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Celebrating 35 years of Robin of Sherwood: Special Guest Interview — Jeremy Bulloch #RobinOfSherwood @Carole_E_B @FriarTuck_PhilR

Nothing’s forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten. 

Celebrating 35 years of
 Robin of Sherwood.

Exclusive Guest Interview
Jeremy Bulloch 

The story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men has been retold countless times through the centuries, but Richard Carpenter wrote one of the most memorable retellings. I am, of course, talking about the fabulous Robin of Sherwood. Robin of Sherwood ran on ITV from 1984 to 1986 and instantly won over the hearts of many. With its cleverly crafted mix of realism and fantasy, Robin of Sherwood was destined to last the test of time. Now, 35 years later, we are heading back to Sherwood in celebration of this wonderfully endearing series. One of my favourite characters was the village elder, Edward of Wickham, and it is with the greatest of pleasures that I welcome Jeremy Bulloch onto the blog today.

Hi Jeremy, it is such an honour to have you on Myth’s, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots today. I am so excited because you really were one of my favourite characters in the series. I would love for us to travel back to Sherwood and talk about that extraordinary time.

How did the role of Edward of Wickham come to your attention?

My agent sent me along to HTV for the interview.  At the back of my mind I was hoping that I was auditioning for the part of Robin! But the casting director gently pointed out that I was perhaps a little too old!!! (I think I was around 40 at the time J.)  I was offered the part of Edward of Wickham.

I adored your characterisation of Edward. Edward  came across as a very wise fatherly figure, how much influence did you have on how you portrayed him?

I imagined Edward to be quite religious, also my youngest son Robbie was playing my son Matthew in the series.  This fostered my paternal feelings in the show.

It must have been wonderful working along side your son. In Hern’s Son — Part 1 there is a very memorable scene in Wickham when you try to convince Sir Guy of Gisborne that you found Robert’s horse and had sent men out looking for its rider. When Guy turns his horse’s head, the animal catches your face. I have often wondered — was this part of the script or was it what looked like a very painful mistake?

Yes, it was a painful mistake.  I also got kicked by a goat I was milking in one of the episodes.

Oh, no! I cannot imagine how much that hurt. I want to come away from Robin of Sherwood just for a moment and talk about another character whom I think any fan of science fiction will be very familiar with and that is Boba Fett. How did you come upon the part of Boba Fett and what was it like working with George Lucas in those early days of the Star Wars franchise?

My half-brother Robert Watts was co-producer on the original Star Wars film and called me one day as they were auditioning for a small part in The Empire Strikes Back.  I explained that it would be difficult as I was appearing in a play in the West End at the time.

I did go along for the audition and the suit fitted perfectly, so I got the part.  It was quite difficult working all day in the studio and then rushing to the theatre in the evening for a performance.  George Lucas was brilliant although quite a shy man.

Back to Sherwood! Did you ever imagine that Robin of Sherwood would become quite as popular as it did? And are you surprised at how it has stood the test of time?

I think it was a brilliant show and captured the imagination of many – the proof being that is still very much popular viewing with a huge following.

Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Whickham) Phil Rose ( Friar Tuck). 

Thank you so much, Jeremy, for talking to us today!

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  1. What a lovely guy Jeremy is n both his roles boba getting n Edward of wickam are so iconic n were well developed n played out by him


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