Saturday 22 September 2018

The Battle of Stamford Bridge by The Ancient History Guy #Hastings #BattleofStamfordBridge #history @ancient_guy

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The Ancient History Guy

The Ancient History Guy is a youtube channel dedicated to making History fun and interesting via animation. Here we have created a format that can both be used for teachers, homeschoolers, and the casual viewer who wants to learn a bit about history! New videos every Monday!

The Battle of Stamford Bridge 25th September 1066

The Battle of Stamford Bridge was the result of a succession crisis in 1066 between three claimants to the English Throne. The battle between the two claimants Harold Godwinson and Harald Hardrada would be one of the most important battles fought for the English Throne in 1066. 

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  1. I love your Videos. So entertaining as well as educational.


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