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God’s in the Garden
By Cory B. Scott

An exhilarating memoir about one man’s journey through physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse to find his inspiring personal awakening.

Shaken by the loss of his mother, drained by his pursuit of a doctoral degree, and conflicted over his experience with illegal and unethical activities in religious organizations, Dr. Scott found himself questioning everything he had been raised to believe.  This questioning sends him spiralling down a dark rabbit hole into a new world he never knew existed.

Through original artwork, creative writing, and rigorously honest introspection. Dr. Scott take us all on a journey into the dark places that separate us from unfiltered truth.


My brewing feelings of bitterness and confusion about my faith and men and women of God seemed to be confirmed when I found it impossible to secure any help with the funeral service.  I had already officiated at my father's funeral, and I did not want, nor did I think I was capable, of officiating at my mother's funeral.

We had no funds, and my mother did not leave a will so we needed to start a GoFundMe account to try and raise money so that my mother could be buried with my dad in the plot he bought.  No one from the church contributed.  I was hurting, bitter, and angry with God and his people.  

I found myself free to be me, free to be angry, and free to question for the first time in a long time.  I realized all the lies that I entertained.  The people, the faith, the institution, it all seemed sincere until you question it or move to the sides.  This was not the first time I realized this subtle truth, and I felt like a fool for falling into its snare again.  This was the hundredth time if it was the first, I had opened myself up to an institution that only seemed to be aware of what their actions looked like rather than the real needs right in front of their eyes. 

I swore I would not tolerate anything false in my life any longer.  That meant taking a long hard look at my life, what I believed, and why I believed it.  I was not looking for perfection, just something real, less perfect, and more genuine.   It is ironic that the death of my mother was the beginning of a journey through the dark places that had grown between my creator and me.  This was the dawning and the start of this journey and book.

I was given a rare opportunity to start anew.  I could now call into question all that I had grown to believe.  My eyes were open to the realization that my mother, the church, the institution of faith, and the followers of that faith had become my faith.  The fact that I had relied so much on others was apparent when they were gone or unavailable.  How had I strayed so far, why was my faith made of paper, what happened to it along the journey of life.  Was it real?  Is God real? Is there a God who cares for me without the intermediary of humans to show that love or tell me of him?  Can I get back to the place that I vaguely remember when I was a small child?  A place where I knew something loved me, something was bigger than me, something that I was once undisputedly connected to–whatever it was.

When I let go of the concept of God, I also lost my anger frustration and feelings of betrayal only a true God would relieve his creation of such burdens in such a selfless manner.
C.B.  Scott

Invitation to an Adventure

If you struggle with understanding your spirituality.  If you're a victim of spiritual abuse and haven't figured out how to make it stop affecting your life,  or if you enjoy learning from another’s mistakes, this is the book for you.  A Buddhist once said to me that when a student is ready, the teacher would appear.  It took me years to learn how to use the power of my mind to strengthen me rather than destroy me.  If all your attempts at self-help have got you nowhere then maybe the trick is to be ready so the teacher can appear.  

I have a theory that if you can empathize with someone else’s experience then you can learn from their mistakes.  In essence, you can become ready and the teacher can appear.  Feeling the emotion, pain, and internal conflict of another can bring you to the point where you are receptive.  You may even be able to reclaim the personal power and independence you have given away.

In this book, I attempt to chronicle the evolution regression and transformation of a human soul.  This book starts at the beginning and hopefully by the end it takes us back to the beginning anew.  By way of self-examination, I attempt to find meaning in the complexity of what makes us spiritual beings.  I attempt this chronicle in a vicarious way, bracketing myself long enough to discover my many perspectives.  In photography, bracketing is the general technique of taking several shots of the same subject using different camera settings.  In the same way, I attempt to be objective and honest as I evaluate my thought patterns, my failures, and my weaknesses from multiple perspectives; the role I played, the role others played, and the role a Higher Power played.  Digging deeper into my understanding of God and how I have come to believe what I do.  Further, I attempt to strip away all that is false and see what remains as it relates to my connection with my creator.

This life has been an adventure with many ups and many downs.  I have the honor of being a survivor who has lost everything twice and wrestled with real and imagined deities for over 40 years.  I hope this book will help my children understand their father and maybe themselves.  I have always wanted them to be seekers of truth above all else.  I want them to know it's OK to be human and to question authority of any kind, be it God, priest, or boss.  I also want them to see the vacuum of self that is left when critical thinking is not employed.  By extension, I also want this for anyone who invests in this book.

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God’s in the Garden

Cory B. Scott

Dr. Cory B. Scott has had an adventurous career that has afforded him the honor of such titles as, Doctor, Deputy, Lieutenant, Director, Executive, Reverend, and finally, his true passion, Professor. But those were just titles; He is really just, Daddy, Husband, Brother, Friend, Uncle, Mentor, writer, and finally, in 2019, he was awarded his true love, Grandpa. Cory has survived some devastating and tragic events along his path as well as some personal failures. These experiences have given him deep insight and a desire to help others overcome personal obstacles and transform their tragedies into strength and hope.

Cory weaves original artwork, poetry, and stories in an incredible memoir titled, "God's in the Garden." This book captures the essence of a survivor's journey through abuse, pain, loss, betrayal, and enlightenment. Cory is the author of the "Inspiring, Metaphoric, and Psychedelic Stories of Oopy Loopy Provenance." A series of stand-alone stories set in the murky provenances of the heart and the human condition. These adventures explore the depths of our humanity. These crafty works are designed to inspire and help the reader use the power of metaphor to identify and overcome common hang-ups that hold us back from enjoying this life and reaching our full potential.

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