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New Release ~ The Ancestor’s Secrets Trilogy by Erika M Szabo #fantasy #mustread @MultiGenreBooks

The Ancestors’ Secrets Trilogy
By Erika M Szabo

PRELUDE: Book one of The Ancestors’ Secrets, a magical realism, alternate reality fantasy trilogy. When a young doctor, Ilona, starts to develop unusual powers, her life and her beliefs change. Thrown into a world of clan mysteries, traditions and secrets, she begins remembering her mother’s instructions concealed as rhymes. Punished by the ancestors long ago, Mora has waited centuries for the chance to reunite with her beloved Joland. Now, she seeks to gain the power to rule the ancient clan with a strict hierarchy and deadly laws that still exist hidden among us. Ilona has been chosen by the ancestors to stop Mora and save the future of the clan. Her birthright as a Healer runs alongside her desires as a woman. She has been in love with her best friend but is also drawn to the stranger who appears in her peculiar dream. Ilona must save herself and her family from Mora’s evil plans, uncover ancient tribal secrets, and find her Destiny Box… the box that contains the message of the Ancestors. Does she have the strength to fight evil?

TURMOIL: Book two of The Ancestors’ Secrets, a magical realism, alternate reality fantasy trilogy. After her twenty-ninth birthday, Ilona’s life was turned upside down. She learned more about her ancestry and herself in three days than in her entire life. Mora sends a man to destroy Ilona. His hateful, cold stare sends icy chills down the spines of all who see him. Ilona is no different. She feels a foreboding of evil and senses a dark force commanding him to destroy her. Ilona loves both her best friend and the stranger in her dreams, but which one is her true love? In her quest to protect her family and the future of the clan, Ilona must activate her Chameleon side to obtain unimaginable powers. She can use her powers for absolute good or absolute evil; the choice is up to her. Does she have the strength to fight evil? Can she keep her sanity when discovering her magical abilities?

DESTINY: Book three of The Ancestors’ Secrets, a magical realism, alternate reality fantasy trilogy. Ilona is a doctor and heals people, but the healing powers she inherited and the magical abilities she obtains are exciting as well as frightening. Mora desperately fights to stop Ilona from fulfilling her destiny and saving the clan’s future. But the evil Mora won’t give up her plan of changing the future and to gain power. In the final book of The Ancestors’ Secrets Trilogy, Ilona travels through time from the early years when her people were nomads, to the castles of the 14th century, to present day as she struggles to overcome the obstacles placed in her path. She finds the Destiny Box that contains the messages of the ancestors. Will Ilona accept her destiny? Can she find true love? Will she use her unimaginable powers for good or evil?


So, I have a “gift,” but I have no idea how to use it. I tried hard to remember what I did to that lady. According to my recollection, after I touched her, I felt the warmth, shooting from my fingers. I recalled the feeling of wanting to make her better and wished her pain to go away. I sat there feeling foolish, as if I were playing with the idea of magic, instead of fixing my broken toe as a good doctor should. As I stared at my crooked toe and I noticed, startled, that I was humming a rhyme under my breath.

Pain or fracture, you can touch,
Fingers warm and glow. You’ll watch.
Make it better, make it gone,
You won’t need a magic wand.
Little ones can do so much,
They will give you magic touch.
Wish it hard and do not stray,
Pain and hurt will go away.

Whoa! Could there be something to these rhymes? Was Mom, teaching me all along by giving me instructions through these simple and easy to remember verses? I thought remembering that I heard the rhymes throughout my childhood, and now I wondered if they were really as meaningless as I thought. I’ve always been a realistic and logical person, I’m not dense when it comes to learning, but now this whole experience made me feel as if I was slipping from reality into a fantasy world, and I had to learn everything without guidance. 

Feeling stupid, but curious, I touched my toes with my fingertips and concentrated on the pain – hoping, but not expecting that it would go away as the rhyme had instructed. To my surprise, my fingers instantly became warm, and then turned hot. The glow came as soon as the warmth started to rise in my fingers. Strangely, I was more amazed than frightened, and then felt something I couldn’t explain. My mind was in turmoil and I felt a rushed and frantic searching from deep inside me. I didn’t know what I was searching for, it was a dizzying sensation, but not in a physical sense. Suddenly, I felt content and satisfied, as if I had found something that was lost.

“Now look what you have done! You have to ask permission!” I heard an angry voice in my mind, and a misty face of an old woman swam before my mind’s eye. It couldn’t even register how much the sight and hearing the voice scared me when I heard a sharp yell through the closed door and my vision of the old woman abruptly ended. I looked down at my hand and watched the red glow disappearing as I felt my fingers cooling back to normal. I lifted my hand and gaped at it with increasing anxiety. There was no sign of burn or even redness on my skin. I looked back at my toe, noting with surprise that the pain was completely gone.

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Erika M Szabo
I love to read magical realism/fantasy stories. Therefore, naturally, I write fantasy. The Ancestors’ Secrets series, Protected By The Falcon and Chosen By The Sword are available in eBooks, prints, and audio books. Anhelo, the first part of the Ancestors’ Secrets series is available in Spanish.
I also write fun, educational, bilingual books for children 4-12 about acceptance, friendship, family, and moral values. Look, I Can Talk With My Fingers is available in English and Spanish. This book is about respecting and accepting people with disability. Pico, The Pesky Parrot, is an illustrated bilingual book that delivers an important message to children, not to judge anyone before we get to know them. A Basketful of Kittens is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a heartwarming adventure and how to deal with bullies. Asthma Relief introduces traditional and alternative treatments as well as Grandma’s remedies to ease asthma symptoms.

Erika loves to hear from readers, you can find her: Website Blog OurAuthorGang  Twitter Facebook Linkedin

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