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The Relentless Sun 
By Robert Walton

Publication Date: 27th February 2024
Publisher: Robert Walton Books
Page Length: 299 Pages
Genre: Historical Thriller

In Harry Thursday's fourth outing, the intrepid archaeologist is drawn away from his peaceful home on the Greek Island of Seprios to Flagstaff Arizona, and finds he has stepped from the plane into the intrigue of human greed, political corruption, and murder.

While searching for the things to use in her homemade jewelry, Hok'ee, a young Navajo woman, stumbles onto a hidden deposit of rare Burmese rubies - known as Pigeon's blood - scattered at the foot of the O'Leary Peak north of Flagstaff. This seemingly innocuous discovery unleashes a series of events more cataclysmic than anyone involved could have imagined.

With the help of Sun, his beautiful Hopi guide, Harry sorts through the various factions who may or may not be involved with the rubies or the mounting murders. As Harry uncovers Flagstaff's secrets, the clues become more and more obscure, but "truth will out."

What promises to be a short and simple job for the BAR, Harry soon discovers that, when confronted with a choice, making the correct one can make the difference between life and death.

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Robert Walton

Robert Walton grew up in the small village of Narberth along the main line of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. With a degree in archaeology from Penn State University, he has worked tirelessly over the years to live up to his father’s expectations. Still, this did not stop him from pursuing his interest in writing. 

Bob is the creator and owner – retired – of the award-winning Bob’s Bagels in Lemoyne Pennsylvania, and when he is not writing, he can be found drinking coffee in local cafes and discussing the fate of mankind.

He lives and writes in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. The Relentless Sun is the fourth book in the Harry Thursday thriller series. Harry Thursday travels to Flagstaff, Arizona at the request of his long-time, on and off again girlfriend Sara Webster from the BAR, the Bureau of Audits and Reclamation, to find out why rubies are turning up on the local market, where rubies just don't come naturally.

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