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A Farewell To Imperial Istanbul
The Ottomans: Story Of A Family 
(The Ottoman Dynasty Chronicles)
By Ayşe Osmanoğlu

Publication Date: 29th May 2024
Publisher: Hanedan Press
Page Length: 351 Pages
Genre: Historical Middle Eastern Fiction

Set against the majestic backdrop of Imperial Istanbul in the aftermath of the First World War, A Farewell To Imperial Istanbul is a captivating tale of family, duty and the resilience of the human spirit.

İstanbul, 1922: As the Ottoman Empire crumbles in the wake of the Great War, the fate of the Imperial capital and the House of Osman come under threat.

Emboldened following their victory in the Turkish War of Independence, the Turkish Nationalist Government in Ankara abolishes the Ottoman Sultanate, marking the end of over six centuries of Ottoman rule. The Ottoman Caliphate endures for now, but Istanbul, stripped of its Imperial mantle, mourns its lost glory. Prince Nihad fears for the nation and the fate of the Imperial family, while his son, Prince Vâsıb, envisions a hopeful future defined by peace following the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne.

As the new Republic of Türkiye emerges from the ashes of the once-mighty Ottoman Empire, Istanbul and the Ottoman Dynasty confront the crossroads of history, their destinies entwined with the shifting tides of the Bosphorus. Yet, amidst these perilous currents that separate East and West, where the deep waters threaten to engulf the city’s Imperial past and sweep away its soul embodied by the Imperial family, the Ottoman Dynasty must navigate a new and uncertain course.

The history of the Turks and their vast and powerful Empire has been intertwined with the Ottoman Dynasty for over six hundred years. But can the Imperial family survive the tempest of change as the world enters a new era?

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Ayşe Osmanoğlu 

Ayşe Osmanoğlu was born and raised in England. She is a member of the Ottoman Imperial family, descended from Sultan Murad V through her grandfather and Sultan Mehmed V (Mehmed Reşad) through her grandmother. After reading History and Politics at the University of Exeter, she obtained an M.A. in Turkish Studies from SOAS, University of London, where she specialised in Ottoman History. 

Ayşe lives between Türkiye, France and the United Kingdom with her husband, five children and mischievous cat. Her research and literary works concentrate on the late Ottoman period, exploring narratives embedded in her imperial heritage.

Her debut novel, 'The Gilded Cage on the Bosphorus,' was published in May 2020, and 'A Farewell To Imperial Istanbul' was published in spring 2024 to commemorate the centenary of the Ottoman family's exile.

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