen, author of Antonius: Son of Rome.

“The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review Package provided me with a prompt and excellent editorial review at a reasonable price. The review clearly showed Mary Anne had read my historical fantasy trilogy in detail; her comments were specific to the story and characters and highlighted different aspects of the series.  I would recommend this review package to any writer of historical fiction or related sub-genres without hesitation.”

Marian L Thorpe, author of the Empire's Legacy series.

“The Coffee Pot Book Club Review from Mary Anne Yarde is so
comprehensive. I received a professional, good length and detailed review in terms of setting, plot and character. Mary Anne posted this across multiple social media streams as well as giving it a permanent home on the Coffee Pot Book Club site. Also I received award artwork that it was easy to use on my own site. Most pleasing of all was that Mary Anne had clearly got her head and heart right into the guts of the book. I thoroughly recommend this service.”

Richard Buxton, author of Whirligig.

“I have been most impressed by Mary Anne Yarde’s review ‘package’.  This multi-award-winning author of The Du Lac Chronicles has read my lengthy novel, ‘The Lost Seed of the Pomegranate’ in just a few weeks, written an in-depth review and published it on her blog, with notifications on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Linkedin and Pinterest.  For a struggling new author, to receive an ‘award’ - the Coffee Pot Book Club Highly Recommended 5 Star Award - is very encouraging.  She even supplied the artwork so that the award and her book cover pics can be included in my marketing plans.

Mary Anne has been most helpful, offering me advice and working with me so that we could co-ordinate the launch of the book together.  I can recommend this excellent review package to other new authors with confidence.”

Gillie Bowen, author of The Lost Seed of the Pomegranate.

“For my debut novel, Mary Anne Yarde’s editorial review provided a detailed book analysis that showed an in-depth understanding of my characters as well as the plot. The review was professionally written and combined the elements of the book with her personal perceptions in a way that was both easy to read and insightful. I’m so glad I found The Coffee Pot Book Club and I highly recommend this Editorial Review Service.” 

Gifford MacShane, author of Whispers in the Canyon.

“You will never regret having asked Mary Anne Yarde to review your book. Her work is thorough, searching and beautifully written – as befits an author of her stature. I defy anyone not to want to buy a book after they have read a Mary Anne Yarde 5* review of it. But what she offers does not end there – she will also post your review on social media and Goodreads, share it via her far-reaching network, feature it on the award-winning Coffee Pot Book Club blog, and re-post it regularly thereafter to ensure those new readers keep on coming.

You can rely on Mary Anne to give an honest opinion. I was so thrilled that she liked my story, Beguiling the Baron, enough to give it 5*. And relieved!”

Elizabeth Keysian, author of Beguiling the Baron.

“Mary Anne was recommended as the ‘go to’ for reviews of historical
fiction and I was fortunate to follow this advice, as it was spot on. Mary Anne is an award-winning author herself, so understands the feelings of excitement and trepidation writers face with reviews of new work. Her reviews are detailed, insightful and, at the same time, scrupulously fair and honest. It’s a joy when a reviewer picks up on passages of which you are especially proud, or characters and events that have required painstaking research. Mary Anne does that, and more. Her reach and influence is remarkable and I have no doubt that her reviews have contributed to a significant increase in the readership of my books.”

Paul Walker, author of State of Treason and A Necessary Killing.

“Having just published my first novel, Allegiance of Blood, I began looking for potential reviewers and found Mary Anne Yarde and her fabulous Coffee Pot Book Club. As a bestselling writer herself, having read and reviewed a wide range of historical fiction, Mary Anne is an expert in her field. Her book club has such a high reputation and offers a prestigious award to books she deems to warrant five stars.

I chose the Coffee Pot Book Club and was not disappointed by the result. Mary Anne came back to me swiftly with her review, which was honest and detailed, though without any spoilers. It was posted on a large variety of social media platforms. She commented on many different aspects of the book and my writing, which gave me a rounded awareness of writing style, characterisation and plot. It was also good to hear her personal opinions on favourite characters and parts of the book. But Mary Anne’s valuable feedback doesn’t just assist me. Her succinct summing up of the book is given in terms appropriate to potential readers, and helps them get a feel for the story within.”

Mark Turnbull, author of Allegiance of Blood.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mary whilst seeking her expertise
regarding a book review for my work, Just Get Up: And Manifest Your Inner Genius. I really appreciated how Mary was efficient and swift with the delivery of her review for my book. Mary's reviews are detailed and thought provoking coupled with a high degree of emotional sincerity--- "You will definitely know that she has read every line of your book." 

I love how Mary only gives honest reviews, although this might seem intimidating to some authors, however, this is definitely the way that it should be done. A professional writer needs honest feedback in order to hone their craft. Finally, I am more than pleased to recommend Mary to any author who is seeking a professional and well-written book review. Thank you Mary Anne Yarde.”

Isaac Samuel Miller, author of Get Up: And Manifest Your Inner Genius.

"Working with Mary Anne Yarde on the promotion of my first non-fiction book was an absolute dream. She was super efficient, professional and kept me in the loop at every step of the promotion. I'm now an award-winning author. My book has done very well and I'm sure, in no small part, due to Mary Anne Yarde's fabulous promotion of it. She clearly understands the challenges indie authors face and have the skills and knowledge to help. The value she provides is immeasurable. I can't thank her enough, can't recommend her highly enough and look forward very much to working with her again on my next promotion."

Angelina Kalahari, author of Breathing for Confidence.

“After seeing some wonderfully thought-out, incisive, and well-written
reviews coming from the Coffee Pot Book Club, I thought I would check out the source. Mary Anne Yarde’s blog turned out to be a gold mine for readers and writers. Mary Anne took a look at my latest novel Fortune’s Child: A Novel of Empress Theodora and agreed to review it. Not only is the review insightful, but her blog has a multitude of followers that has responded to it. Theodora is picking up readers right and left. This is an excellent resource!”

James Conroyd Martin, author of Fortune’s Child: A Novel of Empress Theodora.

“I can highly recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review Package. Unlike so many “review packages,” this one delivers a detailed and very knowledgeable review (no plot spoilers though of course!). Moreover, Mary Anne Yarde has clearly read the book and she knows the genre (Historical Fiction in my case) very well – she is an award-winning and best-selling Historical Fiction author herself. Delivery of the service was exactly as planned and the review posted on a wide range of social media. As to charges, there is a range on offer, depending on your required timescale and all very reasonable. As so many authors – traditionally or self-published – will know only too well, the whole book marketing scene is fraught with difficulties. The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review Package offers an excellent service for getting reviews of your book “out there.”"

Lesley Lodge, author of Wayland's Revenge.

“Mary Anne Yarde is the driving force behind the Coffee Pot Book
Club Editorial Review Package – and nowhere is it more noticeable than in the efficient way she broadcasts her reviews and blog to social media sites. As for the review for ‘The Year the Swans Came’, that left me speechless. Not because it was so complimentary but because it was so comprehensive. 

I have always believed those who review books for a living are made of far stronger stuff than me – I certainly couldn’t do it. It is extraordinarily difficult to create reviews that contain no spoilers yet give a detailed overview of the plot.

I would most certainly recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club and wish them all success in the future.”

Barbara Spencer, Award Winning Author.

"Mary Anne Yarde is a gift to novelists. She provided a thorough, thoughtful, engaging, and honest review of my debut historical novel, Eight Pointed Cross, complete with character and plot analysis—without any spoilers. She has a skilled writer and reviewer’s eye for detail. I very much appreciated the personal aspect of her review, as her deep sensibilities will resonate with potential readers in a way a vague review would not. I recommend Mary Anne Yarde’s editorial service package with the strongest conviction.”

Marthese Fenech, author of Eight Pointed Cross. 

"If you're looking for a professional book review, I cannot recommend
Mary Anne highly enough. The service she offers is friendly, efficient and prompt and, it's obvious that she takes the time to read the book and examine the message that the author is trying to convey. After her review of my book was published I saw an immediate increase in sales and, on a personal level, I was absolutely thrilled with her comments."

Lisa Keeble, author of From His Perspective.

“I couldn't be more pleased with my Coffee Pot Book Club review of La Luministe. Mary Anne Yarde has written an in-depth, insightful analysis of my novel. Her review displayed an understanding of complicated characters some might dismiss as simply "unlikeable", and she picked up on every theme and thread in the story. She may be my ideal reader! Mary Anne is easy to work with-both warm and professional. And, based on the feedback I woke up to this morning when the tweet about my review was posted, I'm looking forward to garnering many new readers for my debut novel. If you are a historical fiction author looking for a high quality review, I highly recommend this service.”

Paula Butterfield, author of La Luministe.

“As a first-time author, I wasn't sure what I would get from Mary
Anne's editorial review package, but what I got was more than expected: a well-written, thorough review with plenty of excerpts that I could use in my own promotions, in addition to Mary Anne's own stellar promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and, of course, the blog itself. I got a spike in sales immediately after the review went live, and continued shares have kept interest up. Her graphics are extremely professional, and dealing with her is a pleasure. I'm working to finish my next book so that I can do this all over again!”

Karen Heenan, author of Songbird.

“I was looking for a review of my book and an author friend recommended Mary Anne and the Coffee Pot Book Club. I was extremely happy with the professionalism and thoughtful insights that Mary Anne delivered! Her reviews are well detailed and it is obvious that she spent a good amount of time absorbing my book. She also provides promotional services and other useful tools that authors can use to promote their work. I highly recommend checking out the Coffee Pot Book Club!”

Craig R Hipkins, author of Adalbert.

“When I first contacted Mary Anne Yarde for a book review, I had no
idea how insightful and comprehensive her critique would turn out to be. Her descriptions of the characters, plot, and settings provide imagery all their own, such that even I, the author, found myself entranced by her words. Her style of reviewing impresses with its thoroughness as well as its regard for potential readers. Hers is not a simple “I read the book and here is my opinion” review, but a well-woven tapestry that presents the story in rich detail without revealing too much.

I could not be more pleased with Mary Anne’s careful consideration of my work. I highly recommend her services to any author in search of a balanced, competent review.”

Gretchen Jeannette author of This Day is Ours, The Devil Take Tomorrow, A Devil of a Time.

“If you are looking for an honest review, I highly recommend getting it from Mary Anne Yarde. Not only is she an author in her own right, but also an avid blogger. She reviewed two books of mine and gave me her honest reviews on both of them. The document on which she puts her review on has the Coffee Pot Book Club logo at the beginning (if it is a 5-star review), which is very professionally done. If she finds something wrong in the novel, she will make it known to you in her review or email. Getting that honest feedback from her, will help us grow as authors.  Since you paid for it, you wouldn’t want anything less – would you?

She also takes the trouble of putting her reviews on many websites and social media platforms. So she goes above and beyond to promote your book to the masses. 

I would gladly use her reviewing services in the future and highly recommend that you too do the same.”

 Trevor D’Silva, author of Fateful Decisions and A Bloody Hot Summer.

“I highly recommend The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review
Package. Mary Anne Yarde is a true cut above: her knowledge and appreciation of history shines through in her thoughtful, honest and original reviews, and she carefully avoids spoilers. She is reliable, friendly and professional.”

Catherine Stine, author of Witch of the Wild Beasts.

“I highly recommend The Coffee Pot Review Club as a quality and honest editorial review service for all authors, both traditionally published and independent. Mary Anne’s review was both polished and well thought-out, pinpointing and bringing to light important details of plot, conflict, and character that are essential to a potential reader choosing their next book. Her analysis was both personal and in-depth, digging into the aspects of my novel that truly made it unique. As a bonus, her 5-star review badge makes an excellent promotional tool. I know I will be using her editorial services in the future and you should too!”

Daniel Greene, award-winning author of The End Time Saga and the historical fiction Northern Wolf Series.

“As an Indie author I am responsible for all those services that a
traditional publisher would usually provide. That means sourcing experts for the editing, proofing, cover art, and interior design. Once I have a great product with that help, I next need to find a way to get the book exposure. This is where the Editorial Review package by Mary Anne Yarde has been extraordinarily helpful. With an amazingly quick turn-around time, she supported my launch with a close reading of my new novel and published an insightful and in-depth review. She published the review to every conceivable platform for the widest distribution possible. I have come to learn that having the treasured ‘Coffee Pot Book Club’ badge on the book lifts it up to a new level, because Mary Anne has developed a reputation that people trust. This was money well spent. Five Stars from me!”

Renny deGroot, Short-Listed for the Kobo (Rakuten) Emerging Writer Prize and author of Torn Asunder

“I plead with you guys to use Mary Anne for your next book review. Regardless of the price.  Most of the reviews I have received over the past two years have been one-liners.  Marry Anne goes into great detail with a depth of thoughtfulness unparalleled in the book reviewing industry. She is professional, courteous and a joy to work with.

So, for a 5-star review from a 5-star reviewer. Go with Marry Anne Yarde.”

T.J. Wray, author of Our Teenage Years: Growing up in a Small Town in the 80's.

"Mary Anne has a great passion for books and authors and pays so
much attention to detail in her work. The graphics she creates for the Coffee Pot Book Club are really powerful, and she has a fantastic network. When she posted about my book The Pearl of York, Treason and Plot, it received numerous retweets, likes and shares across social media, helping to create a buzz about the book. 

From my experience, working with Mary Anne is a delight and I highly recommend working with Mary Anne Yarde and The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review Package." 

Tony Morgan, author of The Pearl of York, Treason and Plot.

"As a debut author of a historical fiction novel, I was delighted to find Mary Anne Yarde’s website, the Coffee Pot Book Club, in which she provides honest and detailed editorial book reviews with a specialty in historical fiction.  I have been very pleased with the results, especially the increase in social media traffic and buzz around my book. I highly recommend her services."

Jill Caugherty, author of Waltz in Swing Time.

“Mary Anne was a dream to work with. My blog tour was meticulously arranged and extremely effective. Especially during this time when it’s so difficult for authors to get their work out into the world, I am thrilled with the results of my blog tour. Thanks, Mary Anne.”

 Drema Drudge, author of Victorine.

“The depth and insight of Mary Anne's review took my breath away. It is one thing to write and then publish a book. But then, to have it reviewed by someone who responds to the material and articulates that response in such vivid language is like a dream! 

Mary Anne's review elevates my book's exposure across social media in a way that I could never do on my own. It's extraordinary.

Thank you so much, Mary Anne.”

Carrie Hayes, author of Naked Truth or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit

“As a new author starting out, getting you first book reviewed is about as much fun as having root canal surgery and about as easy as climbing Mount Everest in a T-shirt and swimming trunks.

It took sometime for me to get my book a professional review. I am grateful to Mary Anne Yarde and her web page. I found her review insightful. She picked out some things in my own story I had not realized myself. The review was accurate, concise, and encompassing. She obviously has an eye for detail and nuance. She understood the plot, and more importantly, the point of the novel. I am grateful to her for her efforts. My profound thanks to her for taking the time to help me out.”

Wilbur Arron, author of The Forest of Allund (The Forest of Allund, Book #1)

As all authors know, it's extremely hard to make a mark in this industry...the competition is talented and vast. There are tons of great books out there that we never hear about. For an author to be widely recognized it has a lot to do with luck, perseverance, and editorial reviews and promotional services from talented and reputable writers and bloggers like Mary Anne Yarde.

I would highly recommend Mary Anne Yarde services. Her detailed reviews reflect her talents as an internationally renowned author… she is thoughtful, insightful, and thorough without spoilers. She also shares her reviews on various social media platforms further exemplifying her professionalism and attention. I can’t thank her enough!

Mona Rodriguez, Historical Fiction author

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