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When Inspiration Strikes . . . Treasure Love by Vanda Vadas #ValentinesDay #Love @Vanda_Vadas

Please give a warm welcome to historical fiction author, Vanda Vadas.

When Inspiration Strikes . . .

Mary Anne, it’s a pleasure to be invited back to your blog! Thank you.

I’m often asked from what or where do I draw inspiration to write. Inspiration is endless and often comes from the most unlikely sources. It could be an experience, a place, a person, an object or image.

Such is the case with my new release, TREASURED LOVE, a mix of historical and contemporary short stories.

Queen of Diamonds was conceived after having visited a musical production at a casino in my locale. When exiting the show and walking past the gambling area, my husband and I heard the customary rattle of money in slot machines, the sound of spinning roulette wheels, and sighted row upon row of card related games. An idea sparked, and I had my story . . .

Grace is a croupier at a casino, the consummate professional with unwavering concentration. She is caught off-guard when a stranger with piercing blue eyes takes a seat at her table. Blackjack is not the only hand he sets out to win.

One of my favourite destinations, the picturesque Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia, inspired A Passionate Love. I have a book which showcases photographs of beautiful gardens in this area, one of which struck a chord with me: a grand tree-lined driveway shrouded in mountain mist. The air of mystery in the photograph inspired George and Edith’s story . . .

Cherry Tree Lodge in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, is no ordinary Bed and Breakfast. It harbours a secret, one that is connected to a Bohemian brooch, a photograph and a child’s wisdom. Truths are revealed in the indelible footprints of a passionate love.

Lovin’ You came about when observing late afternoon sunlight filtering through cedar blinds. I watched the shifting shadows as daylight waned and from somewhere deep in my memory song lyrics came to mind: ‘Inside a broken dream I cry. Is love the reason why? Inside an empty room I stare, at love that is not there.’ That moment morphed into this story . . .

Compromise is a two-way street. Not so for Connor and Kate. Consequent to personal sacrifice and broken promises, their marriage is on a downward spiral. Salvation is at hand if only fears are faced.

Winter Hill, in Buckinghamshire, England, affords excellent views over the Thames Valley and Chiltern Hills. The locale holds special memories for me and is the inspiration behind Unbroken Bonds . . .

Finding your soul mate is one thing, marrying her and never letting go is another. Cedric succeeded on all counts. No regrets. Even though he now fights a losing battle, nothing can sever the ties with his one true love.

Inspiration behind the final story sprang from a particular glass bottle. That, and a gemstone which graces the story’s title, Liquid Sapphire . . .

Josh works nights as a barman in an exclusive hotel. When a woman his age enters the bar in search of employment, Josh has good reason to stare. She’s dressed like a cowgirl ready to rope a calf in a country rodeo. What could she possibly know about champagne, swizzle sticks and cocktails?

I trust you’ll delight in reading these five short stories. Love is not limited to age. It’s timeless and for the young and the mature at heart. Be it that sizzling first meet-cute romance or time-tested relationship, this collection of touching tales demonstrates themes of love, loss and marriage.

Each story in Treasured Love makes for the perfect coffee break read. What better way to celebrate love than today, Valentine’s Day!

You can find out more about this book at Vanda’s Website or buy the book Here

Vanda Vadas
Before residing in Australia, Vanda’s birthplace and early childhood years were spent in Papua New Guinea. At the age of eleven, a holiday in England sparked an interest in the days of old. Castles, ruins and discovering Jane Austen novels inspired a life-long interest in all things historical, a passion that later kick-started Vanda’s desire to write historical fiction.

Her locale and global visits to faraway places inspire Vanda’s creation of fictitious characters and dramas – past and present – set against authentic and geographical backdrops. Her debut novel, The Pirate Lord (Random House Australia) was an Amazon #1 Best Seller in Historical Romance. Her next novel,  a Scottish Historical set post the Battle of Culloden, will be published later this year.

The Gold Coast is home to Vanda and her husband where they enjoy walks along world-renowned beaches or a quiet getaway to the lush hills of the Hinterland.

Vanda loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at:


  1. This collection sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to the Scottish Historical next year. I adore Walter Scott btw and wrote about love triangles in his novels for thesis work. Very good luck with Culloden when it is published.

  2. Thank you, Carol. I appreciate you stopping by and reading my post. Your thesis about Walter Scott certainly sounds intriguing! Hopefully my Scottish Historical will be published by the end of the year. I've visited Scotland and Culloden twice now, and Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye. So much rich history and what beautiful countryside!


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