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Will their struggles give them hope to fight for their beliefs, or tear them forever apart?

Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion
By V P Felmlee

Publication Date: 8th November 2023
Publisher: TCS Publishing
Page Length: 280 Pages
Genre: Young Adult / New Adult Fiction

An abused, neglected filly is abandoned on a remote country road, left to die. 

A young woman grieves the loss of her best friend, the champion horse she had built her life and future around.

The heir to one of the largest ranches in Wyoming comes home to face the ire and disappointment of his grandfather. 

A world-renown scientist clashes with the U.S.government over a brutal, decades-long war to decide the fate of thousands of mustangs, a beloved icon of the American West.  

Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion is their story of love, hatred, and death.  Will their struggles give them hope to fight for their beliefs, or tear them forever apart?


The next night, they were ready to move. There were a few clouds; an almost-full moon broke free from time to time, giving them some light.

Quietly, almost as one, the stallion led the way down the ledge onto the soft dirt below. They did not stop to forage; when they reached the river, they did not stop to drink.

With one mind, with one purpose, they crossed at a narrow point. These mustangs were strong and young, but the water was cold, the current swift.

In a single line, they treaded the water. The black mare got ahead of the stallion, the current almost carrying her away from them. She raised her head, eyes wide in panic. He drifted to her side, then around, and nudged her body back to the straight course.

Finally, all three found their footing and splashed to the shore, dripping wet and huffing.

The mare who almost drifted away was trembling. The stallion walked over to touch her neck and back. 

She appreciated his concern. "I've never gone into water before. I won't do that again."

"You won't have to," he promised.

He looked around, getting his feel for this new land. A trail led north into open range. He rejected this, they needed as much shelter as they could get, not to be seen nor discovered for as long as possible.

Another possibility was a wide opening with high walls on either side. The clouds wafted across the sky, allowing the moon to brighten his view. A narrow path beckoned him. He followed it a short distance, then returned to the mares.

"Follow me," he told them. "We'll be safe here." Without hesitation, they followed him and were soon wrapped in the darkness.

The white stallion now belonged to Silver Moon Canyon.

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V P Felmlee

V P Felmlee is the author of The Abandoned Trilogy: Price Tadpole & Princess Clara; Good Boy Ben; and the third book in the series, Autumn and the Silver Moon Stallion. A former newspaper reporter and editor, she has a degree in geology, and has been active in historic preservation and animal welfare issues. Her articles have appeared in several magazines and she has won numerous awards. 

She will be the 2025 president of Women Writing the West and lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, with her husband, two dogs, and six cats.

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  1. I have a horse mad granddaughter. Is this book suitable for an 8 year old?

    1. I'll ask the author, Jamie. It's YA, too, but I'll better make sure, as it deals with abandoned and abused animals.

    2. Hi Jamie, unfortunately, there are some intense scenes that may be upsetting for a child, such as when the horses are rounded up. Vicki Felmlee recommends it for readers aged 14+.

      However, she mentioned the first book in the trilogy would be suitable for 8-year-olds, but it's about an abandoned cat, not horses. Here's the link, just in case:


  2. This book sounds both tragic and beautiful. I have added it to my to-read list. Thank you.

    1. I hope you enjoy Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion.

    2. We hope you'll enjoy it.

      Cathie x
      The Coffee Pot Book Club

  3. This takes me back. I was a pony mad but pony less child and I used to read so many horse fiction novels as a child.

    1. I had a library of young adult horse fiction too, when I was a child. Obviously Black Beauty was a firm favourite, but I also loved Prince at Black Pony Inn by Christine Pullein-Thompson. I am sure I would have gobbled this book up as a child.

  4. Thank you so much for hosting VP Felmlee today, with her fabulous book, Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion!

    Take care,
    Cathie xx
    The Coffee Pot Book Club


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