The Coffee Pot Book Club ~ Recommended Reads

The Coffee Pot Book Club
Recommend Reads


To Find a Viking Treasure

(Norse Series Book 2)

by Gina Conkle

Worth Fighting For

 by Mary-Anne O'Connor 

Unleashing Desire (Brides of Prophecy, Book 4) 

by Brooklyn Ann

Call To Juno

(A Tale Of Ancient Rome)

By Elisabeth Storrs

The Girl from Berlin

War Criminal’s Widow

By Ellie Midwood

The Girl from Berlin: Standartenführer's Wife

 by Ellie Midwood

Lady Beauchamp's Proposal

 by Amt Rose Bennett

The Shadow of a King

 by C.M.Grey

Jasper Book Two Of The Tudor Trilogy

 by Tony Riches

The Master And The Maid

 by Laura Libricz

Traitor Knight 

by Keith.W.Willis

The Keresa Headdress

 by Larry Shackledford

Gyre (Atlas Link Series Book 1) 

by Jessica Gunn

Threaten To Undo Us

 by Rose Seiler Scott

Hunting the Eagles

 by Ben Kane

The Jesuit Letter 

by Dean Hamilton

How To Capture A Duke

 by Bianca Blythe

The Treasure of Gwenlais (The Rienfield Chronicles Book 1)

 by M.T. Magee

The Breaking Dawn

 by Jayne Caste


Owen - Book One of the Tudor Trilogy

 by Tony Riches

King Arthur's Sister in Washington Court

 by Kim Headlee

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