Monday 25 February 2019

Call for submissions to new #RichardIII anthology! Whether you write short stories, flash fiction or poetry as long as King Richard III inspires it, Alex Marchant would love to hear from you. @AlexMarchant84

Call for Submissions…

Following the success of Grant Me the Carving of My Name, the first anthology of short fiction inspired by King Richard III sold in support of Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK), I'm pleased to announce plans for a second anthology.

Many people asked to be included in that first anthology after the line-up of stories was finalized, or have since expressed an interest in being included in a second one. Some have offered existing stories or poetry, or plan to write something new specially for a collection.
The first anthology comprised contributions mostly from published authors whom I had previously met, either in person or virtually, and whom I knew would have something already written/almost finished. This was vital as time was short when I started planning the anthology and the aim was to publish before Christmas. The full story of how it all came about can be found:

With fellow contributors Marla Skidmore and Janet Reedman at Bosworth re-enactment weekend.

This time I would like to cast the net wider and encourage everyone who is interested to submit their work for consideration, not just published authors. Whether you write short stories, flash fiction or poetry inspired by King Richard, I would love to hear from you. Please also encourage any friends or family members to submit.
In order to inject a little excitement into the process (!) and optimize the fundraising for SAUK, the call for submissions is being launched as a competition.
There are a few very simple rules (see below) and there will be one or two prizes for outstanding entries (most of the contributors to the first anthology have offered signed paperbacks of their books from which one may be chosen or - in the case of Frances Quinn - a painting: full details to come).

The aim will be to publish the best of the entries in paperback and ebook form on or around 1 November 2019 - in good time for Christmas and all those stockings to be filled. The deadline for entries will be 11.59 p.m. UK time on Sunday 19th May - allowing plenty for time for you to polish up an existing piece of writing (or two or three...), or to compose something completely new. And I hope this also gives plenty of time for you to spread the word to any Ricardians or anyone else you may know who might also wish to enter.
For perhaps a little inspiration (if it's needed), a title for the new anthology has already been chosen, namely 'Right Trusty and Well Beloved...' As many Ricardians will know, this is the opening to many of the king's letters (as it remains for the monarch to this day). To me, the words speak of the loyalty that was such an important part of King Richard's life and of his continuing story over the centuries.
I hope that we can use this second anthology as a means to inspire and inform many others about King Richard, his life and times, and about the condition from which he suffered - and also to help raise funds to support people with the condition today.
I'm very much looking forward to reading your contributions!
Loyaulté me lie

The boring bit...
1.   Submission is invited of pieces of short fiction (up to about 3,000 words), flash fiction (up to about 200 words) and poetry (up to about 30 lines) (in English only please) inspired by King Richard III. (Lengths are approximate and no minimum length is required. King Richard himself does not have to appear in the piece, but some connection is required. Pieces may be previously published or self-published, but you must own copyright and will be responsible for securing any necessary permissions if selected. Not-yet-published authors are positively encouraged to submit!)
2.   Please submit your entries to Please either cut and paste the piece in the actual email, or attach as a Word document (ideally in 12 pt Times, double line spaced with indented paragraphs).
3.   A donation to SAUK of minimum £2.50 is requested on submission (approx. US$3.50 / 3.00 euros). Details of how to donate will be included in a confirmation email. (Please be patient - I will confirm receipt as soon as possible, but it may take some time...)
4.   Deadline for entries is 11.59 p.m. UK time on Sunday 19th May 2019.
5.   The editor(s) will endeavour to make the selection of pieces to be included in the anthology, and notify the authors of the chosen entries, by the end of June.*
6.   Editing of the anthology will take place in July and August. This will entail normal copyediting, and also may include suggestions from the editor(s) for changes to be made. Prompt responses would be appreciated. Authors will be asked to submit a brief biography and details of any publications, social media, etc. for inclusion in the anthology. (See previous anthology for likely format.) All submissions must be finalized by 31st August for inclusion in the anthology. No changes will be allowed after that date (except for essential amendments during the proofreading stage during September-October.)
7.   All authors will retain copyright of their contributions.
8.   Publication will be on or around 1st November 2019.
9.   All proceeds from sales of the anthology will be donated to SAUK. Author paperback copies will be made available to contributors (via Amazon KDP) at cost price (including postage) on the understanding that profits from any sales will be donated to SAUK. (Personal copies/gifts are of course outside this stipulation, although donations are of course always welcome!)
10.                 All contributors will be asked to help promote the anthology on social media or elsewhere. Invitations will be issued to take part in any online or 'bricks and mortar' launch that may be planned.
Please contact me at with any queries you may have.
*If there are insufficient entries of appropriate quality, the editor(s) reserve the right not to proceed with ebook/paperback publication. In that unlikely event, authors of selected pieces may be offered publication on this blog and The Order of the White Boar, as well as via Facebook/Twitter instead.

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