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Can a good heart still flourish in an age of darkness?


Elizabeth of Rosepath
(The Book of Roses, Volume One)
By Kelly River 

Publication Date: 25th December 2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Page Length: 592 Pages
Genre: Historical Fantasy

This is the tale of Elizabeth, servant of a noble family brought to ruin by a brutal coup; of Kaylein, last surviving daughter of the fallen household; of Isaac, son of the man who murdered Kaylein's parents, and of Edward, a troubled knight who seeks revenge on the others at any cost.

After the events of that bloody night twist their fates together for years to come, each of the four seek their own path through the hardships of feudal life. Elizabeth's leads her to the workshop of a kindly carpenter, Kaylein's to a convent, Isaac's to the open road, and Edward's to an ambitious quest of advancement through the nobility. But how long can their peace last when each has demons that threaten to drag the others down along with them?

Set in a fictional medieval kingdom, The Book of Roses tells the story of four young people searching for safety, love, and belonging in a world rife with injustice. Can a good heart still flourish in an age of darkness?

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Elizabeth of Rosepath

Kelly River

Kelly River is an author who dwells on the edge of the English countryside, forever losing themselves in rambling trails both fictional and material.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I was looking for new series to read.

    1. You are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy the The Book of Roses.

  2. Thank you, Kelly. I have just downloaded Elizabeth of Rosepath. I am really looking forward to reading it.

    1. Happy Reading! Do let us know what you think of the story.

  3. Thank you! If I may ask, what inspired you to write your book?

  4. I do love a good historical fantasy. Thank you so much for sharing.


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