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Recommended Reads


Written in their Stars: A Novel

(The Lydiard Chronicles Book 3)

By Elizabeth St.John

Allegiance of Blood
By Mark Turnbull

Far Away Bird

By Douglas A. Burton

A Necessary Killing
(William Constable Spy Thriller, Book 2)
By Paul Walker

The Raided Heart
(Historic Hearts, #1)
By Jennifer C. Wilson

Serpents in the Garden
(The Graham Saga #5)
By Anna Belfrage

Whispers in the Canyon
By Gifford MacShane

Auschwitz Syndrome:
a Holocaust novel based on a true story
(Women and the Holocaust Book 3)
By Ellie Midwood

A Newfound Land
(The Graham Saga, Book 4)
By Anna Belfrage

The Muse of Fire
By Carol M. Cram

The Prodigal Son.
(The Graham Saga, Book #3)
By Anna Belfrage

The Lost Seed of the Pomegranate
(The Victorian Journals of a
Mother and Daughter)
By Gillie Bowen

Citizen Armies
 (The Jackson Family Saga, #2)
By Beryl Kingston

Burn Marks
A strange time for letters
By Robert D. Rice II

The Coffee Pot Review of Burn Marks.

By Richard Buxton

Dragons in the Clouds
By David Blair

Antonius: Son of Rome
By Brook Allen

Gift of the Gods: Silver and Gold
By Thomas J. Berry

The Brotherhood of the Black Flag
A Novel of the Golden Age of Piracy
By Ian Nathaniel Cohen

The Coffee Pot Review of The Brotherhood of the Black Flag.

A Place in the World

(The Miramonde Series, Book 3)

By Amy Maroney

Empire’s Legacy

By Marian L Thorpe

Beguiling the Baron

By Elizabeth Keysian

Entertaining Mr Pepys
By Deborah Swift

Thieves' Castle
(The Tyburn Folios Book 2)
By Dean Hamilton

The Confessor's Wife
By Kelly Evans

The Center of Gravity
By Patricia Brandon

The Final Reckoning
The Shadow of the Raven: Book 3
By Chris Bishop

The Warrior With The Pierced Heart
The Shadow of the Raven: Book 2
By Chris Bishop

By Bjørn Larssen

The Duchess of Gracechurch Trilogy Box Set
By Catherine Kullmann

Across the Fourwinds
(The Maidstone Chronicles #1)
By Shane Trusz and Darryl Frayne

A Phoenix Rising
(The House of the Red Duke, #1)
By Vivienne Brereton

The Adventures of Mountain Ma'am
By Juliana Rew

Bright Axe
The Byrhtnoth Chronicles Book 2
By Christine Hancock

Like Chaff in the Wind
(The Graham Saga Book #2)
By Anna Belfrage

A Rip in the Veil
(The Graham Saga #1)
By Anna Belfrage

Before The Brightest Dawn
(The Half-Blood Trilogy Book #3)
By Jana Petken

Severed Knot
By Cryssa Bazos

Smoke in her Eyes
(The Wanderer #2)
By Anna Belfrage

A Tapestry of Treason
By Anne O’Brien

State of Treason
By Paul Walker

The Briton and the Dane: Legacy
(The Briton and the Dane #3)
By Mary Ann Bernal

A Torch In His Heart
 (The Wanderer #1)
By Anna Belfrage

Tales of Freya
Sensual Short Stories
By Sarah Dahl

A Song of Sixpence
The Story of Elizabeth of York and Perkin Warbeck
By Judith  

Mira's Way
 (The Miramonde Series, #2)
By Amy Maroney

The Briton and the Dane: Birthright
(The Briton and the Dane Book #2)
By Mary Ann Bernal

Blood and Destiny
(The Shadow of the Raven #1)
By Chris Bishop
The Coffee Pot Book Club Review of Blood and Destiny.

An Officer’s Vow
(Gentlemen Book 2)
By Penny Hampson

No Woman's Land:
A Holocaust Novel
By Ellie Midwood

CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse:
The Civilis Saga Part #3
By Peter Baggott

Wyvern of Wessex
(Sons of Kings #3)
By Millie Thom
The Coffee Pot Book Club Review of Wyvern of Wessex (Sons of Kings #3).

Conflict on the Yangtze
By Greg Kater

The Moss Maiden of Kinderhook
By Mark C. King
Lies of Gold
By Jan Selbourne

Arthur Dux Bellorum
(A Light in the Dark Ages Book 4)
By Tim Walker

The Briton and the Dane
(The Briton and the Dane #1)
By Mary Ann Bernal

The Swan's Road:
The Atheling Chronicles Book #1
By Garth Pettersen
The King's Mother:
 Book Three of The Beaufort Chronicle
By Judith Arnopp

The Fourth Courier

By Timothy Jay Smith

ILONA - Wolf Queen
The Civilis Saga Book #2
By Peter Baggott
The Coffee Pot Book Club Review of  ILONA - Wolf Queen

The Girl from Oto

(The Miramonde Series Book 1)
By Amy Maroney

Reschen Valley:

Season 1 - 1920-1924 - Box Set

By Chrystyna Lucky-Berger

Jacob the Trumpeter
By Robert Barclay

Children of the Chieftain:
 Bound for Home
By Michael E Wills

The Prodigal Laird
By Vanda Vadas

Skills of the Warramunga
By Greg Kater

The Warramunga's Aftermath of War
By Greg Kater

The Carpet Weaver of Uşak
By Kathryn Gauci.

 Midwife of Normandy
(Secrets of the Austen Midwives Book 1)
By Carole Penfield

The Sugar Merchant
James Hutson-Wiley
The Coffee Pot Book Club Review of The Sugar Merchant.

The Proposition
By Jan Selbourne

The King of Dunkirk
The King’s Germans Book #2
By Dominic Fielder

The Vogels: On All Fronts
 (The Half-Bloods Book 2)
By Jana Petken

Pit of Vipers
(Sons of Kings #2)
By Millie Thomas

A King Under Siege:
 Book One of The Plantagenet Legacy
By Mercedes Rochelle

The Labyrinthine Journey
(Servant of the Gods Book 2)
By Luciana Cavallaro

The Darkest Hour:
WWII Tales of Resistance

The Cold Light of Dawn

(The King’s Greatest Enemy #4)
By Anne Belfrage

The Briton and the Dane: Concordia
(The Briton and the Dane #4)
By Mary Ann Bernal

Under the Approaching Dark
(The King's Greatest Enemy #3)
By Anna Belfrage

The Last Plantagenet?
A Ricardian Romance
By Jennifer C. Wilson

Days of Sun and Glory
The King's Greatest Enemy #2
By Anna Belfrage

In the Shadow of the Storm
The King's Greatest Enemy #1
By Anna Belfrage

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