Monday 1 July 2019

Talk with an editor: Grace Augustine #amwriting #amediting @mallidalli

Talk with an editor: Grace Augustine

Writers repeatedly ask me: What type of editing do you do? Do you check for grammar and punctuation errors? Do you edit content? Are you a developmental editor? Are you a technical editor? How many different types of editors are there?

All are valid questions.

Personally, I am an in-line content/developmental editor. Those are fancy words for a Jill of all trades when it comes to editing.  I cover all bases, except technical editing and fact checking. I wholly believe those are jobs for the writers.

To take you through my process:

**When an author/writer first initiates contact with me, we discuss what they are looking for, what their needs are, what their timeline is, and how they want to take care of the fees associated with editing.  Once all of that is established, the person is no longer an author/writer…they are a client.

**I complete a contract, with the name of the manuscript to be edited, the title of the manuscript, date of receipt, date of return, and amount due and payment information. The client reviews the document and if they agree with the terms set forth, will either electronically sign the document and email it to me, or physically sign it and return it by postal service.

Upon receipt of the completed contract, payment, and manuscript, then I begin. My major concerns with any manuscript are

1.   Sentence structure
2.   Good grammar and punctuation
3.   Paragraph transitions
4.   Content congruity (making sure if the character’s name is Bob it isn’t George elsewhere in the manuscript)
5.   I look for plot holes, repetition, character believability, and timeline issues
6.   Strength of protagonist/antagonist
7.   Advancement of story line
8.   Overall story content
9.   Effective conclusion

This may seem like a lot…and it is. Good editors are the glue that hold your manuscript together. They make sure that it makes you look the best you can through the words you’ve written. For me, being an in-line copy and developmental editor, I warn my clients to not be upset when they receive their edited manuscript. I cross out a lot of copy. I make notes and highlight them in the body of your manuscript so you can see the errors or what needs changing. You will not receive a clean copy in return with marginal notes. My job is to make sure every sentence is structured in the very best way. My job is to make sure there are no plot holes. My job is to make sure you have the very best for your end result…a book people want to purchase and read, and hopefully one that is on a best-selling list.

Some authors/writers feel editors are a disposable part of the process. Some feel editors are paid too much, while others feel they aren’t paid enough. Personally, I believe the editor and the cover artist are the ones who help you perfect your final product into a believable, desirable, readable book.

I’m always only a click away. I’d love to help you achieve perfection with your manuscript…one word at a time.

Edits With a Touch of Grace is committed to helping you achieve perfection one word at a time with your manuscript. I have many years of experience from copy editing in the newspaper business to putting out error free church newsletters and weekly bulletins.
Please contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your manuscript goals.  
Signed contracts must be received and editing fee paid (via PayPal or personal check) before work begins on your manuscript. Fee schedule will be provided to interested clients after initial contact.
**Proofreading (includes grammar and punctuation only)
**Full Editing (includes grammar, composition, paragraph transitions, story congruity, and deep line edits.)

If you are interested in ordering one of these services, you may reach me through my email Please use this reference code: MA2019 in initial correspondence. Or contact me on Facebook.

I look forward to working with you.

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