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Blog Tour and Giveaway ~
 Historical Virtual Book Tour Presents....

Where do I go
 by Beverly Magid

It’s 1908 and Leah and her boys have immigrated to New York’s Lower East Side to live with her brothers after surviving a pogrom in their Russian village. She is determined to find a home in America but the conditions are harsher than she expected. The garment sweat shops are brutal to work in and it’s essential that her son Benny works after school to help with expenses. Unbeknownst to her he runs errands for the local bookie/gangster. Life isn’t what Leah hoped for, but she’s a fighter and not willing to accept the awful conditions at Wollowitz’s Factory. She’s on a journey to find her own voice, to find a place for herself and her sons, to find a little beauty and romance in her life.


A few older Jewish women passed her and Leah noticed that they still wore sheitels, wigs, which some had covered with a kerchief. She thought back to the day she and Morris had married. Fanny, the matchmaker, had not been entirely honest with either of them, anxious to close the deal.

“I want a scholarly husband,” Leah had insisted, but even at sixteen, she didn’t want one who was only interested in prayers and Torah. Morris, twelve years older, had requested a smart, strong wife who could give him lots of children, but didn’t expect to marry a rebellious, stubborn girl. When the wedding ceremony was completed and Leah refused to shave her hair in Orthodox Jewish custom, Morris was outraged and even angrier when she refused to give up her secular books, novels by Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky and poetry by Pushkin.

“They are blasphemous,” he yelled, while she shouted back, “I will never give them up, never.”

She made it worse by speaking Russian, a language considered forbidden by the Orthodox community who insisted that Jews only speak Yiddish, not the language of their oppressors. Finally, in a compromise, she agreed to keep her thick braids covered and never speak Russian in public. She would promise nothing more. Leah had always wanted to go her own way, a path her father had encouraged, but strangely not her mother.
“If you must disagree, keep your opinions to yourself,” she had counseled, much to Leah’s surprise even at a young age. “Men can be very hard to live with, otherwise. Not everyone is like your father.” Morris certainly was not like him and Leah tried keeping quiet, but most times she couldn’t.
As she walked by a storefront, she stopped a moment to see her reflection in the store window. A tallish, young woman appearing a bit older than her twenty-eight years stared back at her, reddish-brown hair, still braided, but uncovered, wearing a long skirt and shirtwaist, looking like any average American woman. If only she could really feel American, feel she was at home.


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Beverly Magid

Beverly Magid, before writing her novel, was a journalist and an entertainment and celebrity PR executive, who interviewed many luminaries, including John Lennon, Jim Croce and the Monty Python gang, and as a publicist represented clients in music, tv and film, ranging from Whoopi Goldberg, John Denver and Dolly Parton to Tom Skerritt, Martin Landau, Kathy Ireland and Jacqueline Bisset.

Beverly is a longtime west coast resident who still considers herself a New Yorker. Among the social issues she’s passionate about is literacy and she worked with KorehLA to mentor elementary children in reading. Also she has been an advocate for Jewish World Watch, an organization dedicated to working against genocide and to aid the victims of war atrocities. On a lighter side, she is also a volunteer at the Los Angeles Zoo, monitoring animal behavior for their Research Department.

She is a news and political junkie who supports environmental, animal and human rights issues. She believes most passionately that “We must remain vigilant to the those who would erode the rights of people around the world and work to defeat them.”

For more information, please visit Beverly Magid’s website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Where Do I Go by Beverly Magid
Publication Date: October 9, 2017
BeWrite Press
Paperback & eBook; 138 Pages
Genre: Fiction/His


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