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Captain Kempton's Christmas
By Jayne Davis

Lieutenant Philip Kempton and Anna Tremayne fall in love during one idyllic summer fortnight. When he’s summoned to rejoin his ship, Anna promises to wait for him.

While he’s at sea, she marries someone else.
Now she's widowed and he's Captain Kempton. When they meet again, can they put aside betrayal and rekindle their love?

A sweet second-chance Christmas novella.

"Had he forgotten her so completely? Was that why he'd never answered her letters?"

In the long and lonely months while Anna Tremayne, now the recently widowed Lady Anna Radnor, had waited for word from Philip it had certainly felt like she had been forgotten.

Forgotten her? How Captain Philip Kempton wished he could forget the woman who had broken his heart. Anna had promised him she would wait, but not five minutes after he had put out to sea, Anna had married Lord Radnor, a man three times her age. At least now he knew what Anna really was — a fortune hunter.

An unfortunate set of circumstances means that Philip and Anna would be under the same roof this Christmas. Philip is determined to avoid her at all costs. However, what his head tells him to do and what his heart demands are two very different things altogether.

From a chance meeting at the Blue Bell Inn to the declaration of their long-suppressed love. Captain Kempton's Christmas by Jayne Davis is a tender, emotional story set within the romantic backdrop of a Regency Christmas.

With careful attention to the festive historical detail, this charming novella is perfect for a cold winter's day. The narrative is fresh and compelling, which made this story absolutely irresistible. This book is a real Christmas treat for fans of Regency Romance.

Anna is a fabulous heroine. She tries to keep her feelings for Philip concealed beneath her calm and composed exterior. However, every time Anna glances his way, she feels the grief of a long lost love. With Philip's cold indifference and the fact that he had never read her letters so had no understanding as to why she had married Lord Radnor, Anna cannot enjoy the holiday season. If they are both to move on with their lives, he needs to know the truth. I thought Anna's portrayal was superb. Anna had taken a massive burden of responsibility onto her shoulders, and she had to make an informed decision on what was best for her and her family. Her despair at Philip's apparent indifference was heart-rendering. Anna was a character that I came to care about a great deal.

Philip is a dashing Navy Captain, but he is also a man who has been deeply hurt. When he had received a letter from his Aunt Beth, informing him that Anna was nothing but a fortune hunter, he had not wanted to read a letter from Anna that explained her reasons for doing so. His battered heart and his misplaced pride meant that the heartache these two protagonists go through could have been avoided. Despite this, I really liked Philip. He is dashing, handsome, and a man of deep feelings and integrity, despite his somewhat shaky beginning!

This novella is a tangled web of lies and misunderstandings. The story's crucial turning point is a moment of shocking revelation as to who really sent Philip the letter that so cruelly condemned his beloved and why.

I enjoyed every minute of Captain Kempton's Christmas by Jayne Davis. I was enchanted from the opening sentence to the very last full stop.

I Highly Recommend.

Review by Mary Anne Yarde. 
The Coffee Pot Book Club.

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Jayne Davis

Jayne Davis writes historical romances set in the late Georgian/Regency era, published as both ebooks and paperbacks.

She was hooked on Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer as a teenager, and longed to write similar novels herself. Real life intervened, and she had several careers, including as a non-fiction author under another name. That wasn't quite the writing career she had in mind...

Finally, she got around to polishing up stories written for her own amusement in long winter evenings, and became the kind of author she’d dreamed of in her teens. She is now working on the first few books in the Marstone Series, set in the late Georgian/early Regency period.

You can find Jayne: Website • Pinterest • Twitter.

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