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A Rinefield Holiday Celebration by M.T.Magee #Historicalfantasy #Romance @Mtmagee1013M

A Rinefield Holiday Celebration by M.T.Magee

This time of year, one often thinks of enjoying gatherings with family and friends, while welcoming in the start of the winter season. And what better way to begin your holiday reprieve than with a fantastical journey to the award winning mythical realm of Rinefield. A mystical realm filled with romance, adventure and inspired by the whispers of Gaelic legend. Both books, The Treasure of Gwenlais and Child of the Kindred, will take you on an excursion where adventure is common place, the pubs warm and welcoming, family gatherings loud and rowdy fun, and of course romance is all encompassing. Here is a first glimpse into the realm with a scene from The Treasure of Gwenlais, where Princess Laurel of Gwenlais is given her official introduction to the neighboring kingdom of Heathwin. Romance is blooming as the festival you will be attending is held in “the planting season”. Heir to the throne of Heathwin, Prince Caleb, finds himself utterly enchanted by the young Princess of Gwenlais, no longer able to hold back his growing feelings for her. In this scene imagine yourself attending the official introduction of Princess Laurel, dressed in your finery with the other Chieftains and Dignitaries, as you begin a romantic and captivating waltz.

The Treasure of Gwenlais

Laurel began to recognize the dance being of a sensuous and romantic nature, she blushed but watched in fascination, as the couples were moving slowly and gracefully together. Caleb watched her face as she looked at the couples dancing slowly, their bodies moving in perfect time, always touching, apart for only moments.

“Do you know this dance?” he asked her softly, his voice caressing her ear.

“I have seen it, but I have never been permitted to actually participate,” she answered, still watching in fascination.

“Would you like to?” Caleb asked her quietly, moving his hands to her waist again.

“I...I do not know how,” she whispered breathlessly, still watching completely captivated.

“I will show you. I know it very well,” Caleb whispered back seductively.

She looked up at him to find him smiling at her, his eyes glowing and penetrating, burning through her.

“Very well. I hope I do not embarrass you,” she said shyly, laughing nervously.

“I am not worried in the least,” Caleb said reassuringly.

Caleb took her hand and led her to the floor, as they stood in front of each other.

Listening carefully to the melody, waiting for the next movement which happened in a moment’s time. Caleb pulled Laurel gently to him, their bodies flush against each other. Caleb moved his hand to her waist, placing her hand on his chest, he moved her forward having her follow him as if she were pushing him backward. She looked at him, her eyes wide and slightly startled, by the passionate nature of the movements the dance was evoking.  Caleb continued to look in her eyes, smiling warmly at her as she moved to keep up with him. She turned to look at the others around them, Caleb gently turned her face.

“Look at me love, only me. Imagine we are the only people here,” he said to her softly. 

He then gently turned her around several times until her back was to him.

He placed his arm around her waist placing her left arm about his neck as he gently lifted her off the floor and twirled her around as her gown swirled around them like a billow of smoke. He placed her down and turned her so she was facing him once again. He took her in his arms holding her closer than he ever had, having her place her arm over his shoulder holding her other hand in his placing it in the air, their arms supporting each other. He moved her across the dance floor in an effortless fluid motion. Twirling gracefully, Laurel felt there were times they were not touching the ground. The entire time her eyes never leaving his face as he had asked her. As the rhythm of the melody changed again he released her from his embrace and twirled her around several times again with his arm as he moved forward. He stopped abruptly as the tempo halted for a moment, only a single cymbal could be heard. He slowly bent her backward his hand resting on the small of her back, bringing his face down to her neck as she reached up and grasped the back of his neck for support. He then brought her back up to him quickly, making her catch breath, her eyes opened wide with surprise, as he continued to smile at her lovingly. Taking her in his arms again he repeated the dance by moving her gracefully across the floor. Once more the tempo changed as he placed her hand against his chest and his hand at her waist once more. Only this time she was ready for the next motion and moved with him unresistingly as he moved backward, drawing her with him.  Aiden watched them from across the floor and was intrigued by how quickly Laurel was able to follow and adjust to the constant changing of the music’s tempo. Caleb was patient and loving in his direction.

They are really quite distracting, Aiden thought as he grinned watching them.

So much so, other couples also noticed them, slowly beginning to stop dancing to watch them move in perfect harmony with each other.

Caleb again twirled Laurel several times until she was facing away from him.  Laurel laid her head back against him. Closing her eyes as she placed her arm around his neck, her right arm over his as he placed it tightly around her waist. Caleb turned his face into her neck as he gently lifted her off the floor twirling her about again, the gown giving the illusion that they were enveloped in cloud of deep blue smoke. Caleb placed her gently down and turning Laurel once more to face him, took her in his arms holding her close to him resting his lips against her forehead. They held each other, eyes closed, moving slowly in perfect time with each other as the music’s tempo began to slowly wind down. Moving ever slowly until the music directed them to stop. They stood still for a moment listening to each other’s breathing. It was only until they heard the sound of applause did they open their eyes. Laurel and Caleb were both surprised to find it was for them. Laurel blushed her cheeks blazing. Caleb held her, smiling down at her. He softly kissed her forehead, before taking her hand and leading her off the floor, as she was smiling but overwhelmed by the attention they received.

Laurel could scarcely breathe as they walked together, her heart racing with the exhilaration she felt from the passionate dance.

This is only the beginning of the growing passionate romance between Caleb and Laurel. The second book in the series Child of the Kindred finds you in a more intimate setting of “the family gathering”. Where the large and boisterous family of Prince Caleb holds a wonderful warm event each winter. Held at the Great Lodge, the dwelling of the royal household of Heathwin, the entire family come to together to enjoy each other’s company before the full harshness of winter blankets the kingdom.  Feasting and general merry making is the order of the day at this yearly gathering. This scene you will join members of the family on a joyous treasure hunt with some of the youngest family members. This game is called Search and Find.

Child of the Kindred

“Alright everyone, let us all look carefully at the map, as we are going to have Search and Find in another part of the Lodge this season. Ardal, seeing as you are the oldest, you will be the map keeper. Beacam, as you are Ardal’s brother, you will be his second. Are you both ready to lead the group?” Caleb smiling, asked them with an officious voice.

“Yes Sir!” both brothers answered with broad smiles.

“Outstanding. Now as the map keepers, you are both responsible for leading the group, but also to help point out the clues. Now we need to remember, everyone gets at least one treat or present, if you have more than two, look to see if you can share with anyone. Are we all clear with this?” Caleb asked, as Queen Alana along with all the mothers, handed each child a basket with a handle.

“Yes!” all the children answered in happy unison, their faces all excited with what lay ahead.

“Alright then. Ardal, looking at the map, which direction do we head in?” Caleb asked him, smiling warmly as he watched Ardal studying the map intently.

After looking at the map for a few moments, Ardal looked up and studied the walls in front of them, and then smiled pointing at one of the doors.

“Over there. We go out the door that has the tapestry of the Scimitar hanging above it,” Ardal announced happily.

“Excellent Ardal. Let us get started then,” Caleb directed, as the children ran laughing and giggling towards the door.

The noisy, excited group made their way down the broad corridor. Before too long, Beacam brought the next clue to Ardal’s attention, which caused the boy to stop walking, and look about the wide corridor intently.

“Now what exactly are we looking for Ardal?” Cahir asked smiling.

“The map says we are to look for three lights,” Ardal answered with a bemused expression.

Everyone stopped and looked round about, as the corridor had lanterns hanging on the wall, but none placed in groups of three.

“There!” Jamison suddenly called out, as he pointed out one of the windows.
Looking straight ahead, stood three lanterns hanging from a post just outside. Under the window was a large wooden trunk with shiny brass hinges.

“It must be the chest!” Oriel said delightedly, as she ran forward to open up the trunk, with the other children following close behind her.

Oriel and Ardal opened the heavy lid of the trunk together, and to the children’s delight, found it filled with wooden toys, noise makers and whistles of all description. As well as soft cloth dolls, and confections wrapped in bright coloured paper. Oriel began handing out the treats, in overstuffed handfuls.

“Oriel dearest. You are supposed to let everyone choose for themselves please,” Caleb directed, laughing lightly.

“But I am helping Caleb, then everyone will get some,” Oriel explained, smiling excitedly as she continued to fill the children’s baskets.

“She is a bossy little thing. Are you sure she is not related to Laurel?” Cahir asked quietly, smirking at Caleb.

“Yes, the similarities are uncanny,” Aiden answered, laughing heartily.

Caleb just shook his head smiling, as he watched Oriel continue to fill everyone’s baskets.

“Oriel my girl, that is enough. We have not even reached the main room as yet. There are still more things to find,” Caleb directed, grinning at her.

“Look Orrie, the map says we need to keep going down this way,” Ardal showed her, as he pointed down the corridor straight ahead.

The children all ran down the hallway laughing noisily, following Ardal and Oriel. Ardal looked at the map and showed Beacam the next clue. They stopped running to think about the picture on the map, showing where the next treat would be hidden. It showed a picture with two large windows, as well as a picture which made both brothers grin and look at each other.

“It is a picture of a bald head,” Beacam announced with a bemused grin.
Everyone laughed, and then the search for the two large windows began as the children ran down the hallway once again. They all stopped when they entered the widest part of the corridor, and to their right stood two, floor length windows, overlooking the side yard.

“This is where the next surprise is supposed to be,” Ardal announced, as everyone stopped once again to look about.

“Do we need to look for a bald head?” Tolemais’ son Rory asked loudly, causing the children to laugh.

“I have not chopped off any bald heads lately. Have you Cahir?” Aiden asked, amid much laughter.

“No, not lately,” Cahir answered back, making a face, encouraging the children’s amusement.

“Look at the picture again Ardal,” Caleb directed, grinning drolly at the two of them and shaking his head.

With this, all the children moved in closer to look at the map, except for Quinlan’s two youngest, who he and Aiden were holding.

“There is a small arrow pointing at the head. What does that mean Caleb?” Oriel asked him curiously.

“Maybe the map is asking what you would put on a bald head, especially in winter,” Caleb asked back, causing the children to look at each other with questioning expressions.

“You would put on a cap! Like those up there!” Jamison spoke up once again, as he pointed to the ceiling.

All the children looked up and began to laugh in delight at seeing brightly coloured wool felt caps of every size and shape hanging from long tassels. Caleb and Cahir stepped forward, reaching up and taking down the caps, and passing them to the children.

“Hey! Do not be stingy old man. Give me the pointed orange one there,” Aiden directed to Caleb, who just smirked, as he tossed the cap to him.

Aiden placed it on his head, causing little Fallon, whom he was holding to laugh at him.

“Hand me that ugly green one there, Cahir,” Quinlan requested laughing.
When all the children were wearing their caps, Ardal looked at the map once more.

“It says we need to go down the left side now,” Ardal said, as the corridor ended and led away in two directions.

Everyone proceeded forward until they reached the large reception room doors at the end of the corridor. When Ardal attempted to open the doors, he found that the doors were locked. He and the other children looked up at Caleb, expectantly.

“Look at the map again Ardal. What is the next clue?” Caleb asked, smiling knowingly.

“It is a picture of an open hand, holding a key,” Ardal answered, looking in front of the entrance to the Reception room.

On either side of the doors, stood several life-size statues of Sentinels in different states of rank.

“We need to find the one with the open hand,” Ardal told the other children, as they looked at the statues for a moment.

All the children then ran up to the statues, touching and looking at them closely.
“We found it!” Heather yelled out triumphantly, as she held up a large brass key, her identical sister, hopping up and down next to her.

“Well done, my girls!” Quinlan yelled back, praising them.

They ran over to the door, Heather’s small hands shaking as she tried to force the key in the lock, the other children crowding around her, all talking excitedly at once.

“Let me see it. Let me see it. We do not need the key broken in the lock,” Caleb chided gently, taking the key from the excited little girl.

Placing it in the lock, he turned it until a loud click could be heard. Caleb looked at all the anxious little faces around him, as he smiled slyly at them, pausing for what seemed like an eternity.

“Are you ready?” he asked teasingly, answered by a chorus of yes, aye and please.
“Are you sure?” he asked again, smiling broadly as their pleas continued louder, causing the other adults to laugh.

Aiden and Quinlan placed the younger children down, as they too were excited to join the others.

“Alright then,” Caleb answered, as he slowly opened the doors, which was followed by gasps of surprise and then squeals and shrieks of delighted laughter.

Come away mo chairde, and immerse yourself in the lives of the warm, exciting, romantic and sometimes dangerous lives of the inhabitants of the realm of Rinefield. What better way to enjoy the season than with an epic romantic adventure!

M.T. Magee
My name is M.T.Magee I write bestselling YA Historical Medieval Fantasy that is beautifully romantic with whispers of Gaelic legend. On Mar. 31st The Treasure of Gwenlais received the 2015 Silver Medal Winner of Ireland's Drunken Druid Award Finalist for IAN Book of the Year Award 2016 for First Novel on Aug. 31st. On Sept.1st 2016 I received the Finalist Award for Readers' Favorite Book Awards Voted #1 On Listopia's Best Fantasy Romance (not urban).

I live in New England on our small farm with my husband and son. We raise an assortment of silly goats, quiet rabbits, far too many ducks and chickens, and a high strung Border Collie cross named Gronk.

Escape to the award winning mystical realm of Rinefield! Can a young reluctant Princess fulfill her destiny to heal the torn Kingdoms and the heart of a battle hardened warrior Prince? Join Laurel on an extraordinary journey, filled with excitement, treachery, danger and finding a love you only dared dream of! A love story that will leave you breathless, and a world like none imagined! An unforgettable fantasy saga with characters you will fall in love with!


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