Wednesday 1 April 2020

Check out Sam Thompson's fabulous book — A Walk to Revenge #Crime #Thriller #MustRead @manny745

A Walk to Revenge
By Sam Thompson

An explosive story of murder, corruption and manipulation.

A drizzly Manchester night, a hit and run and a chance meeting decades later lead ultimately to the exposure of a transatlantic crime family. Their story begins during the twenties New York prohibition era and follows its evolution into a modern-day underworld business. Jake Hughes and DI Jonty Ball threaten the empire and as a web of murder and deceit is exposed, the crime family bares its’ teeth, leading to an explosive finale where the winner takes all! Or do they?


The first hour of the flight passed quickly. Ray began to flick through the inflight magazine, obviously geared up for holidaymakers and flights to the various countries that the airline serviced. He read with interest the places in the South of France, an area that he and Francesca had discussed and planned to visit soon. I must make that happen for us, he thought.

Just then, he heard a deafening crash he instinctively looked out of the window. As if in slow motion, he watched as the wing fell away from the main body of the plane. At the same time, the plane began to roll on its side. The passengers in the cabin began screaming and panicking. The cabin staff were unable to move down the aisle as the plane had tilted on to its side. It was free falling and spinning in the air, like a coin spinning on its side on a smooth table top.

Then there was a second explosion as the second wing fell away, followed by a split-second respite as the drag of the wing caused the plane to spiral, and the spinning stopped. The plane fell, like a dart in the air – vertically! The gravitational force pushed Ray’s skin tight against his bones. It felt as though the bone and skin had melded and was turning inside out, his teeth clamping in his mouth so tight that he could feel his jaw beginning to crack. His eyes were popping out of their sockets.

Passengers, as well as cabin crew, were flying into him and over his head, the screaming dying down as people could no longer vocalise through their mouths as the gravity tugged at them. All went quiet. Ray could only discern the noise of the wind; he visualised tumbleweed rolling down a Western street, like a movie. He had only seconds left before he passed out. 

Roberto’s phone rang. He picked it up. Giovanni’s voice was on the other end.

“It’s done!” The phone went dead.

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Sam Thompson

I made the decision to retire in 2015 following a career in banking.
After living my life in the Greater Manchester area, I moved to South Cumbria in 2011 due to a position in my employment.
On retirement, I made the decision to stay in the Lake District area.
An ambition was always to write a novel, I finally found that retirement allowed me the time to do this.
My first novel, A Walk to Revenge is a crime story based around a crime family that evolves from America’s twenties prohibition era, to modern day UK.
I am writing a sequel which is nearing the end. Ihave titled the book Sartori. In addition I enjoy poetry and have written a book of poems.
I enjoy playing golf, and I follow football, I played when I was younger. I have taken up walking football twice a week, although that is on hold in the current environment.

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