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#BookReview — The Adventures of Mountain Ma'am by Juliana Rew #HistoricalFantasy @julirew

The Adventures of Mountain Ma'am
By Juliana Rew

Struggling to survive in the treacherous Colorado Rockies, Callie Dawson never expected to find a friend - let alone a partner. But when she befriends the wild wolf Sina, Callie learns she has a destiny intertwined with the future of the American West. She is the Mountain Ma'am!

Together with Sina and her soulmate Johnny, Callie leads the Laramide Nation, a loose coalition of humans and animals dedicated to protecting the land and all who live there. Battling crooked interests, feuding animals, and evil magical forces, Callie and the Laramide Nation protect Leadville and work to ensure that Sina's endangered descendants will always have a home in their native habitat.

"You are of the mountains. You are the Mountain Ma'am..."

Callie Dawson had always been a free spirit, which was perhaps why she had rushed into marriage with the handsome and charismatic Harry. However, there was another side to Harry. He was controlling, cruel and violent. Callie had no choice but to flee into the mountains.

Alone in the Colorado Rockies, Callie has plenty of time to reflect upon her life and her choices. Her first mistake was marrying Harry. Her second one was running away to such a harsh and unforgiving place. How was she going to survive in a land that is as savage as it is beautiful?

Help comes at the least likely of moments and in the form of a wolf. Callie thought she must be losing her mind when she heard the wolf speak. Things like that didn't happen. Animals do not talk. But this one did.

Callie's eyes are opened to a world that she never knew existed. Now she must decide if she is to fulfil her destiny and become The Mountain Ma'am — the protector of the Laramide Nation.

What a charming and delightful book. Split into eight short stories The Adventures of Mountain Ma'am by Juliana Rew is the perfect escapism for a quick coffee break.

I was intrigued as to why Rew decided to write this book not as a complete full-length novel but as a short story cycle. Initially, I did have some concerns that Rew would not be able to pull this off as at times the language she used was rather simplistic. However, with each tale, I learnt more about the heroine and the world that the story is set in. This careful use of word-building made this book refreshingly charming.

The heroine of this tale is Callie. Callie is a strong-willed heroine, who is incredibly pragmatic and accepting of the strange paranormal world that she finds herself in. In each short tale, we learn a little more about her, which makes this collection into something resembling a journey of discovery. There is a cast of supporting characters, my favourite being Johnny, that helps to drive the narrative forward.

There is a heavy dose of the paranormal in this little book, from talking wolves, arguing woodpeckers, and a fairy King, which kept me turning those pages.

If you are looking for a quick yet charming read, then look no further than The Adventures of Mountain Ma'am.

I Recommend.

Review by Mary Anne Yarde.
The Coffee Pot Book Club.

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Juliana Rew

Juliana Rew is a former science and technical writer for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and has won over a dozen technical writing competitions. She also writes science fiction and is chief editor and publisher of Third Flatiron Anthologies, a quarterly science fiction and fantasy publication available via Third Flatiron is an Affiliate Member of SFWA.

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