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Will the secrets of the past destroy their future?

The Silver Ring

By Jane Holland

Publication Date: 30th March 2023
Publisher: Thimblerig Books
Page Lenght: 462 Pages
Genre: Historical Thriller


Cornwall, England, on the eve of war. The wealthy Cossentines, a family of silversmiths, are poisoned at dinner: only the youngest son and daughter survive. Maurice inherits everything. Celeste, with a history of psychosis, flees, taking with her a unique silver ring. In the chaos of war, Celeste assumes a new identity and trains as a nurse but lives in fear of being recognised. When a wounded soldier captures her heart on the bloody battlefields of France, she yearns to confess. But dare she trust even Danny with her secret?

Present Day. 

After the silver ring comes up for auction in New York, sparking a hunt for the long-lost heir to the Cossentine estate, professional violinist Stella begins to decipher her late grandmother's coded journals. Shocked to discover her true identity, she travels to Cornwall to visit a spooky Cornish museum dedicated to the grisly murders, in the hope of proving her bloodline. But not everyone is happy to see the lost heir and Stella soon suspects someone is watching her... Is her own life in danger?

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The Silver Ring

Jane Holland

Jane Holland is a Gregory Award-winning poet and bestselling novelist (Twitter @janeholland1) who writes in multiple genres under multiple pen-names (see Betty Walker for wartime sagas). Her psychological thriller GIRL NUMBER ONE has hit #1 in the UK Kindle store TWICE. Her latest dual timeline suspense is Kindle All Stars Award Winner THE SILVER RING.

Her debut KISSING THE PINK was inspired by the Women's Pro Snooker circuit, where Jane was once a champion player ranked 24th in the world before being banned for life for 'bringing the game into disrepute'. Since turning from sport to writing, she's published dozens of novels with major publishing houses under various pseudonyms, including: Betty Walker (Avon Books: a popular World War II saga series 'The Cornish Girls'), Beth Good (contemporary romcoms), Victoria Lamb (historical fiction and YA fantasy), Elizabeth Moss (historical romance), Hannah Coates (feel-good doggy fiction), and JJ Holland (action thrillers featuring disillusioned peer Aubrey Savage).

She lives in rural Cornwall, England with two cats and a large family. She also writes practical writing manuals such as Writing Prompts for Thriller Writers, along with a sister book for Romance Writers, and other non-fiction books.

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Photograph credit: Anand Chhabra.


  1. I do love a good duel timeline novel. The Silver Ring sounds like it is a great read. I have added it to my to-read list.

    1. It really does sound like a great read. I hope you enjoy The Silver Ring.

  2. Your book sounds really intriguing and the cover is beautiful. Congratulations.

    1. It really does sounds brilliant. And I agree, the cover is beautiful.

  3. I may get this one on audio. It sounds great.

  4. And yet another book that is right up my street. How do you do it, Mary Anne?

  5. This author is a new one for me. Thank you for sharing.


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